10058 examples of knight in sentences

Shortly before the production of the play, a Miss Whitehead had drawn a very clever medley-picture, in which nearly all Tenniel's wonderful creationsthe Dormouse, the White Knight, the Mad Hatter, &c.appeared.

John Dryden was a schoolmaster, a Puritan, and honoured, it is said, with the friendship of the celebrated Erasmus, after whom he named his son, who succeeded to the estate of Canons-Ashby, and, besides becoming a sheriff of the county of Northamptonshire, was created a knight under James I. Sir Erasmus had three sons, the third of whom, also an Erasmus, became the father of our poet.

Sir Robert, too, had a poetical propensity, and Dryden and he became and continued intimate for a number of years, the poet assisting the knight in his literary compositions, particularly in a play entitled "The Indian Queen;" and the latter inviting the former to the family seat at Charlton, where Dryden met in an unlucky hour his future wife, Lady Elizabeth Howard, the sister of Sir Robert.

Knight of Rhode Island, Sailly and Williams of New York, Helms of New Jersey and Wynns of North Carolina changed in favor of the extreme penalty; but they were more than offset by the opposite change of Bidwell of Massachusetts, Van Cortlandt of New York, Lambert of New Jersey, Clay and Gray of Virginia and McFarland of North Carolina.

Nobody wants to be told to "rely wholly upon your pawns," or "never, never move your rook"; nobody clamours "give me a third knight and all will be well"; but that is exactly what everybody seems to be doing in our present discussion And as another aspect of the same impatience, I note the disposition to clamour against all sorts of necessary processes in the development of a civilisation.

" She sees him vanish into night, She starts from sleep in deep affright, For it was not her own true knight.

Yet thought of day makes dream of night: She is not worthy of the knight, The inmost altar burns not bright.

I'm free As you by birth, and I can cope with you In every virtue that beseems a knight.

I spoke with one but now, from Baden come, Who said a knight was on his way to court,

Sir knight, Address yourself for mercy to your God!

Gently, sir knight!

Over the Mediterranean waves had sailed Roger de Lauria, knight-errant of vast tracts of sea, who wished to clothe even the fishes with the colors of Aragon.

Blanes explained like a knight-errant the impulse that had called him to the war.

By Donald Laverty, pseud. of James Blish, & Damon Knight.

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Knight's gambit.

By Mae Knight Clark & Laura Cushman.

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By Mae Knight Clark & Laura Cushman, <pb id='549.png' /> illustrated by Marion Henderson & Doris Henderson.

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By W. C. Findley, J. H. Studebaker & F. B. Knight.

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By F. B. Knight & J. H. Studebaker.

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By H. C. Findley & J. H. Studebaker & F. B. Knight.

10058 examples of  knight  in sentences