1676 examples of kit in sentences

While I was hunting for the Kansas Pacific railway, I had the pleasure, in the fall of 1867, of meeting the celebrated Kit Carson, one of, if not the oldest and most noted scout, guide, and hunter that our western country has ever produced.

[Illustration: KIT CARSON] CHAPTER XV.

We struck the south fork of the Canadian River, or Rio Colorado, at a point a few miles above the old adobe walls, which at one time had composed a fort, and was the place where Kit Carson once had a big Indian fight.

She had looked into Donnegan's tent, furnished with a single blanket and his canvas kit, and had offered to share her pack with him.

We went out and up the drive together to the kennels, where her father, a tall, imposing figure in his shooting-kit, was giving orders to the keepers.

The wooden hut, in which I and two of my brother officers used to sleep, had been hit two or three times that day, and much of our kit had been destroyed.

It was honest Briggs who made up the little kit for the boy which he was to take to school.

The rest of my kit was on the horses, which have been left miles behind with the baggage and which cannot come up into the battle because as soon as you put your nose up from behind cover the bullets whistle.

Norma put her slim hands down among the oily plugs, selected a tool from the kit George held out to her, and did something mysterious to the "innards.

See ante, i. 397, for Kit Smart's madness in praying.

Poor little Kit, I wonder what she's doin' now.

But here comes my kit on a clod's back, and it is time to dress for dinner.'

No young wolf would ever run into one of these bands alone; but when the pack rolled in upon them like a tempest the lynxes would leap squalling away in a blind rush; and the two big wolves, cutting in from the ends of the charging line, would turn a lynx kit deftly aside for the cubs to hold.

"Get behind the curtain and put on your fighting kit.

It was a lovely morning, and we were all very cheerful except Gammer Sing, who wanted to come along with me; but as he had to get my kit sorted and put right for the next day's march, I left him behind, but took his rifle and ammunition.

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Kit Carson, trail blazer & scout.

Kit Carson: boy trapper.

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Three dimension models of the basic crystallographic forms; construction kit.

Capacious canvas kit-bags are excellent things for cramming with grist for the dobie's mill.

Camp kit-bag. 11.

1676 examples of  kit  in sentences