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422 examples of  killer  in sentences

422 examples of killer in sentences

I had no saddle, as mine had been left at the camp a mile distant, so taking the harness from Brigham, I mounted him bareback and started out after the game, being armed with my celebrated buffalo-killer, "Lucretia Borgia,"a newly-improved breech-loading needle gun, which I had obtained from the government.


"Beauty and the Beast" and "The Sleeping Beauty" and "Snow-white and Rose-red" are distinctly preferable to "Jack the Giant Killer" or "Puss in Boots," while "Bluebeard" cannot be told.

Donnegan the killer.

"Certainly, Regulus, who was a great snake-killer, they tell me, in that part of the world.

While he walks, like Jack the giant-killer, in a coat of darkness, he may do much mischief with little strength.

No dash of Jamaica ginger or Pain-killer or sloe gin or sarsaparilla to give it piquancy.

I ain't no man-killer, honey.

Besides, he's a killer.

So is Sinclair a killer.

antifebrile [Med.], antipoison^, counterpoison^, antitoxin, antispasmodic; bracer, faith cure, placebo; helminthagogue^, lithagogue^, pick-meup, stimulant, tonic; vermifuge, prophylactic, corrective, restorative; sedative &c 174; palliative; febrifuge; alterant^, alterative; specific; antiseptic, emetic, analgesic, pain-killer, antitussive

Jealous for the honor of the long-reverenced feasts of the Dahcotahsthe "Deer Killer" thought not for a moment of the sorrow and disgrace he would bring upon Wenona, while Wauska loved the warrior more than ever, triumphing in his preference of her, above her companion.

It may require some apology that Wauska should have vowed destruction upon herself if the Deer Killer took another wife, and yet should have lived on and become that most unromantic of all charactersa virago.

The Deer-killer told all at the Virgin's feast.

"The Deer-killer promised to marry me," replied Wenona.

But do not be afraid that I will marry the Deer-killer.

then I will be married, rather than have my nose cut off, but I will not be the Deer-killer's wife.

" "If I were Wenona, and you married the Deer-killer," said the Bright Star to Wanska, "you should not live long after it.

If I were in her place, Wanska," added the Bright Star, "I would try and be a medicine woman, and I would throw a spell upon the Deer-killer, and upon you too, if you married him.

" "The Deer-killer is coming," said another of the girls.

Her mother and father had gone to dispose of game in exchange for bread and flour, and the Deer-killer seated himself uninvited on the floor of the lodge.

"Wanska must come to the lodge of the Deer-killer.

The promises of the Deer-killer are like the branch that breaks in my hand.

The Deer-killer promised to make her his wife, and now that he has broken his word to her, he tells Wanska that he will never take another wife, but she ca

Many women have loved the Deer-killer, but never has he cared to sit beside one, till he heard the voice of Wanska as she sang in the scalp-dance, and saw her bear the scalp of her enemy upon her shoulders.

" Promises come as readily to the lips of an Indian lover as trustfulness does to the heart of the woman who listens to them; and the Deer-killer was believed.

When Wanska was told that the Deer-killer loved Wenona, no one heard her sighs, and for tears, she was too proud to shed any.

And now that the Deer-killer had slighted Wenona, and had promised to love her alone, there was nothing wanting to her happiness.

Wanska was indeed "the Merry Heart," for she loved the Deer-killer more than life itself, and life was to her a long perspective of brightness.

She sat dreaming of the future after the Deer-killer had left her, nor knew of her parents' return until she heard her mother's sharp voice as she asked her "if the corn would boil when the fire was out, and where was the bread that she was told to have ready on their return?" Bread and corn!

A few months ago, the Deer-killer had told Wenona that Wanska was noisy and tiresome, and that her soft dark eyes were far more beautiful than Wanska's laughing ones.

While there the Deer-killer came in with some warriors who had been on a war party; there Wenona was assured that her rival, the Merry Heart, was forgotten.

And well might the Deer-killer and Wenona have loved each other.

She had trembled when she saw the Deer-killer watch Wanska as she tripped merrily about the village.

The maiden had been nothing loth to undertake the journey, for the Deer-killer had gone on a war party against the Chippeways, and she thought that in the course of their journey they might meet himand when away from Wanska, he would return to her side.

The Deer-killer had promised, day after day, that he would make her his wife, but he ever found a ready excuse; and now he was going on a long hunt, and she and her parents were to return to their village.

"You say that you love me," said she to the Deer-killer, "and yet you treat me cruelly.

There was no time to deliberateshould she absent herself, she would be suspected, and yet a little while ere the Deer-killer would return, and her anxious heart would be at rest.

Her trembling limbs refused to sustain her, as the Deer-killer, stalking towards the ring, calls aloud"Take her from the sacred feast; should she eat with the maidens?she, under whose bosom lies a warrior's child?

Nor did the heart of the Deer-killer reproach him, for how dare she offend the Great Spirit!

Again was the Deer-killer by the side of Wanska, and she paid the penalty.

Some day it gets the taste of blood, maybe its own blood, an' then it goes mad and becomes a killer.

Black Bart was suddenly changed to a green-eyed devil, his hair bristling around his shoulders, his teeth bared, and a snarl that came from the heart of a killer.

What d'you mean by trailing this man-killer around?" He turned to Dan with his gun still poised.

"Bart ain't a killer," said Dan, and the gentleness of his voice was oil on troubled waters, "but he gets peeved when a stranger comes nigh to the hoss.

Did you see?" "Am I blind?" asked Hal Purvis, "an' think of me walkin' up an' bracin' that killer like he was a two-year-old kid!

