61 examples of kick it in sentences

Therewith he laughed, and strove to kick it with feeble footbut staggered instead, and, loosing his axe, stretched wide his long arms and fell, face downward.

She always gave a big pail of milkbut if she was in bad humor, she would quite likely kick it over, just as the pail was full.

Luke, fish out the knife you wear under yore left armpit, lay it on the floor and kick it into the corner.

He talked mystically about things being "resurrectioned," contended that the Solomon Spalding theory had been exploded, and quoting one of the elders, said that Mormonism began in a hamlet and got to a village, from a village to a town, thence to a city, thence to a territory, and that if it got "just another kick it would as sure as fate be kicked into a great and mighty nation."

On one side all the windows are continually shuttered, so as to prevent the mischievous action of stones, and in front the door is railed in closely so as to frustrate the efforts of those who might be inclined to kick it.

'He treated the whole round world as his football,' they said indignantly, 'and he kicked it.'

Then I saw there was no great wound anywhere upon me; but only an utter bruising; and I found upon my right leg that there was a sharp and hairy claw clipt about it; but the armour had saved me from harm of the horrid thing; so that I did but kick it free with my left foot, and thence into the fire-hole.

Bang goes the harmless mortar, burning the British nation's powder without leave or licence; and all the rocks and woods catch up the echo, and kick it from cliff to cliff, playing at football with it till its breath is beaten out; a rolling fire of old muskets and bird-pieces crackles along the shore, and in five minutes a poor lad has blown a ramrod through his hand.

If it goes out of bounds he is allowed to kick it back, so long as the other foot does not reach the ground.

Why, we had you running on the track there, so you would get your lungs filled out and be able to run with the ball as well as kick it.

Kick it for all you're worth."

And I should like to tell of the arduous training on the football field and in the gymnasium, by means of which Joel increased his sphere of usefulness on the Eleven, and learned to run with the ball as well as kick it, so proving the truth of an assertion made by Stephen Remsen, who had said, "With such long legs as those, March, you should be as fine a runner as you are a kicker.

They must get it past the Varsity down to the end of the field, where they can either put it down over the line or kick it over that cross-piece there.

She needed but to kick it where she would.

Up with your heels, and kick it off at any price!

At a public meeting in Philadelphia, Mr. Blair threw the treaty to the crowd, and advised them to kick it to hell.

But suppose, Crawley, while I am working, this George Fielding were to come home with money in both pockets?" "He would kick it all down in a moment.

if it were alive, that I might tread upon it, or crush it, or pummel it, or kick it, or spit it outfor it sticks in my throat and will choak me.

'You had better open this gate,' said Caldigate, 'or I shall kick it open.'

"If you have been beaten on a rickety, double-construed platform, kick it to pieces, and lay one broad and strong, on which men can stand."

It will not break, like a bubble, at a touch; nay, you may kick it about all day, like a football, and it will be round and full at evening.

Kick it over!

Not getting clear of the objectionable load in this way he tried to kick it off, and thus really got his foot in it, making matters worse instead of better.

For an instant, he hesitates; then "Yes," he says, smiling still, though his face has whitened, and a wrathy red light has come into his deep eyes; "in the pre-Huntley era, I laid my heart at her feetby-the-way, I must have been in petticoats at the timeand she kicked it away, as she had, no doubt, doneothers.

"No, I want to kick it then," she said.

61 examples of  kick it  in sentences