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211 examples of  kong  in sentences

211 examples of kong in sentences

From far-away Hong Kong and Singapore came mountain gunners equal to any in the world, Kroomen sent from their homes in West Africa surf boatmen to land stores, Raratongas from the Southern Pacific vied with them in boat craft and beat them in physique, while Egypt contributed a labour corps and transport corps running a long way into six figures.

These eyes followed J.W.'s progress from Shanghai to Foochow, to Hong Kong, to Manila.

" "What was your last ship?" "The Bombay Castle, London to Hong Kong; I wrecked her off Cape Mendez in a fog.

"I will gif you a kong full, but I haf not.

It is surprising to find that Manila will be only forty-one miles nearer New York via Panama than it is via Suez, and the saving on a journey to Hong Kong will be no more than 245 miles.

Tutthad an interpreter, the well-known Dr. Hong Su, against whom nothing could be said, and upon whose fat head rested no imputation of partiality; a graduate of Harvard, a writer of note, a O'Brien sprang to his feet: "My interpreter says your interpreter is an opium smuggler, that he murdered his aunt in Hong Kong, that he isn't a doctor at all, and that he never graduated from anything except a chop-suey joint," he interjected.

"It is a Round Robin from the Admiral and my son Tom, who have been making acquaintance in Hong Kong.

A man signing himself Henry Gifford had applied for a first-class passage to Colombo, with the intention of changing at that port into another steamer for Hong Kong.

] Hong-Kong.


I have been looking over the files of newspapers, and those of Hong-Kong teem with abuse;this, notwithstanding the fact that I have made a Treaty which exceeds everything the most imaginative ever hoped for.

The violence and ill-will which exist in Hong-Kong are something ludicrous....

I shall lose by this move some three weeks, but I do not think they will be really lost, because it will give so very complete a demonstration of the acceptance of the Treaty by the Chinese authorities, that even Hong-Kong will be silenced.

The next day he was afloat again, on his way to Hong-Kong.

We hope to reach Hong-Kong on Thursday next; but that is not the end of my voyage, though it is the beginning of my work.

I am glad that the time for work is arriving, though I cannot but feel a little nervous anxiety until I know what I shall learn at Hong-Kong respecting our prospects with the Chinese, &c. &c. Arrived at Hong-Kong on the following day, he found letters from his brother Frederick'generous and magnanimous as ever'giving him some hope of there being an opening for diplomacy, and a chance of settling matters speedily.

I am glad that the time for work is arriving, though I cannot but feel a little nervous anxiety until I know what I shall learn at Hong-Kong respecting our prospects with the Chinese, &c. &c. Arrived at Hong-Kong on the following day, he found letters from his brother Frederick'generous and magnanimous as ever'giving him some hope of there being an opening for diplomacy, and a chance of settling matters speedily.

These are: (1) Sufficient garrisons must be maintained during peace in India, in Egypt, for some time to come in South Africa, and in certain naval stations beyond the seas, viz., Gibraltar, Malta, Ceylon, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mauritius, West Africa, Bermuda, and Jamaica.

He realizes the cruel fact that Fame is fickle, and he makes one desperate effort to grasp it, by offering determinedly to walk around the world in ninety days, stopping for his gruel only at Hong Kong. (To be concluded.)

Lieutenant Munro has just arrived at Omsk from Vladivostok with comforts from the ladies at Shanghai, Hong-Kong and Singapore.

General Knox started on a tour of Siberia in connection with the formation of the new Koltchak army; Sir Charles Eliot went to Hong-Kong; General Bowes was left to deputise for General Knox, and Colonel Robertson for Sir Charles Eliot.

Sir John Bowring, Plenipotentiary at Hong-Kong, demanded that the men should be instantly sent back.

If she had made Hong-Kong in five days, her name would be lost in the memory of countless other steamers, and there would be no tale to tell.

It was an errand for the cable-operator there, who had done me favours, and I was to leave it at the Hong-Kong-Shanghai Bank for the consul, who would call for it.

Meeker picked it up and handed it to me, but for the instant he held it he read the address: Russian Consul, Care Hong-Kong-Shanghai Bank, Manila

The clerk passed over the familiar yellow envelope, and my message read: "Proceed to Hong-Kong for orders."

I replied that I would leave at once, and the message was gone before I discovered that there wasn't a steamer for Hong-Kong before the end of the week, five days away.

It told of the steamer Kut Sang coming out of dry dock to sail for Hong-Kong that very afternoon with general cargo.

"Simply must get to Hong-Kong as soon as possible, and would like to go in the Kut Sang this afternoon.

He first mistook me for a stevedore, then for the manager, and next for the Hong-Kong-Shanghai Bank.

I want to go to Hong-Kong in the Kut Sang!"

Taking possession of a very surprised steamship-agent, I informed him that I was going to Hong-Kong in the Kut Sang, and I was ready to argue with him until the vessel sailed.

