8073 examples of knee in sentences

" Hole"Little hole in your pocket is wusser'n a big one at de knee.

She untied her ragged hoseshe wore two pairstied above the knee with a string, and slipped the money to the foot and in her heavy shoes.

Mr. Buford was shot in his knee.

Harry dropped on one knee, and was in the act of handing the jug in that attitude to Jacob, when the landlord entered.

Then he joined their right hands, and they went down on one knee, and he placed his hands on their heads, and looked up at the audience with a benignant smile, and the curtain fell amid rapturous cheers.

He had carried his chair to a corner of the room, and there he sat, his face half-hidden, resting upon his breast, his knee drawn up and pressed tightly by his clasped handsthose very hands, small and marble-white, forming a ghastful contrast to the raven hair that fell thickly on his back.

He placed his hand upon my knee in great delight, patted it, and then the wound which I had dressed.

He was dressed in threadbare black; a pair of long leather gaiters, buckled high above his knee, protecting his thin shanks through moss and pool; and the singularity of his appearance was heightened by a wide-leafed felt hat, over which he had tied his handkerchief, so as to bring the leaf of it over his ears, and to secure it from being whirled from his head by the storm.

" As the old man, with his harsh old voice, thus spoke, he unknotted his handkerchief and bet the rain-drops from his hat upon his knee.

It was a year after he deed, and Tom Ettles was walking home, down by the Birken Stoop one night, and not a soul nigh, when he sees a big ball, as high as his knee, whirlin' and spangin' away before him on the road.

Accordingly she settled down to her needlework, while the Regent of England leaned his head against her knee, and his mother told him that ageless tale of Lord Huon, who in a wood near Babylon encountered the King of Faëry, and subsequently bereaved an atrocious Emir of his beard and daughter.

Instructions for operating the Singer portable electric sewing machine no. 99, attachments 120360, with knee control, by Archibald Tregaskis.

He clutched at Horrocks and missed, his foot went back into empty air; in mid-air he twisted himself, and then cheek and shoulder and knee struck the hot cone together.

He sat on the couch, facing the door, put the sword by his side and held one of the pistols, cocked and resting on his knee.

"So you have been here two whole days without finding me out," said the Doctor, seating Dodo comfortably on his knee.

And, when she saw he was asleep, she sat silent, hands nervously clasped above the Bible on her knee.

His left knee also no longer stood out under the curtain in front, but showed a change of position.

A ribbon was tied around each leg above the knee, and the ends sewed to his trowsers.

He held, as directed, one slate up under the table, and the Medium held the other under the table over his own knee.

LADY DELAHUNTY Such as playin' cricket and polo, and drinkin' afternoon tea with a napkin on his knee, like one of the gentry themselves.

Well, I was about to say, when you interrupted, that when Finbarr has learnt how to behave like a real gentleman, and can hold a cup of afternoon tea on his knee without spillin' it all over himself, then he may aspire to higher things, and want a wife who can play the violin as well as the piano, and speak all the languages in the world also.

He sat looking from one to the other of them, dazedly, for a space; then he resumed: "Say, I thought there was something queer about that stunt of hers!" "Tell us about it," suggested Ashton-Kirk, crossing his legs and clasping one knee with his hands.

In the meantime, work went on as before the woman had come in, nor was a word spoken, till Shanty, looking up from the horse-shoe which he was hammering, remarked in his own mind, that he wondered that the little one stretched on the woman's knee, was not awakened and frightened by the noise of the forge; but there the creature lies, he thought, as if it had neither sense or hearing.

She would even, when directed so to do, steal across the floor, and accept a seat on Mr. Dymock's knee, and gradually she got very fond of him.

Dressed in a snuff-coloured suit, with knee-breeches and shining shoe buckles, he appeared walking down the little street of Portadown leaning heavily upon a blackthorn stick and murmuring sadly, "Nobody cares for me, nobody takes any notice of me."

8073 examples of  knee  in sentences