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106 examples of  laconically  in sentences

106 examples of laconically in sentences

Midshipman Hallam remained silent for some moments before he next asked: "How did it happen?" "Fell overboard," replied Dan laconically, failing to mention who it was who had fallen over the stern.

Those among whom she had been bred, laconically called the colour red; but in fact it was only too deep a gold to be quite yellow.

"Room for another boarder?" he asked laconically.

" "Sick?" inquired Reardon laconically, as he made some entry on a card and dropped it in a drawer beside him.

"On account of poisoning," returned the fiend laconically.

"To the post of my old friend Michael!" "Too old," said the Saint laconically.

"The mental attitude of our troops may be gauged from the fact that the official report next morning from one corps, of which one division had borne the brunt of the fighting, ran thus laconically: 'The night was quiet except for a certain amount of shelling both from the enemy and ourselves.

" "Don't mean to," said Bob laconically.

"Don't you know that you didn't?" inquired one of the midshipmen laconically.

"We are out of it," said Dick laconically to his brothers.

Again the wine-glass dropped from his nerveless hand, as he said in a trembling tone, "Peter, I thought you went" "Yes, master," said Peter, laconically.

Pointing to a chair for his nephew, Mr. Benfield commenced the discourse with saying, "Peter, you saw Mr. Denbigh; how did he look?" "As usual, master," said Peter, laconically, still piqued at being likened to old Moses.

" The man received his order with the indifference of one used to adventures and movements, and having laconically dignified his assent, he drew his horse back again into his station in the rear.

I now regret that a feeling of shame occasioned my answering your kindness so laconically:" turning to Mrs. Wilson, he added, "for a time I knew not how to write a letter even, being afraid to sign my proper appellation, and ashamed to use my adopted.

Presently Ransom said abruptly: "Dead struck on Mints, ain't ye?" "I am," said Smoky laconically.

He glanced at the other squatters, and said laconically "Quite cleanas might be expected.

"You bet," Jeff replied laconically.

When Mamie handed to him his hat she said awkwardly, "You never told me good-bye"; and to this indictment Dennis replied laconically, "Holy Mackinaw!

"They don't pass it," the Ramblin' Kid interrupted laconically; "when females get too old to want to be made love to they die" "I'd like to know where in hell a juvenile like you got your education about women!"

"She's in th' circular corral," the Ramblin' Kid answered laconically.

"Yes," she assented, laconically.

" "So should I," said Stafford, laconically.

She's been well taught, I believe," he had responded, laconically; and Sir Stephen had nodded emphatically, and moved away.

"Come," he said laconically.

" "And if you don't persuade society you go to the chair," remarked Mr. Tutt laconically.

Meet her anywhere, sir?" "Met her on the road," replied Allerdyke laconically.

You've got her shoe-buckle all safe?" "Waistcoat-pocket just now," replied Allerdyke laconically.

Invaluable!" "Married woman?" inquired Allerdyke laconically.

"His blood," he remarked laconically.

" "Willing to seeand to hearaught," remarked Allerdyke laconically.

I believe you once said, Mr. Allerdyke, that your cousin was a bit of a ladies' man?" "Bit that way inclined, was James," replied Allerdyke laconically.

"Really!" "It's me," said Allerdyke laconically.

"What was the fight about, Thompson?" "Cards," said Thompson, laconically, switching his eyes briefly to Mr. Saltoun's face.

"Moccasin Spring," Chuck replied, laconically.

The maiden who was holding it blushed, and laconically breathed out the words, "Three months."

"Chinese," he said laconically.

"No!" said the captain laconically.

"Sowter's out," he answered laconically, waiting for her to precede him.

Sullen with rage the corporal motioned toward the string of prisoners and laconically ordered, "Fire!"

Scrope replied laconically 'MY DEAR GEORGE, 'It is very unfortunate, but my money is all in the three per cents.

"Change," said Jack Nugent, laconically, as the smile left his face.

Mondays and Thursdays," he said, laconically.

"Change," said Jack Nugent, laconically, as the smile left his face.

Mondays and Thursdays," he said, laconically.

It might have hid mysterious and questionable things, but it said laconically 'Push,' and he courageously pushed...

"Callin'," replied the boy in the collar, laconically, but with carefully averted gaze.

