520 examples of lack in in sentences

Assurance was so deep and perfect in his own heart, that he had not reflected what it might lack in hers.

Dear, you've been everything that I most lack In these soul-deadening trenchespictures, books, Music, the quiet of an English wood, Beautiful comrade-looks, The narrow, bouldered mountain-track, The broad, full-bosomed ocean, green and black, And Peace, and all that's good.

One can no longer express hardship by saying that people lack bread; what they lack in the majority of cases is the superfluous, which they are unable to renounce without imagining that they have gone to the dogs and are in danger of starvation.

Imagination, its lack in the artists of Lamb's day, 256.

What they lack in physical power they make up for in perseverance and working intelligently together.

She had not been at all a popular guest, but that was no reason why Joppa should lack in any possible courtesy toward her, little as she appreciated the magnanimity of its conduct.

The small dark green, glossy leaves are thickly arranged on the nearly horizontal branches, while the flowers, if they lack in point of showiness, are deliciously fragrant and plentifully produced.

But they make up in density what they lack in altitude.

" Heabani eyed Khumbaba, nor replied Before the Queen, who wrung her hands and cried; And Izdubar continued: "He, of war, It seems, doth lack in skill, and from afar He scents the battle, while his fighting men Their raids oft make, and here return again; His castle we may enter without fear, And thou his queen mayst have who standeth here,

But they make up in tenderness and radiant congeniality what they lack in numbers.

She felt astonished by her loneliness, by her rashness, by the dreadful lack in her life of all the usual protections.

It cannot be said that Gloucestershire folk are endowed with a large amount of musical talent; neither their "ears" nor their vocal chords are ever anything great, but what they lack in quality they make up in quantity, and I have listened to as many as forty songs during one eveningsome of them most entertaining, others extremely dull.

What I lack in words I will supply with deeds.

Say nothing of what you have heard and seen, until you have word from me to that effect; for it is seemly that two men, who have had so much experience in a war like this, should not lack in discretion.

Whereas in other regions he usually concentrates his attention upon the rich and well-to-do classes, here he specially marks out for his prey those who if not absolutely destitute live upon the border-land of that desolate desert, and makes up by their numbers for what they may lack in quality.

Nobody dares condemn hereven the friends of the robbed girl, for that presupposes some lack in her charm, and gives publicity to her loss.

Her essays lack in the fine sentiment and the fervid eloquence of the chorus-utterances in her novels.

The dominating characteristic of Donne is intellectuality; and this may partly account for the lack in him of some essentialty mystical qualities, more especially reverence, and that ascension of thought so characteristic of Plato and Browning.

And he added, smiling ironically: "It is always the same; it is the parasites who shine the most and make the most noise; they make up in noise what they lack in utility.

Shall not then those churches adopt them in their hearts, carry them in their prayers, and let them suffer no lack in their preparation?

I did not believe that in any just court Magnus would be punished if he supplied the lack in the law.

If the elect of plastic and practical art have to contend with appraisers of every degree, inventors have to deal with enemies who make up in stubborn resistance what they lack in numbers, and oppose the iron will of a rival who will not see the limit of the ne plus ultra which he believes himself to have reached and even exceeded.

The more suggestive parallel of the novelle has to be ruled out on the score of form, and is further differentiated by the notable lack in them of romantic spirit.

The dangers from wild beasts in old time, the want of security for life and property during the Turkish rule, or rather misrule, the natural difficulties of the agriculture, more especially the lack in agricultural labourers, induced the Servian peasants not to leave the parental house but to remain together on the family's property.

This fact and their superior knowledge of the country gave the Confederates an advantage which largely made up for their lack in numbers.

520 examples of  lack in  in sentences