5718 examples of knife in sentences

"Allingford's got his knife in me; he's bent on spoiling my life here.

I've got that knife still.

Noaks's threat about the pocket-knife revived all their former feelings of dread and uneasiness respecting their unfortunate expedition to The Hermitage, and there was a grave look upon their faces as the narrative concluded.

"You say they aren't going to kick up any other row just yet, and it would be an awful thing if Noaks found it out, and sent my knife to the police.

"If Noaks finds we've split, he'll send that knife to the police," said Mugford.

he'll do his best now to get us into a bother over that knife of Mugford's.

"He's got my knife with him," said Mugford; "he may go any day and try for that reward.

"On the plains every man openly carries his belt with its invariable appendages, knife and revolveroften two of the latter.

Some years ago he killed a drunken white man who was after him with a knife.

In handwork, too, at this stage, practice takes an important place: a child is willing to hem, to try certain brush strokes, to cut evenly, and later on to use his cardboard knife to effect for the sake of a future result if he has already experimented freely.

There are two ways of helping him: either he can be quite definitely shown and made to imitate, or he can be set to think about it; he is given a cardboard knife and allowed to experiment: if he fails, it may be suggested that a clean edge can only be got by some form of cutting; probably he will find out the rest of the process.

As for the example, he's a capital oneall nerves together, lying, if you like, just on the surface, ready for the knife.'

'Now, ladies and gentlemen,' he said, and inserted the knife in the flesh, making a long clear cut in the bound arm.

I heard myself shouting wildly, as I flung myself upon the wretched sufferer, interposing between him and the knife.

Dr. Earle nodded, took the arrow, and slitting with a pocket-knife, freed and flattened out a painted scroll of complex characters.

Here, quick, lend me a knife."

He slashed open one of the lower sacks in the bulkhead by the door, stuffed in some kind of twisted cord, and, edging away, sat for an instant with his knife-blade gleaming in the ruddy twilight.

Though full of pain this intellectual being?"' Johnson, the year before, at a time when he thought that he must submit to the surgeon's knife (ante, p. 240), wrote to Mrs. Thrale:'You would not have me for fear of pain perish in putrescence.

In the Collector's pockets they found a twist of tobacco, a red bandanna handkerchief of violent color, a purse meagrely filled with copper coins and silver pieces, a silver watch still ticking with a loud and insistent iteration, a piece of tarred string, and a clasp-knife.

The lad took out his pocket knife, opened its big blade, and in a few minutes had pried off the strip lining the sash.

In the other she saw the glint of a knife, felt the confining rope sever, felt the strong push which separated them from the fl

The murdered sentries had each had a saltire cross slashed across their brows, as by a hunting-knife.

It was a large, open knife with a stiff spring blade which he had picked up from the floor.

"It looks to me, sir, as if he knew he was in danger and kept his knife handy," said the mate.

" The mention of a strong-bladed knife made me think of the dead seaman upon the brig.

5718 examples of  knife  in sentences