1472 examples of kin in sentences

"Anybody kin git a mighty good trade for this yaller lady of ours here.

4.The possessives mine, thine, hers, ours, yours, theirs, usually denote possession, or the relation of property, with an ellipsis of the name of the thing possessed; as, "My sword and yours are kin."Shakspeare.

'My sword and yours are kin.'

"Na, na," said Betty, "far frae that; I only want your kin' han' to get in yill again as they can drink.

"I'm no ony thing o' the kin'," said Betty, colouring, "an' ye ken it yoursel'; but twa brousts wadna be vinegar for naething."

For works claimed by N. Rugee as the next of kin of the author who is not living SEE White, Stewart Edward.

Our Webb kin of Dixie. SEE Webb, William James.

Our Webb kin of Dixie; a family history.

Our Webb kin of Dixie. SEE Webb, William James.


It "makes the whole world kin.

Young Kirk's brutal soul was parched with longing for revenge, and he was, both in mind and heart, too nearly kin to his Indian foes greatly to care whether his vengeance fell on the wrongdoers or on the innocent.

And the men and women which be neere of kin do shaue their heads, which they do not vse except it be for the death of a friend: for they much esteeme of their haire.

It was characteristic of her that carefully folded inside the will drawn for her by her family solicitor was a slip of paper addressed to her heirs and next of kin requesting that at her funeral the national anthem should be played and that her coffin should be draped with the American flag.

Through your loyalty you, then, know yourself to be kin to all the loyal.

"I kin keer for the Injuns," he volunteered when the question came up of burying the dead.

Oh, but dey war splendid, jis' as fresh, as fresh kin be.

But Jake's listenin' all de time wid his eyes and his mouf wide open, an' ketchin' eberything he kin, an' a heap ob news he gits dat way.

"Well, chillen, what do you mean to do?" "Go, jis' as soon as we kin git to de army," said Tom Anderson.

" "Only let 'em try it," chorused a half dozen voices, "an' dey'll soon see who'll git de bes' ob de guns; an' as to taking keer ob ourselves, I specs we kin take keer ob ourselves as well as take keer ob dem.

I beliebs he lob'd me better dan any ob his kin'.

De fust time I seed her, I sez to myself, 'Dat's de gal for me, an' I means to hab her ef I kin git her.'

Freedom wouldn't do much for me, but I want you all to be as free as the birds; so, you chillen, take your freedom when you kin get it."

Den I specs to hear a voice sayin', "Poor ole Kizzy, she's done de bes' she kin.

Iola soon nestled in her heart and lent additional sunshine to her once checkered life, and Robert, who had so long been robbed of kith and kin, was delighted with the new accession to his home life.

1472 examples of  kin  in sentences