As he reloaded with fresh tobacco, Langdon said: "You can make up your mind this big fellow we are after is a game-killer, Bruce.

I knew a grizzly once that wasn't much bigger'n a dog, an' he was a game-killer.

Sometimes it's born in a grizzly to be a killer, an' sometimes he becomes a killer by chance.

Sometimes it's born in a grizzly to be a killer, an' sometimes he becomes a killer by chance.

After that day's Marathon with the grizzly he was filled with uneasinessa fear that he might lose his big friend and food-killer, and he was determined that the parent he had adopted should have no opportunity of slipping away from him unheard and unseen.

The result gave the young bucks what they required: a dog that was at once a determined vermin killer and an intrepid fighter, upon whose skill in the pit wagers might with confidence be laid.

He ain't just a buckin' hoss; he's a man-killer, lad.

It was an old maxim with him that there is in all the world one gun which is the best of all and with which even a novice can become a "killer.

Mr. Drew, that chap looks the part of a killer; he acts the part of a killer; and by God, he is a killer.

Mr. Drew, that chap looks the part of a killer; he acts the part of a killer; and by God, he is a killer.

Mr. Drew, that chap looks the part of a killer; he acts the part of a killer; and by God, he is a killer.

Mrs. T. a Presbyterian kind woman-killer; Female slave whipped to death; Food; Nakedness of slaves; Old man flogged after praying for his tyrant; Slave-huts not as comfortable as pig-sties.

Father Moran at once objected that the ash-tree had not yet sent down a branch to pierce the priest-killer's heart. 'Not yet; but this branch nearly touches the ground, and there's no saying that it won't take root in a few years.'

"And some time II, thine own son," he said as sleepiness came upon him, "will be a killer of tigers, even as Warwick Sahib.

Nahara, a fairly respectable cattle-killer before, had become in a single night one of the worst terrors of India.

A little out of the city he passed a man from the south, huddled high on the seat under the bow of his wagon-cover, who sang as he went one of the songs that had been so popular the winter before: "Old squaw-killer Harney is on the way The Mormon people for to slay.

Evans and Nelson Cutting a Cave for Cold Storage 78 The Condition of Affairs a Week after Landing 78 Killer Whales Rising to Blow 82 Hut Point and Observation Hill 82 The Tenements 84 Plan of Hut Page 85 The Point of the Barne Glacier

The killer whale (Orca gladiator), unappeasably voracious, devouring or attempting to devour every smaller animal, is less common in the pack but numerous on the coasts.

A number of killer whales rose close to the ship when we were opposite the rookery.

Another group of killer whales were idly diving off the penguin rookery; an old one with a very high straight dorsal fin and several youngsters.

Some 6 or 7 killer whales, old and young, were skirting the fast floe edge ahead of the ship; they seemed excited and dived rapidly, almost touching the floe.

The latter were horribly frightened and strained to their chains, whining; the head of one killer must certainly have been within 5 feet of one of the dogs.

Of course, we have known well that killer whales continually skirt the edge of the floes and that they would undoubtedly snap up anyone who was unfortunate enough to fall into the water; but the facts that they could display such deliberate cunning, that they were able to break ice of such thickness (at least 2 1/2 feet), and that they could act in unison, were a revelation to us.

Notes on the Killer or Grampus (Orca gladiator) One killed at Greenwich, 31 feet.

'British Quadrupeds'Bell: 'The fierceness and voracity of the killer, in which it surpasses all other known cetaceans.'

It knows the best killer will have the best brain in the long run; that's all it cares about.

The lady-killer was stroking his mustache affectedly, looking from time to time at his cloth suit in order to smooth out the wrinkles and brush off the specks of dust.

Basil II, known as Bulgaroctonus, or Bulgar-killer, went from victory to victory, and finally occupied the Bulgarian capital of Okhrida in 1016.

Alias The Killer.

Erle Stanley Gardner (A); 9Aug60; R261392. <pb id='287.png' /> Cross-stitch killer.

The Pain Killer revisited.

SEE Beach, Rex E. The Pain Killer revisited.

MCFARLANE, LESLIE. Alias Killer Keene.

The killer and the slain.

Trail of a killer.

SEE Beach, Rex E. The Pain Killer revisited.

Johnny Pye and the fool killer.

Johnny Pye and the fool killer.

ยฉ 7Jul39; B419962. Rosalea S. Fox (W); 7Oct66; R395516. First lesson for a killer.

Rosalea S. Fox (Mrs. Norman A. Fox) (W); 8Jul66; R392567. When a cowtown greets a killer.

Killer's luck.

The killer of Rustler's Roost.

Killer without a name.

The giant killer.

The Laughing killer of the woodside glens.

Malaria: the biography of a killer.

The Lady killer.

The dog was a most determined vermin-killer, and in rats, &c., quite an accomplished one; but snakes did not often come in her way.

He was a large black dog, of the largest and strongest kind of greyhounds; very fast and honest, and resolute past example; an excellent killer of hares, and a most magnificent and noble-looking creature.


" "Nonsense," Lillian said, brusquely, "the man is just an ordinary common lady-killer of the type that infests these hotels, and ought to be horsewhipped at sight.

Then the city fathers sent to Texas for a man who had the reputation of being a killer.

GALLIGANTUA, the wizard giant slain by Jack the Giant-killer.

The price is of comparatively little consequence, though an item; for it does not matter so much whether one pays fifty cents or a dollar a gallon, so long as the best oil is obtained; the pernicious feature of the practice lies in wrapping the oil in mystery, like a patent medicine,"Smith's Cylinder Oil" and "Jones's Patent Pain-Killer" being in one and the same category.