1531 examples of kirks in sentences

"What," she would say, "has young blood to do with this bickering of kirks and old wives' lamentations?

Woe is the Kirk, when her foes shall be of her own household, for it is with the words of the Gospel that he seeks to overthrow the Gospel work.

He raved against idolaters of the Kirk and of the Bible, and against all preachers who, by his way of it, had perverted the Word.

It was the day when Glasgow was rising from a cluster of streets round the High Kirk and College to be the chief merchants' resort in Scotland.

You could see the proud fellows walking the streets in brave clothes, and marching into the kirk on Sabbath with a couple of servants carrying cushions and Bibles.

Old Mercer was an elder in the little wooden Presbyterian kirk, which I had taken to attending since my quarrels with the gentry.

"I do not mind to have heard anything like it; it's as fine as Burns when he wished deliverance to onethat is prayed for in no kirk.

This from him, the great dandled and petted sectarian, to a religious character so equivocal in the world's eye as that of S. T. C., so foreign to the Kirk's estimate,can this man be a quack?

God send me my right food, My right food, and shelter too, That I may to yon kirk go, To read upon yon sweet book Which the mighty God of heaven shook.

"Oh! mourn not for them, their grief is o'er, Oh! weep not for them, they weep no more; For deep is their sleep, though cold and hard Their pillow may be in the old kirk-yard.

"But don't tell anybody this," he continued, "for I want to give the squire and Mr. Kirk a disagreeable surprise.

Mr. Kirk looked up in surprise as he entered.

"I may give you something to do," said Kirk, in a patronizing tone.

"Mr. Kirk has offered me a place in the store.

"Kirk won't pay you any more.

Mr. Kirk was compelled to look elsewhere for a house.

KIRK, EDWARD E. Educated Labor, etc. (New York, 1868.) LANGSTON, JOHN M. From the Virginia Plantation to the National Capital; or, The First and Only Negro Representative in Congress from the Old Dominion.

20 "The ship was cheered, the harbor cleared, Merrily did we drop Below the kirk, below the hill, Below the lighthouse top.

Although I approve highly of the euphonious improvement, I feel sure that many of my countrymen in the extreme north would rather see a picture representing Satan in Abraham's bosom inside their kirk than any musical instrument.

Most of the gentry put on mourning; the chair of state in the parliament house, the uppermost seats in the kirks, and almost all the pulpits, were clothed in black.

Robert Kirk Underhill (C); 5Aug74; R583113.

His devilish mass: His blasphemous priesthood: His profane sacrifice for the sins of the dead and the quick: His canonization of men; calling upon angels or saints departed; worshipping of imagery, relics and crosses; dedicating of kirks, altars, days; Vows to creatures:

At one of the country kirks the congregation was reduced to the minister and precentor.

They were ordered to return to their own session, and to stand at the kirk-door, barefoot and barelegged, from the second bell to the last, and thereafter in the public place of repentance; and, at direction of the session, thereafter to go through the whole kirks of the presbytery, and to satisfy them in like manner.

"Ah," said Dr. Henry, "an it hadna been for that, there wad hae been twa toom kirks this day."

1531 examples of  kirks  in sentences