11795 examples of labored in sentences

The awful responsibility under which he labored; the overwhelming and damning evidence against his client; the terrible consequences of the least mistake that he might make; the fact that only the sword of his ability, and his alone, stood between Angelo and a hideous death by fire in the electric chairsobered and chastened him.

Miss Malone fared even worse, for after a preliminary skirmish she flatly refused to give Mr. Tutt or the jury any information whatever regarding her past life, while Mooney, of course, labored from the beginning to the end of his testimony under the curse of being a policeman, one of that class whom most jurymen take pride in saying they hold in natural distrust.

Two years later he was sent to South Africa, where for eight or nine years he labored among the natives earnestly and unostentatiously north of the place now famous as the site of the Kimberley diamond mines.

I believe that, in spite of the large sums of money that she received, her habitual generosity and indifference to wealth prevented her amassing a large fortune, but her fame as an artist and her womanly virtues brought the rewards which she valued above anything that wealth could bestowsuch rewards as will endure through centuries and surround the name of Rosa Bonheur with glory, rewards which she untiringly labored to attain.

Oftentimes a word shall speak what accumulated volumes have labored in vain to utter: there may be years of crowded passion in a word, and half a life in a sentence.

The despairing printers labored by turns, only the picked men of the office being equal to the task, and they relieving each other at hourly intervals, as beyond that time no one could endure the fatigue.

Causes you have labored to establish, and which no one denies are benefits, are capriciously overthrown.

So I raved within me, half because I believed it, and half because she seemed so comfortable up there, with her feet on a stool and a cool jug of curds at her elbow, while I sweated and labored in the sun.

They labored together all the chill April afternoon, bringing the chapel out of its winter desolation.

Their hands were pricked by the spiny foliage, but they labored without complaint, in unbroken meditation.

We labored along and in time came to another small place called Hamilton's Diggings where some lead mines were being worked.

A perfect hail of rifle-fire riddled the air all about him, but still he labored with sweat streaming down his face all blackened with dirt and cement.

XVI ON SCOUT Like a pursued man hunted through a dream, I labored on, leaden-limbed, trembling; and it seemed hours and hours ere the blue starlight broke overhead and Beacraft's dark house loomed stark and empty on the stony hill.

It was a labored, and in part eloquent, exposition of the necessary fallibility of human judgment, illustrated by numerous examples of erroneous verdicts.

Both he and his secretary, Mr. Stanton, labored strenuously to convince the people of the Territory of his honest purposes, and, by dint of persuasions, pledges, assurances, and oaths, at length succeeded in procuring a pretty general exercise of the franchise.

Wherever he has labored he has left a record of ability and fidelity.

I was happy indeed to meet old friends with whom I had labored in other years, and especially the converts of the early times, now grown to be pillars in the Church.

Even the sindaco, forgetting the threats about his rent, labored hard and willinglyonly Silvestro did nothing.

The moon, having labored through a heap of cloud into a lake of blue, seemed to watch her with curious interest as she toiled over the level sward.

Some of them were gentlemen who had never labored with their hands; others were poor, idle fellows whose only wish was to do nothing whatever.

He invited my confidence by the most ardent professions of friendship, and labored to remove my suspicions by vows of sincerity.

General Richman and lady have labored abundantly to prove that my ruin was inevitable if I did not immediately break all intercourse with Major Sanford.

His huge chest heaved like a billow with his labored respiration, but the regular breathing of the being that awed him was like that of a sleeping child.

And further up, he heard the sound of voices, labored and suppressed, as of men who were speaking while toiling at some unwonted exercise.

I then thought that such an application of the public domain would without doubt have placed at the command of the Government ample funds to relieve the Treasury from the temporary embarrassments under which it labored.

11795 examples of  labored  in sentences