I spread all sorts of papers on the counter and threatened to bring all the officers of the Hong-Kong-Shanghai Bank up there to argue for me.

I told him I was willing to go to Hong Kong in a coal-barge.

"If he doesn't talk an arm off you before you reach Hong-Kong, I'll give you the ticket for sixpence.

I so lost my temper for a minute that I was bent on going back to the hotel and knocking him down, missionary or no missionary; but, instead, came to the conclusion that the joke was on him, and I would have plenty of opportunities to retaliate upon him between Manila and Hong-Kong.

My telephone rang, and I hastened to answer it, expecting orders from the cable-office, and hoping that London had decided, after all, to send me after the Baltic fleet to the south, rather than to Hong-Kong.

It seemed absurd to me that Meeker or anybody else would be concerned because I was leaving Manila for Hong-Kong.

I did not regard it as any of his affair where I had delivered the letter, and did not intend to inform him I had left the bulky envelope at the Hong-Kong-Shanghai Bank.

If he knew the truth he might abandon his trip to Hong-Kong in the Kut Sang, and I would be rid of him, for I knew he was going with me in the steamer for the purpose of attempting to learn what my business would be in the British port.

"Boatswain he was in the Kut Sang, bound out to-day for Hong-Kong," said the mariner.

"Jolly long road to Hong-Kong for him now," said another.

I had other business beside aiding the police to find the murderer of a sailor, and that business was to get to Hong-Kong as quickly as I could in the Kut Sang.

Now it occurs to me that I must set down in their order the events of that day in their proper sequence, which compels me to tell of my meeting with Mr. Trego in the Hong-Kong-Shanghai Bank.

"He's all right," I heard the teller say as I went out, and understood that the bank-clerk had assured Trego that my character was good enough for him to be friendly with me on the passage to Hong-Kong.

We are chartered for Hong-Kong.

"I am going to Hong-Kong, and, if I am not mistaken, this is the good ship Kut Sang" "That your baggage?

"They always make a fusslike as not he'll sing his way to Hong-Kong, with that old melodeon of his.

They both appear to be worthy men, and it made me sad to see them on the beach in Manila for the need of passage to Hong-Kong, or some other place where they would be more likely to get a ship.

They signed with the commissioner, and will get four Hong-Kong dollars for the trip.

"Will you have to turn back to Manila on account of this?" "My last orders to proceed to Hong-Kong at the best speed still stand.

Otherwise, you will simply be restricted to your cabin until we reach Hong-Kong.

The best that I could make of the whole affair was that Meeker took me for a spy, as I had suspected from the first, and in order to prevent me from going to Hong-Kong for some purpose opposed to the plans of his masters, had done his best to keep me out of the steamer.

To further embarrass me and prevent me from accomplishing the object of my supposed mission in Hong-Kong, he had got me involved in a crime from which I knew I would have a great deal of difficulty in getting myself free, especially as Petrak seemed willing enough to testify against me even though he should hang for the murder.

"Thar's been bloody work in the last three or four years in these waterslook at the Legaspi; never a man jack out of her, and sailed from Manila, as we did, for Hong-Kong, and never heard of.

"I went through Trego's papers, and the best I can make out of a lot of foreign writing is that it is going to Hong-Kong to buy coal for the Baltic fleet.

At first they were going to make their headquarters in Manila and do the business there; but the most of the trampscolliersare British, and they found it easier to do business out of Hong-Kong, I suppose, because the Japanese could keep close watch of suspicious vessels making Manila a port of call.

The masters of the colliers and the blockade-runners into Port Arthur won't take checks or other moneythey want it slap down in solid gold before they will sail, and this gold had to be landed in Hong-Kong.

"Then last year the steamer Legaspi left Manila for Hong-Kong with cattle and Christmas goods and passengers, and never was heard from.

As there was no business to be done, the captain resolved to put to sea again the next morning, and offered in the most friendly manner to take me as his guest to Hong-Kong, as I had only agreed for a passage as far as Macao.

I accepted his invitation with the greater pleasure, as I had not a single letter to any one in Macao; besides which, it is very seldom that there is an opportunity of proceeding to Hong-Kong.

In our case, however, the night passed without any incident worth noting; and on the morning of the 10th of July, having first taken on board a pilot, we proceeded to Hong-Kong, a distance of sixty nautical miles.

The English obtained Hong-Kong from the Chinese at the conclusion of the war in 1842, and founded the port of Victoria, which contains at present a large number of palace-like houses built of stone.

I saw it, however, subsequently, on my return from Canton to Hong-Kong.

The people I saw in Canton, Hong-Kong, and Macao, are of middling stature.

In like manner there is said to be on one of the islands near Hong- Kong a very extensive manufactory of false money, which is allowed to be carried on without any interruption, as it pays a tribute to the public functionaries and mandarins.

