106 examples of laconically in sentences

Those among whom she had been bred, laconically called the colour red; but in fact it was only too deep a gold to be quite yellow.

I now regret that a feeling of shame occasioned my answering your kindness so laconically:" turning to Mrs. Wilson, he added, "for a time I knew not how to write a letter even, being afraid to sign my proper appellation, and ashamed to use my adopted.

Presently Ransom said abruptly: "Dead struck on Mints, ain't ye?" "I am," said Smoky laconically.

He glanced at the other squatters, and said laconically "Quite cleanas might be expected.

" "And if you don't persuade society you go to the chair," remarked Mr. Tutt laconically.

I believe you once said, Mr. Allerdyke, that your cousin was a bit of a ladies' man?" "Bit that way inclined, was James," replied Allerdyke laconically.

"Really!" "It's me," said Allerdyke laconically.

"No!" said the captain laconically.

"Sowter's out," he answered laconically, waiting for her to precede him.

Sullen with rage the corporal motioned toward the string of prisoners and laconically ordered, "Fire!"

Mondays and Thursdays," he said, laconically.

he whispered laconically.

he asked laconically, as I came up.

"Dangerous," replied the young woman laconically.

The first station is laconically called Toller.

"Yesand it's on Rasula," said the other laconically.

" "I guess," answered Pepperill laconically, indulging in his only frequent solecism, "that you wouldn't offer to plead to manslaughter unless you felt pretty sure your client was going to the chair!

"She's lost steerage way!" "Motor's gone dead," howled back Merritt laconically.

"It was an accident, Mrs. Bridger," he said laconically, and went out hastily, leaving her standing there staring after him.

"By the ladder," reply I, laconically, reddening, and, under the influence of that same insupportable doubt concerning my ankles, trying to tuck away my legs under me, a manoeuvre which all but succeeds in toppling me over.

"Yes," reply I, laconically, hanging my head, for this is a topic on which I feel always guilty, and never diffuse.

he answers, laconically, still keeping his face averted.

His face clouded up with anxiety as he glanced at it, and replied laconically, "Viliga dooreet," or "The mountains are fooling."

"You're not going back to Merston's to-night, are you?" "Must," said Kelly laconically.

The man who owned that store also owned the bank next door, and a little place down the street which was called laconically The Club.

106 examples of  laconically  in sentences