6011 examples of knocked in sentences

I was all knocked out, and hardly knew what I was doing.

It was so proud that it felt grand, however much it was knocked about.

She stopped at the first door she came to, and knocked three times.

" Young Mershone seemed searching the floral booth as earnestly as the others, and awkwardly knocked the Doulton vase from the shelf with his elbow.

Did you see me do it?" "You kicked me after you'd knocked me silly with that bottle.

Hearing no sound he went out into the hall, and knocked gently on Jack Harpe's door and called him softly by name.

He is not as some other sahibs, but a man who opens both ears and his heart, and when I knocked on his door he opened it and recognized me.

Sitting up and whirling his pillow he knocked Yussuf Dakmar off the bed on to the floor.

In this manner did she pour forth the troubles of her soul, till the hour of supper being arrived, Melanthe's woman knocked at the chamber, and Louisa having opened it, she told her that she was sorry to see such an alteration in the family, but it was her ladyship's pleasure that she should eat at the second table.

On this they both went up, and the man knocked softly at first, but on her not answering immediately, more loud.

He knocked at the gate, which being opened by the porter, and he desiring to speak with his master, was answered with many impertinent questions, aswho he came from, what his business was, and such like interrogatories which the sawciness of servants generally put to persons such as this fellow took Horatio to be by his appearance.

A pin is knocked out from the bottom, and the pent-up liquor rushes out in a golden yellow stream tinted with blue and green into the beating vat, which lies parallel to, but at a lower level than the loading vat.

To make me feel at my ease she started to tell of everything that had happened from the moment that The Waif had cleared Sydney Heads, and the time she spent in that recital was as precious to me as the two-minute interval between rounds is to a prize-fighter who has been knocked silly the moment before the round ends.

Such was his longing for a friend with whom to share his troubles and his hopes that he took the train to Grenoble, and from there made his way on foot to the village of which he had the address; but when, joyful with the surprise he brought, he knocked at the door of the schoolhouse, the man who opened it evidently understood nothing of his errand.

He was knocked down at 625 dollars.

He was run up from 1,000 dollars, and was going for 1,175, when the fat old gentleman offered 1,200, at which he was knocked down.

The biddings gradually ascended to 900, and there stood, till, after a considerable expenditure of the Frenchman's breath and talent, Sancho was knocked down at 900 dollars, though when first put up 1,025 had been offered for him.

For Susan the first bid was 500 dollars, and the highest 700 (nearly 150l.), at which she was "knocked down."

She knocked again, and louder.

She stood up and came towards him, hesitating; this annoyed the man and he swore at her brutally; when she came near enough he knocked her down with his fist, and all the three burst out laughing.

Taquisara laughed and knocked the ashes from his long black cigar.

He hurried back, almost breathlessly, to the inn; but even as he knocked at her door the subtle emanation of other influences seemed to arrest and chill him.

In persisting to go out he was knocked down three times; and afterwards flogged until another young man and myself ran about half a mile, having been drawn by the cries of the negro and the sound of the whip.

A short but profound silence succeeded, then a number of questions were asked, the history of the poor child was told, every one felt moved with compassion, and no one would bid again for the bird, which was knocked down to Raphael for ten-pence.

" She went, and after a considerable time returned, knocked at the door, and called to her mother to open itshe entered quite loaded.

6011 examples of  knocked  in sentences