422 examples of killer in sentences

I had no saddle, as mine had been left at the camp a mile distant, so taking the harness from Brigham, I mounted him bareback and started out after the game, being armed with my celebrated buffalo-killer, "Lucretia Borgia,"a newly-improved breech-loading needle gun, which I had obtained from the government.


"Beauty and the Beast" and "The Sleeping Beauty" and "Snow-white and Rose-red" are distinctly preferable to "Jack the Giant Killer" or "Puss in Boots," while "Bluebeard" cannot be told.

Donnegan the killer.

No dash of Jamaica ginger or Pain-killer or sloe gin or sarsaparilla to give it piquancy.

Some day it gets the taste of blood, maybe its own blood, an' then it goes mad and becomes a killer.

Black Bart was suddenly changed to a green-eyed devil, his hair bristling around his shoulders, his teeth bared, and a snarl that came from the heart of a killer.

What d'you mean by trailing this man-killer around?" He turned to Dan with his gun still poised.

"Bart ain't a killer," said Dan, and the gentleness of his voice was oil on troubled waters, "but he gets peeved when a stranger comes nigh to the hoss.

Did you see?" "Am I blind?" asked Hal Purvis, "an' think of me walkin' up an' bracin' that killer like he was a two-year-old kid!

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Alias The Killer.

Erle Stanley Gardner (A); 9Aug60; R261392. <pb id='287.png' /> Cross-stitch killer.

The Pain Killer revisited.

SEE Beach, Rex E. The Pain Killer revisited.

MCFARLANE, LESLIE. Alias Killer Keene.

The killer and the slain.

Trail of a killer.

Johnny Pye and the fool killer.

Johnny Pye and the fool killer.

© 7Jul39; B419962. Rosalea S. Fox (W); 7Oct66; R395516. First lesson for a killer.

Rosalea S. Fox (Mrs. Norman A. Fox) (W); 8Jul66; R392567. When a cowtown greets a killer.

Killer's luck.

The killer of Rustler's Roost.

Killer without a name.

422 examples of  killer  in sentences