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59 examples of  kind regard  in sentences

59 examples of kind regard in sentences

This is better than bein' throde onto the cold, cold charities of the world, especially where a man has got the gout, for anything cold in apt to bring on the pain and make him pe-uuk. Hopin' that in the futer, as you grow older, you may lern wisdom by cultivatin' my acquaintanceand with kind regards to UGEEN and bub BONYPART, in your native tung I will say: Barn-sure, noblesse Pea-cracker.

It must be regarded as a striking proof of an enlightened interest for the promotion of science, not less than of a kind regard for the rights and feelings of the individual most concerned in this decision, that the king of Denmark should have bestowed his attention upon this subject, at a period of so much difficulty and alarm for Europe in general and his own kingdom in particular.

What madness mov'd thee be displeas'd with me, That always us'd thee with so kind regard?

"Meanwhile please give my kind regards to your amiable friend and colleague, and also remember me to his charming daughter.

You carry with you the sincere friendship and kindest regards of, "Dear Ralph, your attached friend, " .

He added that the tulisanes had charged him with many kind regards for his Excellency, the Captain-General.

" Then Sir Percival came to Sir Percydes and he put his arm about him and kissed him upon either cheek, and he said: "Should I obtain the kind regard of that lady, I know nothing that would more rejoice me than to know that thou art her brother.

With most kind regards to him, I conclude, Dear Madam, Yours truly, C. LAMB.

With kindest regards to A.K.

Don't entrust a bit of prose to the rogue, but believe me Your obliged C.L. My Sister sends her kind regards.

I do not know how to appreciate the kind regard of dear Anne; Mary will understand it two months hence, I hope; but neither she nor I would rob you, if the legacy will be of use to, or comfort to you.

He sent many despatches of all kinds regarding himself to Sejanus and to the senate incessantly, saying at one time that he was poorly and just at the point of death, and again that he was in exceedingly good health and would reach Rome directly.

Pray present my kind regards in that quarter, but in the most impressive and tender manner,the most tender; and, oh,but I need not be in such anxiety.

In sending my kindest regards to Lord Russell, let me congratulate you on the culminating victory before him, and on the faith and constancy with which the country carries him in its great heart.

With kindest regards, very truly yours, JUSTIN MCCARTHY Lady Russell to Mrs. Warburton PEMBROKE LODGE, November 23, 1890 MY DEAREST ISABEL,...

With kind regards...." Eleseus would go back to town, of course, there could be no question about that.

And then one of the gentlemen put insaying it perhaps by way of keeping Geissler from soaring too far: "By the way, I've seen your wife's people in Swedenthey sent their kind regards.

My kind regards to your father, mother, brothers, sisters, and wife.

With kind regards, believe me, yours sincerely, "CHRISTINA NUGENT.

Please accept my kindest regards, with my acknowledgments of your distinguished consideration, while I remain, Yours truly, AUSTIN STEWARD.

He to come here and insult me mistress after professin' the kindest regards.

Give our united kind regards to Mrs. Bird, and thank her in our behalf for her great kindness to you.

and kind regards!

Protesting their kind regard for those whom they hourly plunder of all they have and all they get!

Protesting their kind regard for those whom they hourly plunder of all they have and all they get!

Please give my kindest regards to your wife, and, by the way, I need not assure you that you will certainly be most highly welcome to our most gracious court.

Give him my very kind regards, and ask him to excuse me from coming down to see him this morning.

"With kind regards, "Believe me, yours truly, "W.A. ALDRIDGEMajor.

Kindest regards to Mrs. Atkinson, and love to Gertrude.

With kindest regards to her and your father, and love to your sistersand to yourself too, if HE doesn't object!I am, Yours affectionately, C.L. Dodgson.

With kindest regards, very sincerely, JULIA H. KEMPSON.

My kindest regards to Lady Egerton.

With very kind regards.

Frank Hawden sends kind regards, &c. Teaching certainly had the effect upon me anticipated by Harold Beecham, but it was not the teaching but the place in which I taught which was doing the mischiefgood, my mother termed it.

Wishing you all success and with kind regards to yourself and Mrs. Knott, I am, Yours ever sincerely, THEODORE BLAND.

Instead of stopping it, however, he at different times commends Phoebe and her sister-laborers to the kind regards of other Churches.

And tell your daughter, with my kindest regards,' he added, 'that I hope I may be allowed to keep the book.'

To-day my father wrote to my aunt, setting her mind at rest as to his health, and I added a postscript from myself, sending kind regards to Aniela and her mother.

Yet I wrote that I would come to Ploszow if I felt sure my presence would be acceptable to my aunt's guests, sending them my kindest regards at the same time.

He was, on the contrary, modest and unassuming, and he acted in all respects in such a manner as to gain the approbation and the kind regard of all who knew him, as well as to excite their applause.

Pray present my kindest regards to Mr. Morris, and, with the hope of hearing from you both soon and frequently, Your friend and servant, THOMAS JEFFERSON.

Trusting that you and your family will enjoy the season at Lake Silence I am, with kind regards, Yours sincerely, Aaron King.

(8) The portrait (tin-type) of a lady, inscribed "With kind regards from Lizzie.

This has been supposed to indicate a kind regard for the welfare and health of mother and child.

In the meantime I send you my kindest regards, and my deep gratitude.

Kind regards to the wifeand take care of yourself, old man.

Were it not to make the Character too imaginary, I would give him Sovereignty over some Foreign Territory, and make him esteem that an empty Addition without the kind Regards of his own Prince.

With kind regards to your delightful family, I am, etc.

Give my love to your daughters, and kind regards to Mr. Stopes.

" "Give her my kind regards, Bog, and say I will call and see her," continued Pet.

"Pray accept it with my kindest regards," said Father Payne.

" It was some time before the minister was able to answer the letter except by sending Amanda at once to the doctor with a message of kind regards and thanks.

"With kind regards, my dear Trollope, "Faithfully yours, "CHARLES DICKENS.

"With kind regards, ever, my dear Trollope, "Your affectionate friend, "CHARLES DICKENS.

"With kind regards to all friends, believe me, "Yours very faithfully, "JOHN PEARD.

"The next page must be left for Polly's postscript, so I shall only send my kindest regards and wishes to Mrs. Trollope and the biggest of kisses to la cantatrice" [my poor girl Bice!].

Pray offer my kind regards to Miss Blagden when you see her, and tell her that I hope to shake hands with her in London this spring.

"Make my kindest regards [sic] and accept my father's.

My father's kindest regards.