6011 examples of knock in sentences

T. l: Knock; ou, Le triomphe de la médecine.

Hanna Hafkesbrink (PWH); 1Mar76; R627470. R627472. Ask, seek, knock.

Dis club'll knock de sure 'nough breff out'n yo'; then we'll see.

One or two of these niggers cut and run, the others started in a great hurry trying to knock their brains out on the ground.

It was a complete knock-out.

"I'm going down to see the man with the smile, and I'm going to tell him that Harry Morgan is not in his room, that he didn't answer my knock, and then that I looked around through the house and didn't find him.

You don't expect us to knock round in those, do you?"

Take a good aim and see if you can't knock him over.

"Did I knock the compass overboard?" asked Mr. Tarbill.

It's' A knock on the door stopped him.

He had to knock again and again before he heard voices whispering inside.

The story of Helm drinking toddy by the fire-place when Clark retook the fort, and of the latter ordering riflemen to fire at the chimney, so as to knock the mortar into the toddy, may safely be set down as pureand very weakfiction.

Who knows?" A knock at the door cut him short.

I'll knock the stubbornness out of you, my young lady, before we will have another full moon.

[Knock at the door.

Remains that way until he is disturbed by a knock at the door MRS.

Last night as I was goin' to sleep, a knock came to the door, and when I said: "Who's there?" a voice answered back and said: "Boulanger."

Then of that scattering flock he managed to knock over one for himself.

At about one o'clock there came the well-known knock at Dolly's door and the usual invitation.

"Na, but ye's not gang soa," says the boor, and comes up to me, and takes hold of the horse's bridle to stop me; at which, vexed at heart that I could not tell how to talk to him, I reached him a great knock on the pate with my fork, and fetched him off of his horse, and then began to mend my pace.

Upon which, giving him a knock or two with my fork, I secured him.

" At this moment a knock was heard at the door, and an English girl entered.

Unseen to her, the person whose footsteps she had heard stood upon the doorstep with a hand lifted to knock, but pausing to "makeup his mind."

We must wait until morn" Again a footfall on the doorstep, and the door, which was standing ajar, was pushed slightly by the force of the masculine knock which followed.

"Emen Hetan, Emen Hetan, Palu, Baalberi, Astaroth help us Agora, Agora, Patrisa, Come and help us." "Garr-r: Garr-r, up: Don't knock Your head: We fly: We fly:" And who may count himself altogether free from the subtle power of the old mystery with its fantastic imageries, when the spirit of unrest is abroad?

6011 examples of  knock  in sentences