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The news of this speech, however, arrived on the very next day; and Kossuth's friend Pulszky immediately translated it into German and circulated it among the Viennese.

But however much the reading of the speech had encouraged the hopes of the crowd, it had also given time for the Estates to decide on a course without waiting for the twelve representatives of the people; and, before the crowd had heard the end of Kossuth's speech the reading was interrupted by a message from the Estates announcing the contents of their proposed petition.

Kossuth was present at the Diet of 1832, when the Government, which conducted itself most brutally and arbitrarily toward the press, refused to allow the newspapers to print reports of the deliberations of the Diet in spite of the repeated urgings by the Deputies for such an authorization, and it was owing to his ingenuity that this prohibition was evaded.

Kossuth returned to the scene of his former activity as the martyr of free speech and the victim to the cause of the nation.

The wealth of ideas thus daily communicated to the country appeared in the most attractive garb, for Kossuth possessed a masterly style, and his leaders and shorter articles showed off to advantage so many unexpected beauties of the Hungarian language that his readers were fairly enchanted and carried away by them.

The extraordinary influence obtained by Kossuth through his paper frightened Szechenyi, and, to even a greater degree, those whose prejudices were shocked or ancient privileges and interests were endangered by the democratic agitations for reform.

Therefore, instant interest attached to the news that a Hungarian committee of inquiry had landed upon our shores, with the purpose of investigating a possible invitation from our republic to the Hungarian patriot, Kossuth, then in exile in Turkey.

Well, now we shall surely have the invitation for our Kossuth to come?

I fear that Kossuth himself will find problems also in this country.

As I said, Kossuth will find things here to engage his best attention.

Bring over our friend Louis Kossuth, General, as soon as you like!

The country is wild over Kossuth.

The mission on which I shall be engaged will have to do with Louis Kossuth.

It would delight me to meet again my friend, the patriot Kossuth.

Because, I know, though you do not tell me, that there is some game at which you play, yourself, and that you will not stop that game to participate in my smaller enterprise of visiting Kossuth and the lands of Europe!

Kossuth is in Turkey.

We have already invited Louis Kossuth to come to America as the guest of this country.

In the entertainment of Louis Kossuth large sums of money will beand it is proper that they should beexpended.

He bowed toward the somewhat dejected figure of the only woman present, who scarce ventured to raise her eyes to his, startled as she was by the sudden turn of events, "Now, Sir, we all understand this is wholly unofficial and informal; we understand that there is no special fund which could be devoted to any such purpose as I have suggestedunless it were precisely this fund for the Kossuth entertainment!

It is my belief that Kossuth will remain on these shores for at least ten years, and that he will need entertainment for each of those ten years at least!"

Humbert, King of Italy, character of his rule and relations with Crispi. Hungarian crown jewels, concealed by Kossuth; schemes for their removal; recovered by the Austrian government.

See Kossuth, Louis. Hunt, Holman.

Kossuth, Louis, his tour in America; his intercourse with Stillman.

DEMBINSKI, HENRY, a Polish general, born near Cracow; served under Napoleon against Russia, under Kossuth against Austria; fled to Turkey on the resignation of Kossuth; died in Paris (1791-1864).

DEMBINSKI, HENRY, a Polish general, born near Cracow; served under Napoleon against Russia, under Kossuth against Austria; fled to Turkey on the resignation of Kossuth; died in Paris (1791-1864).

335 examples of  kossuth  in sentences