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496 examples of  knob  in sentences

496 examples of knob in sentences

Sweeping open that door, she closed it softly, standing for the moment against it, her hand crossed in back and on the knob.

Diggory clutched the door-knob as though it were the handle of a galvanic battery, while Mugford and Vance seized each other by the arm and literally gasped for breath.

Oh! CHARLEY, CHARLEY, give us a grip of your knob, old hunk"and I slewed over towards him for to shake hands when he suddenly drawed back, kinder gloomy like, putting down his pen and chewing his gums sort of swagewise.

"It seems so horribly quiet," said Violet, looking around at them with her hands on the door knob.

It was possible he felt for the door knob, but the trooper meant to run no risks.

At the turning, the ledge got narrow, and one must seize a knob and then step lightly on a stone embedded in mossy soil.

For a moment or two each in turn, supported by one foot with body braced against the rock, grasped the knob and vanished round the corner.

After the others disappeared Lister seized the knob.

At the bottom of the slab he brought up with his foot braced against a knob, and he saw Barbara coming after him.

'He's got an abrasion on the knob of his right-hand front paw,' says he.

It was closed and he knocked lightly, then dropped his hand to the knob, awaiting her voice.

But there was a side-door opening from that dining-room upon the long piazza which Mrs. Kinzer had added to the old Morris mansion; and Dick's hand was on the knob of that door, almost before he knew it.

The Colonel reached the door of the bank and tried the knob, but the key had been turned in the lock, and the next moment the curtains of the door were swiftly drawn.

Once more the Colonel rattled the knob, then he turned to his gathering followers.

In the farthest corner of the room, elevated on a crimson velvet cushion, sat the Vizier, wrapped in a superb pelisse: on his head was a vast turban, in his belt a dagger, incrusted with jewels, and on the little finger of his right hand he wore a solitaire as large as the knob on the stopper of a vinegar-cruet, and which was said to have cost two thousand five hundred pounds sterling.

"Oh, the kids," said Becky, forgetting in her present absorbed interest the term "children,"which she had learned to use since she had come up daily from the poor neighborhood where she lived,"the kids use to fill a basket with flowers and hang it on the door-knob of somebody's house,somebody they knew,and then ring the bell and run.

The first day of May turned out to be a most beautiful day, bright and sunny; and when Lizzie hung her pretty basket filled with Plymouth Mayflowers on the door-knob of a great friend of hers, she laughed, and wondered if Becky had hung hers for that "fightin' gen'leman, Tim."

With finger-tips touching the door-knob Sofia was checked and twitched back so violently that she was all but thrown off her feet.

" "Butwaitcome back!" He shrugged agreeably, released the door-knob, and stood before her, or rather over herfor he was the taller by a good five incheslooking down, quietly at her service.

When you came in I touched this knob on the floor beneath my foot.

Be so good, Jeeves," I said, indicating with a gesture the gent's ordinary dinner jacket or smoking, as we call it on the Cรดte d'Azur, which was suspended from the hanger on the knob of the wardrobe, "as to shove that bally black thing in the cupboard and bring out my white mess-jacket with the brass buttons.

In front of her house are two long, boarded beds of old-fashioned flowers, mignonette and petunias chiefly, and over the small, very white door with its shiny knob, creeps a white clematis vine.

During the inspection, by accident, a knob in the framework of the jewel-box was pushed, and a secret drawer sprang out

He tiptoed over the traitorous boards of the landing, and slowly turned the knob of a door in the end wall.

"That fellow," I heard one disgruntled competitor remark of him, "would hug the Devil for a knob of coke.

Tremblingly his finger pressed on the little white knob, and a silence like that of death fell on those who watched.

The elephant's learning to fly with wings; The hen laid a door-knob instead of an egg; And piggy is dancing a jig on a keg!" She pours out wine and goes up to RISPOLร“ZHENSKY; RISPOLร“ZHENSKY bows and declines the wine.

Turning a knob this way and that, he presently flung it open, revealing the inside of a wall safe.

