Do we say knot or not

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Without waiting to learn what was the reason for the delay, the overseer sprang upon him with his bull whip, which was about seven feet long, lashing him with all his strength, every stroke leaving its mark upon the poor man's body, and finally the knot at the end of the whip buried itself in the fleshy part of the arm, and there came around it a festering sore.

He suffered greatly with it, until one night his brother took out the knot, when the poor fellow was asleep, for he could not bear any one to touch it when he was awake.

But this is to cut the knot and not to untie it.

I feel as if I'd been drawn through a knot-holeoror dropped into a stone-crusher that's it, a stone-crushera ten million horse power stone-crusher.

How, then, can he be expected to mince matters and speak smoothly when he comes to what he regards as the real knot of the difficulty, the real and fatal bar to all possibility of a mutual understanding?

Hey, Pop, that's not a hangman's knot.

Hey, Pop, that's not a hangman's knot.

"I feel as if I had been drawn through two knot-holes, one right after the other," spoke Bob, with an attempt at a smile.

And so when one sees prosperity spreading wider and lower, and the neat villa residences begin to cluster round the knot of ancient buildings, we must not conclude too hastily that our new wealth has swamped ancient ideals; probably the ideals of prosperous people do not vary very much, whether they are monks or railway officials.

As soon as the girls were gone, Maru-tuahu went to a stream, washed his hair, and combed it carefully, tied it in a knot, and stuck fifty red Kaka feathers and other plumes in his head, till he looked as handsome as the large-crested cormorant.

I have often seen the pretty little love-letter fall at the feet of a loverit was a little bit of flax made into a sort of half-knot'yes' was made by pulling the knot tight'no' by leaving the matrimonial noose alone.

Whereupon the duke began to laugh a little," adds L'Estoile, "but a sort of laugh that did not go beyond the knot of the throat, being dissatisfied at the novel union the king was pleased to make of the Huguenots with the barricaders."

The. land-breeze of Italy is a side-wind to vessels quitting the bay of Porto Ferrajo; and two minutes after the rocket exploded the lugger-was gliding almost imperceptibly, and yet at the rate of a knot or two, under her jigger and jib, toward the outer side of the port, or along the very buildings past which she had brushed the previous day.

On the whole, she might be drawing nearer to the lugger at the rate of about a knot in an hour.

That knot of civilians, waiting their turn for another examination of the same kind as that on the other side of the Channel, have shown good reasons for going to Paris to the French Consul in London, or they might not proceed even this far on the road of war.

They let the Hair of their Heads grow to a great Length; but as the Men make a great Show with Heads of Hair that are not of their own, the Women, who they say have very fine Heads of Hair, tie it up in a Knot, and cover it from being seen.

By this means a Member of the Everlasting Club never wants Company; for tho' he is not upon Duty himself, he is sure to find some [who ] are; so that if he be disposed to take a Whet, a Nooning, an Evening's Draught, or a Bottle after Midnight, he goes to the Club and finds a Knot of Friends to his Mind.

For the rest, he sat leaning a little forward on his crossed arms, with set, square chin, and eyes fixed on a knot in the deal table top.

Mr. Hucks whistled to himself softly, but out of tunesure sign that he was in a good humouras he closed the neck of his money-bag and tied the string with a neat knot.

Beneath her grey shooting-cap, also of homespun, her hair falls in two broad bands over the brows, and is gathered up at the back of the head in a plain Grecian knot.

If then such praise the Macedonian got, For having rudely cut the Gordian knot, What glory's due to him that could divide Such ravell'd interests; has the knot untied, 80

If we less rudely shall the knot untie, Soften the rigour of the tragedy, 30 And yet preserve each person's character, Then to the other this you may prefer.

Were men so dull they could not see That Lyce painted; should they flee, Like simple birds, into a net So grossly woven and ill set, Her own teeth would undo the knot, And let all go that she had got.

design'd To be destroy'd to propagate his kind, 570 Lest thy redundant and superfluous juice, Should fading leaves instead of fruits produce, The pruner's hand, with letting blood, must quench Thy heat, and thy exub'rant parts retrench: Then from the joints of thy prolific stem A swelling knot is raisèd (call'd a gem), Whence, in short space, itself the cluster shows, 577

He was very far indeed from guessing that in the knot of the lariat which was fast to the bow of his coracle there was a fatal gash.

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"But I shall not allow you to go with me.

Emperor Francis I. said: "The more Irish officers in the Austrian service the better; bravery will not be wanting; our troops will always be well disciplined."

This expedition was the beginning of the English attempted conquest of Irelanda proceeding that, through all the ruin and bloodshed of 800 years, is not yet accomplished.

We think of her, moreover, not alone, but as the centre of a great company of cloistered maidens, the refuge and helper of the sinful and sorrowful, who found in the gospel that Patrick preached a message of consolation and deliverance.

Nevertheless, as I have already said, we have not emerged unscathed from this war of the centuries.

Although the First Census was made in 1790, the first regular record of immigration was not begun until thirty years later, and it is only from the records kept after that time that we can depend upon actual official figures.

He would not subscribe to the declaration on Transubstantiation in the oath of office tendered him, and as a consequence was refused admittance to the Assembly.

Whatever her faultsand they were perhaps not greater than her misfortunesshe had something of the divine touch of genius, and, in a different environment, might easily have left some great literary memento which the world would not willingly let die.

The boys were not able to conceal the fact that they had accomplished a brave rescue, and were overwhelmed with congratulations.

To win the first prize it would be necessary for the model to fly more than two hundred feet, and not lower, except at the start and end of the flight, than fifty feet above the ground.

Ah, because the refrain recalled the past, it seemed to me as if it were all over with me, and I had not lived.

I desecrated her solitude with my eyes, but she did not know it, and so /she/ was not desecrated.

I desecrated her solitude with my eyes, but she did not know it, and so /she/ was not desecrated.

AS enthusiastic, war-mad crowd had gathered about an impromptu speaker in the Ringstrasse, not far from the Hotel Bristol, in Vienna, one pleasant August evening in 1914.

Readers who are familiar with Germany know that if a man does not instantly defend himself against Beleidigung society judges him guilty.

People who reside in the cities and carefully shepherded visiting neutrals, who do not go into the country, have little notion of the terrific effort being put forward to make the fruits of Mother Earth defeat the blockade, and above all to extract any kind of oil from anything that grows.

They are not the peopled Governments, but merely the Kaisers creatures.

The members' seating space spreads fanlike round the floor, with individual seats and desks exactly like those used by schoolboys, which is not an inappropriate simile.

But he cannot make himself heard amid the uproar.

I did not think very much of the incident, but ten days later in passing I called again, when a lusty young fellow of eighteen, to whom I had spoken on my first visit, came forward and said to me, almost threateningly, "You are a stranger here.

It may be true men from various troop that one train did not divisions.

During the conversation which followed I said that I was an American, but to my surprise he did not make the usual German reply that the war would have been ended long ago if it had not been for American ammunition.

Not a sign of disturbance, and not a policeman in sight.

It should also be remembered, however, that we are not paying any dividends at present.

" Herr Stresemann later requested me not to publish these statementsat least, not until a decision had been reached.

Do we say   knot   or  not