He told me hurriedly that intelligence had just arrived that two of his friends who were proceeding to Hong- Kong (Whampoa lay on the road) had been attacked by pirates, and that one was killed and the other wounded.

Monsieur Vauchee had intended to proceed to Hong-Kong, and there embark on board a larger vessel for Shanghai; {103} he took with him Swiss watches to the value of 40,000 francs (1,600 pounds), and, in speaking to a friend, congratulated himself on the cautious manner he had packed them up, without letting his servants know anything about it.

On my return to Hong-Kong, I again set out on board a junk, but not so fearlessly as the first time; the unhappy end of Monsieur Vauchee was still fresh in my memory.

The passage from Canton to Hong-Kong was accomplished without any circumstance worthy of notice, save the time it took, in consequence of the prevalence of contrary winds the whole way.

The Philipino government on the 27th of February, 1899, issued from Hong Kong the following decree warning the Philipino people as follows: "Manila has witnessed the most horrible outrages, the confiscation of the properties and savings of the people at the point of the bayonet, the shooting of the defenseless, accompanied by odious acts of abomination repugnant barbarism and social hatred, worse than the doings in the Carolinas.

The inhabitants are nearly all Roman Catholics, and the archbishop of Goa is primate of the East, having jurisdiction over all Roman Catholics between Cairo and Hong-Kong.

When he reached Constantinople he received a letter from the managers of the Tribune suggesting that he go across Asia to Hong-Kong, China, and join the expedition of Commodore Perry to Japan.

As the expedition would not reach Hong-Kong for some months, however, he had time to visit his German friend and go on to London.

While one fleet which had long been gathering at Key West went off and blockaded Havana and other parts of the coast of Cuba, another, under Commodore George Dewey, sailed from Hong-kong to attack the Spanish fleet at the Philippine Islands.

In 1842 China was compelled to capitulate: under the Treaty of Nanking Hong Kong was ceded to Great Britain, a war indemnity was paid, certain ports were thrown open to European trade, and the monopoly was brought to an end.

In a Gambling Den in Hong Kong, China.

In a Gambling Den In Hong Kong, China.

His Hong Kong letter to "The Tribune," exposing the iniquities of the labor-contract system in Chinese emigration, created quite a stir in political and diplomatic circles.

Searching for him in such places as he believed the boy would most likely frequent, Colonel Conwell accidentally entered, one night in Hong Kong, a den of gamblers.

By this time the ship left Callao for Honolulu, Manila, Hong Kong, and, as the Challenger had not crossed the Pacific Ocean in these directions, we made several soundings and deep-sea thermometrical measurements from Callao to Honolulu.


SEE Polley, Mary E. COOPER, MERIAN C. King Kong.

I escaped from Hong Kong.

I escaped from Hong Kong.

Hong Kong holiday.


SEE Polley, Mary E. COOPER, MERIAN C. King Kong.

Hong Kong holiday.

The excitement of the day was a pleasurable sensation, and as for his master he might go to Kansas or Hong-Kong.

Hong-Kong, Melbourne, Sydney, Halifax, Cape Town, Bombayyes, and Rio and Valparaiso, Shanghai, San Francisco, New York, Boston, these and the lands back of them, where countless millions dwell, were all safe behind the barrier of that fleet.

"I am a stranger in your city, a monk from a monastery in Kong-chiu.

"Hit seem lak months 'fore we roun' de Cape an' head back north on de Pacific, an' hit seem lak a year 'fore we drop anchor in Hong Kong.

"Nex' comes orders from de admiral in Hong Kong to sail fer Rio Janeiro.

"Because I am going to Hong-Kong, and he hears that they are keeping two nice roomy graves open all the time there!"

ROBINSON, HERCULES GEORGE ROBERT, LORD ROSMEAD, born, son of an admiral, in 1824; withdrew from the army shortly after his first commission, and gave himself to Government Colonial service; received a knighthood, and held Governorship of Hong-Kong in 1859; was successively governor of Ceylon, New South Wales, New Zealand, Cape of Good Hope, &c.; created Lord Rosmead in 1896 (1824-1898).

He could not shake off the impression; he had made the long voyage to the nearest telegraph station, and thence had telegraphed to another brother in, let us say, Hong Kong, 'Is all well with John?'

For evidence we need Captain 's account, his Hong Kong brother's account, date of the dance, official date of the Peruvian brother's death, and so on.

" Nov. 3, 1897, the American Consul at Hong Kong gave this account of Mr. Agoncillo, who is an interesting person because of his celebrity for insistent and vain letters written at Washington, and his flight to Canada when the Filipinos attacked the Americans at Manila: Mr. Wildman to Mr. Day.

" Mr. Pratt, the United States Consul General at Singapore, took in hand Aguinaldothis was April 28and got him off to Hong Kong, having had this correspondence by cable with Admiral Dewey: Aguinaldo, insurgent leader, here.