The little red-headed man grinned at me and set to work polishing the knob of the wheel-house door, and not until that minute did I realize that he had come along with us in the Kut Sang.

Petrak worked with a cloth on the brass-knob, and he was loafing without a doubt.

I tried the knob, and the door swung inward.

He grasped the knob and threw the door wide open.

" "There's this!" cried Rudolf triumphantly, and reaching over Peter he pressed a little round knob of wood half hidden under the shelf.

Here it becomes enlarged into a knob-like formation composed of soft, growing cells, which knob-like formation fits over a vascular papilla projecting up in the bottom of the follicle.

Here it becomes enlarged into a knob-like formation composed of soft, growing cells, which knob-like formation fits over a vascular papilla projecting up in the bottom of the follicle.

But there, with her hand on the knob, she was halted by an inexplicable hesitation about opening the door and showing herself.

She could not turn the knob and stood, irresolute, frowning vaguely, though not very deeply disquieted.

Aldous was ahead of him, and stood with his hand on the knob.

There was a turning of the knob, and Izon came in.

Then there was a turning of a knob, a rustling of skirts, and a voice came sharp: "Where are you going?" Sally turned.

But before she could turn the knob the door was flung open by a kimonoed mulatto girl, her eyes all whites.

Without awaiting an invitation, he turned the knob and walked in.

There was a knob of rock about seven feet down.

He was killed at Pilot Knob, Missouri.

The knob was tried, silently at first, then with greater force.

" "Did you know she wouldn't even take hold of a knob to open a door, for fear of stretching them?"

His gilt glasses were tilted forward so as to make an inflamed knob at the top of his long nose, and he regarded Mr. and Mrs. Lewisham over them withLewisham doubted his eyes for a momentbut it was positively a smile, an essentially waggish smile.

His eyes moved around the cabin, darting often at the pistol, halting upon the knob of the forecastle-door in the fear that others might be concealed there; inscrutable black brilliants, these eyes, and to the woman at the wheel the cabin was evil from their purgatorial restlessness....

Just as she passed the side entry door she heard someone fumbling with the knob on the outside.

The knob turned and the door began to open softly.

As she touched the bell-knob Constance sprang out to welcome her, though not to ask her intill she could have a word with her alone, the young wife explained.

They had taken a lunch and climbed Bald Knob, a thousand feet above the town, late in the afternoon.

But this afternoon, upon the still isolation of Bald Knob, there had been many kisses exchanged, and brave vows of undying love.

Ten years and ten thousand miles ... despite all that he had vowed on Bald Knob that Sunday so long ago, wouldn't you have said that was barrier enough?

"Of course, with four inches of lead in your boot soles, and your head in a copper knob the size of a football, and been thirty-five minutes under water, you don't break any records running.

Just a knob or two can scarcely be missed, and a little of the small in a sack-bag.

Since all was quiet, up and down the street, she paused again, her hand upon the knob.

Her hand fell from the knob, but she raised it again immediately.

I'm not sleepy yet," she repeated and put her hand on the knob of the door.

Cromwell's nose looked almost like a knob of oak.

Dr. West said: "The new regiment on Pine Knob was recruited from the Bowery.

She bade them good-night, and then, opening the door, paused with her hand on the knob and stood irresolute.

Walking quickly and softly across the floor to the private office, which opened off from the other end of the counter, the prospective partner of the business stooped down, turned the shining knob of the safe round until the right combination had been struck, and swung back the immense, massive door.

[ROGERS'S cosmos is fast slipping away: he crawls abjectly to the door: his hand on the knob, he turns once more a face of bewildered inquiry upon the VICAR, who snaps his fingers impatiently.]

Making another hole directly over it with an ice chisel which I had, and cutting down the longest birch which I could find in the neighborhood with my knife, I made a slip-noose, which I attached to its end, and, letting it down carefully, passed it over the knob of the handle, and drew it by a line along the birch, and so pulled the axe out again.

A step mounted the stair slowly and steadily, and presently a hand was laid upon the knob, and the lock clicked, and the door opened.

