59 examples of kind regards in sentences

This is better than bein' throde onto the cold, cold charities of the world, especially where a man has got the gout, for anything cold in apt to bring on the pain and make him pe-uuk. Hopin' that in the futer, as you grow older, you may lern wisdom by cultivatin' my acquaintanceand with kind regards to UGEEN and bub BONYPART, in your native tung I will say: Barn-sure, noblesse Pea-cracker.

"Meanwhile please give my kind regards to your amiable friend and colleague, and also remember me to his charming daughter.

Don't entrust a bit of prose to the rogue, but believe me Your obliged C.L. My Sister sends her kind regards.

Pray present my kind regards in that quarter, but in the most impressive and tender manner,the most tender; and, oh,but I need not be in such anxiety.

With kind regards...." Eleseus would go back to town, of course, there could be no question about that.

And then one of the gentlemen put insaying it perhaps by way of keeping Geissler from soaring too far: "By the way, I've seen your wife's people in Swedenthey sent their kind regards.

Give our united kind regards to Mrs. Bird, and thank her in our behalf for her great kindness to you.

and kind regards!

Give him my very kind regards, and ask him to excuse me from coming down to see him this morning.

"With kind regards, "Believe me, yours truly, "W.A. ALDRIDGEMajor.

With very kind regards.

Frank Hawden sends kind regards, &c. Teaching certainly had the effect upon me anticipated by Harold Beecham, but it was not the teaching but the place in which I taught which was doing the mischiefgood, my mother termed it.

Wishing you all success and with kind regards to yourself and Mrs. Knott, I am, Yours ever sincerely, THEODORE BLAND.

Instead of stopping it, however, he at different times commends Phoebe and her sister-laborers to the kind regards of other Churches.

Trusting that you and your family will enjoy the season at Lake Silence I am, with kind regards, Yours sincerely, Aaron King.

(8) The portrait (tin-type) of a lady, inscribed "With kind regards from Lizzie.

Kind regards to the wifeand take care of yourself, old man.

Were it not to make the Character too imaginary, I would give him Sovereignty over some Foreign Territory, and make him esteem that an empty Addition without the kind Regards of his own Prince.

With kind regards to your delightful family, I am, etc.

Give my love to your daughters, and kind regards to Mr. Stopes.

" "Give her my kind regards, Bog, and say I will call and see her," continued Pet.

" It was some time before the minister was able to answer the letter except by sending Amanda at once to the doctor with a message of kind regards and thanks.

"With kind regards, my dear Trollope, "Faithfully yours, "CHARLES DICKENS.

"With kind regards, ever, my dear Trollope, "Your affectionate friend, "CHARLES DICKENS.

"With kind regards to all friends, believe me, "Yours very faithfully, "JOHN PEARD.

59 examples of  kind regards  in sentences