326 examples of knoweth in sentences

"He knoweth the secret of our hiding-place!"

"'Tis said he knoweth the causeway through the fen!"

As thou wert true to her, so was she true to thee, as true asaye, as true as I am, and true am I, Saint Cuthbert knoweth that, who hath heard my prayers full oft of late, master.

But alack, she is far hence and he lieth here sick and like to perish and I am but poor Rogera very sinful man that knoweth not what to do.

Lordsha, messires, there is talk afoot of seizing the gates, of opening to this churchman and praying his intercession to Ivo's mercyto Ivo the Black, that knoweth nought of mercy.

she sobbed, "God knoweth I do so love thee that thy dear flesh is mine, methinks, and the steel that woundeth thee shall hurt me also.

And this I do swear thee, masteron the cross!" Quoth Beltane: "Giles, he that knoweth himself unworthy, if that his love be a true love, shall by that love make himself, mayhap, worthier than most.

Saint Cuthbert knoweth I have striven and likewise plagued him sore upon the matter, and yet my beltmy accursed belt yet beareth a notchbehold!"

" "Why, then 'twas thrice, Rogerthe banner hampered me and" "'Twas but twice, alack!" sighed Roger, "Saint Cuthbert knoweth 'twas but twice and being a very watchful saint may not be cheated, Giles.

"Forsooth, lord, there is no man knoweth more of forestry than my good comrade Roger!"

What knoweth she of evils like to these, That dead Polyxena, thou weepest for? There liveth not in my life any more The hope that others have.

Then up spake Edward of Deirwold in a deep voice of anger, "Is it thou, Allan a Dale, that hath bred all this coil in a church?" "Nay," quoth merry Robin, "that have I done, and I care not who knoweth it, for my name is Robin Hood.

Moreover, I would say unto myself, a woman knoweth nought of the great things appertaining to state government; and, likewise, I know a woman is ever prone to take up a fancy, even as she would pluck a daisy from the roadside, and then throw it away when the savor is gone; therefore, though she hath taken a fancy to this outlaw, it will soon wane away and be forgotten.

If Britain be only RICH, then she must be safe and right.' To which Moses, being a wise lawgiver, and having, moreover, in him the Spirit of the Lord who knoweth what is in man, makes a reasonable, liberal, humane answer.

And then, when they see ignorant people running after quacks and impostors, spirit-rappers and table-turners, St. Simonians and Mormons, and false prophets of every kind, they will have nothing to say but 'This people which knoweth not the law is accursed.'

And he buried him in a valley in the land of Moab, over against Beth-peor; but no man knoweth of his sepulchre unto this day.

Who knoweth love aright, may well conceive By like adventures that to them befall.

" CHORUS 3. 'Tis true, that Dian chaseth with her bow The flying hart, the goat, and foamy boar: By hill, by dale: in heat, in frost, in snow: She recketh not, but laboureth evermore; Love seeks not her, ne knoweth where to find.

For so hath her strange whim wrought upon her that she knoweth naught of that which passeth around her, and one face to her is like another.

"She hath so spent herself in grieving that she knoweth naught.

She, as the harvest moon That goeth on her way, and knoweth not The fields of grain whose ripening ears

Would that fair soul, all tired of emptiness, Have risen from the couch of its unrest, And looked to heaven again, again believed In God's realities of life and fact? Would not her soul have sung unto itself, In secret joy too good for that vain throng: "I have a friend, a ploughman, who is wise, And knoweth God, and goodness, and fair faith; Who needeth not the outward shows of things, But worships the unconquerable truth:

But to Him who knoweth all things, we leave the matter.

"Our passing life here that we have in our sense-soul knoweth not what our Self is," and the cause of our disease is that we rest in little things which can never satisfy us, for "our Soul may never have rest in things that are beneath itself."

To the knowledge of the Father; "for no man knoweth the Father but the Son;" and he alone, who came out of the bosom of the Father, revealeth him.

326 examples of  knoweth  in sentences