The shorter native had his hair collected into a knob at the top of his head, which gave him a ferocious appearance.

CROKER'S ISLAND is twenty-one miles and a quarter from north to south, and from two to five broad, its northern extremity is in 10 degrees 58 minutes 30 seconds latitude, and 132 degrees 34 minutes 10 seconds longitude; about three-quarters of a mile within it there is a remarkable rocky knob: its south extreme is in 11 degrees 19 1/4 minutes.

The steps climbed nearer; they stopped in the dim little hall outside the door and someone fumbled with the knob.

But when the knob of the sitting room door moved, she heard it, and, without turning her head, called out, "What is it, Betty?

She must go in and see the place where Richard lived, and so, at last, she gave the silver knob a pull, which reverberated through the entire house, and brought Hannah, the housemaid, in a trice to see who was there.

Three miles further brought us in sight of the land, forming a high level range, with a knob or lump on its south extreme.

Jarvis, himself looking a trifle relieved, promptly turned the knob.

And Josephine took the control of the door-knob out of her brother's hand.

With her hand on the knob he stopped her.

Set your foot on that knob, reach up your arm, I'll let myself down far enough to get hold of your hand, and the next thing you know you'll be sitting beside me here.

"My dear," he said, impressively, with his hand on the door-knob.

Billy was just laying hand to the door-knob when the foreman looked toward him in the manner of one about to speak.

The blade was two inches wide and three inches longthe poll two inches long and about as large round as a dime; handle eighteen or twenty inches long with a knob on the end so it would not easily slip from the hand.

You see that little knob there in front?

Above the white fog the moon rose like a knob of fire in the east, and a thousand thousand stars were twinkling in the sky.

he asked, barring my way with one wrinkled, blue-black hand on the brass door-knob.

" Ashton-Kirk turned the knob of the door nearest, the one with the lettering upon it.

" He turned the knob of the door with the ground glass panel; but it was fast.

Again, where even the fraction of a second's footing was out of the question, he would swing his body past by a moment's hand-grip on a jutting knob of rock, a crevice, or a precariously rooted shrub.

LEYDEN JAR, an electric condenser, a cylindrical glass bottle lined inside and outside with metal to within a short distance from the top, while a brass rod connected with the inside coating extends upward through a wooden stopper terminating in a knob.

When we reached our house, I slipped my hand from his arm, and ran up the steps, turning back with my hand on the door-knob to say, "Good-night."

"It has been very pleasant, sir, until the last month or so," regretfully, yet evidently glad of the opportunity to talk, lingering with one hand on the knob of the door.

" "And what shall I do, sir?" Both were standing, West with hand on the knob of the door.

Nothing broke the impressive silence, and McAdam's hand closed over the knob, which he turned slowly.

"Three mountains of solid iron [in Missouri], known as Iron Mountain, Pilot Knob, and Shepherd's Mountain, are among the most remarkable natural curiosities on our continent."

It was poised on the knob of the saddle, when, to my surprise, it seemed to point several degrees too far to the left.

A little black-gloved hand grasped the knob, and a woman stole into the room, with a questioning face.

The knob of the door turned slowly, without a sound; it opened, and a man stepped in.

A sedative is now imperative!" He laid his hand on the knob of the door to return, but the girl blocked his way.

"I chanced to press that little knob, and the drawer flew out.

What would you suggest?" The costumer looked him over attentively, bestowing special notice on the gleaming knob.

" She brushed past him, and laid her hand upon the door-knob; but he seized her violently by the arm and pulled her back.

Either to allow a full explanation between two long-parted lovers, or to conceal his own emotion and get back his customary calm, our dear doctor had seen fit to step into the front-study for a few minutes, and he checked Mr. Burress, with his hand on the door knob, with some very natural questions as to the mode and time of our meeting, and ended by requiring his presence at the slight collation he ordered at once.

" Whereupon he calmed down; after a while he sat down again, this time with his cane between his knees and its ivory knob between his teeth.