8073 examples of knee in sentences

In one of them he caught a brief glimpse of a young matron seated by the fire with her children clustered at her knee, and the transient picture struck him with a sudden pang.

The bailiff was in very high spirits this first morning of the new yearalmost uproarious spirits indeed, which vented themselves in snatches of boisterous song, as he bustled backwards and forwards from house to stables, dressed in his best blue coat and bright buttons and a capacious buff waistcoat; with his ponderous nether limbs clothed in knee-cords, and boots with vinegar tops; looking altogether the typical British farmer.

Dog resting his head on master's knee.

HEEMSTRA, JEAN M. The Wounded Knee massacre, from the viewpoint of the Sioux.

MCGREGOR, JAMES H. The Wounded Knee massacre, from the viewpoint of the Sioux.

I wish to be with you;' and Venetia seated herself at her mother's feet, and reclined her head upon her mother's knee.

"So you have been here two whole days without finding me out," said the Doctor, seating Dodo comfortably on his knee.

" But as Rap turned over and scrambled up with the aid of his crutch, they saw that he had only one leg, for the trouser of the left leg was tied together just below the knee.

"Oh! yes; legs too, with a knee-joint and a hip-joint, like ours.

Another slate was held by Dr. Slade on the same side of and below the table (as far as I could judge from his arm it was nearly as low as Dr. Slade's knee), and it was suddenly broken into many pieces, the frame being at once held up for inspection by Dr. Slade.

It might have been broken by a sudden blow upon the knee, as Dr. Slade's knees were in close proximity to the place where the slate was held.

Clasping the back of the chair firmly with his right hand, and approaching it close enough to enable him to place his knee under the seat of the chair, the Medium, after very considerable effort, caused the chair to rise from the floor an inch or two.

As he brought it out, the Medium turned the slate over and knocked it on his knee, and in that way crushed it to pieces.

She was presented to him, and bent the knee before him.

The ambassadors were presented, and the Earl of Northampton, marshal of England, putting one knee to the ground before her, said, "Madame, please God you shall be our sovereign lady and Queen of England."

The duke and his partisans, kneeling on one knee, promised the king all the assistance possible with their persons and their property.

Henry V. was already there; he went to meet the queen, saluted her, took her hand, and embraced her and Madame Catherine as well; Duke John slightly bent his knee to the king, who raised him up and embraced him likewise.

The Duke of Burgundy went on bended knee.

On arriving at the prince's presence Duke John took off his velvet cap and bent his knee to the ground.

I will go, should I have to wear off my legs to the knee."

The question was chiefly of knee breeches.

Marqueterie was more common; large armoires, clients of drawers and knee-hole writing tables were covered with an inlay of vases of flowers and birds, of a brownish wood, with enrichments of bone and ivory, inserted in a black ground of stained wood, very much like the Dutch inlaid furniture of some years later but with less colour in the various veneers than is found in the Dutch work.

The hand that held his cigarette, resting on his knee, relaxed; the cigarette fell, smoldering, to the metal plate.

I can see him yet, a curly-haired youngster, knee-deep in the mud, his white, frightened face fixed on his commander.

When he wouldn't let him stand, he took the plate on his knee, and ate one side dish at a time.

8073 examples of  knee  in sentences
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