2612 examples of kids in sentences

One of the Sunday school kids that want to be an angel, hey? Pah!" and the tramp exhibited the disgust which the idea gave him.

"I s'pose you'll tell how you did this to your kids when you're eighty," he said scornfully, "but around here, stranger, they don't think much of it.

If it's really Jim Silent, I got something that's worth tellin' to my kids when they grow up.

The women, squatting among their kids and poultry and cheeses, glanced at us with brilliant hennaed eyes and smiles that lifted their short upper lips maliciously.

I remember his indignation at the death of Mrs. Wells, the wife of the Royal Academician, herself a talented painter, who died in childbed, "a great artist sacrificed to bringing more kids into the world, as if there were not other women just fit for that!"

" "Well," said Macy consolingly, "the Tates' is just for college kids anyway.

So, if any of my young friends should be tempted to waste their substance on white kids and "all-rounds," or to insist on becoming millionnaires at once, by anything I have said, I will give them references to some of the class referred to, well known to the public as literary diluents, who will weaken any truth so that there is not an old woman in the land who cannot take it with perfect impunity.

UNDRESSED KIDS, a farce comedy in one act by Margaret Echard.

R75393, 26Feb51, Maggie Fitch (C) CARTER, AD. Just kids.

(Koal Kids series, v. 1) © 11Jul24, A799988.

Auguste Dufault (NK); 27Dec60; R268432. <pb id='310.png' n='1960h2/A/1782' /> Uncle Bill; a tale of two kids and a cowboy.

(I scream kids series, v.2)

The hurricane kids on the lost islands, by Oskar Lebeck & Gaylord DuBois.

The Tragic plight of families with feeble-minded kids at home.

Triple threat hits frustrated parents of feeble-minded kids.

(Koal Kids series, v. 1) © 11Jul24, A799988.

FRESHMAN, EARL I. Oh, please, Doctor, or, McGoofus kids the klinic.

The five little kids, by Gladys Buchanan.

The five little kids.

Your kids and mine.

Such milk must of course be worth money, beside which there were the kids, and the cheese and butter.

o' Ally as long as t' kids are about.

So it was you kids put the kibosh on Gus Megget.

Well, he began to talk departmental affairs with some one well down the tableyou know how some of these serious kids areand as there seemed to be nothing else to do, I gave my whole attention to the interesting performance of Mrs. Upton's cook.

Marrow Dumplings Matzoth Charlotte, Nos. 1 and 2 Dipped in Eggs, No. 1 Dipped in Eggs, No. 2 Eirkuchen Kleis, No. 1 Kleis, No. 2 Kugel Meal Cake Meal Kleis, No. 1 Meal Kids, No. 2 Meal Macaroons Meal Noodles Plum Pudding with Scrambled Eggs (Ueberschlagene Matzoth)

2612 examples of  kids  in sentences