There are some slight records left of the opening of a "Theatre Royal, Minto," and of a glorious evening ending in an "excellent country bumpkin," with bed at two in the morning; of reels and dances, too, and many hours laconically summed up as "famous fun" in the diary.

It was from Max Wisler, the San Francisco detective, and it said laconically, "Don't let A. M. visit C. G." As Nick read, the blood rushed to his forehead, and he sprang to his feet, knocking over the chair in which he had been sitting.

he whispered laconically.

Abel answered, as laconically as the hero of Lake Erie in his famous dispatch.

Evidently it was well known where "the daungerust place in England" was to be found, for the story laconically says "So he went to Norham."

he asked laconically, as I came up.

Sister's sick," Howe answered laconically.

"Dangerous," replied the young woman laconically.

I was listened to with attention, but as soon as I had ended, the presiding examiner said to me very kindly but laconically, 'We presume capabilities: they are to be converted into accomplishments.

The strip of paper on which he had, laconically enough, made his request, lay on his writing-table, and was swept off by a draught of wind as his valet entered to dress his hair.

" "It is necessary that we use great precaution for, as you know" "I wait your orders," laconically repeated the other.

The first station is laconically called Toller.

'So much the better,' replied Selkirk, laconically.

"Guns barking," he said laconically.

" "Me and the Princess," said Britt laconically.

"Yesand it's on Rasula," said the other laconically.

It is said that he did not add much to his happiness by this alliance; for one of his biographers, rather laconically observes, that "Holland House is a large mansion, but it cannot contain Mr. Addison, the Countess of Warwick, and one guest, Peace."

To describe this deficiency as laconically as possible, Mr. Colton wanted that mental firmness which the unfortunate Burns has aptly enough termed "Self-control."

"Antelope," he explained laconically; but when likewise he overhauled the revolver hanging at his hip, Margaret was not deceived.

"We're here," he announced laconically.

"Rather," laconically.

"Wake up," he called laconically.

"Good-evening," recognised the Yankee laconically.

he again invited laconically.

"It is probable that we shall run across each other again," she said laconically.

"That creature is here," he said laconically.

"We are going to Brest," said Ferragut laconically, "It's the last trip.

He shook his round head energetically and said laconically: "No, my captain.

" "But, I remember," laconically adds Chetwood, "few people came to ask the reason.

Unfortunately for one of the deputies, Richard Winston, he failed to keep up the good understanding, and, as Todd had laconically foretold, he in consequence speedily became very "unhappy."

"It is a general rule of policy," Frederick had said, "that, in default of unanswerable arguments, it is better to express one's self laconically, and not go beating about the bush."

"Oh," he said, laconically, "I need the exercise.

"To Jerusalem," I answered laconically.

" "I guess," answered Pepperill laconically, indulging in his only frequent solecism, "that you wouldn't offer to plead to manslaughter unless you felt pretty sure your client was going to the chair!

If she really tried to drown me why didn't she let me go?" "Got cold feet," returned Lillian, laconically.

"All right," she answered laconically, and then came over to me.

"Not in season," answered Rob laconically.

"She's lost steerage way!" "Motor's gone dead," howled back Merritt laconically.

"No money," said Mr. Gribble, laconically.

"Couldn't help it," he answered, laconically.

" The goodwife came forward, smiling, comely, and large of well-padded bone. "Which?" said she, laconically.

"It was an accident, Mrs. Bridger," he said laconically, and went out hastily, leaving her standing there staring after him.

"By the ladder," reply I, laconically, reddening, and, under the influence of that same insupportable doubt concerning my ankles, trying to tuck away my legs under me, a manoeuvre which all but succeeds in toppling me over.

" "You never will see that," reply I, laconically, gathering bravery enough to look him in the face, as I deliver this encouraging remark.

"Yes," reply I, laconically, hanging my head, for this is a topic on which I feel always guilty, and never diffuse.

he answers, laconically, still keeping his face averted.

His face clouded up with anxiety as he glanced at it, and replied laconically, "Viliga dooreet," or "The mountains are fooling."

"But isn't thereisn't there a bridge anywhere?" "Forty miles away," said Burke Ranger laconically.

"You're not going back to Merston's to-night, are you?" "Must," said Kelly laconically.

"They didn't seem to," laconically answered the actor.

Then Lord Tancred's impatience to get at the matter which interested him became too great to wait longer, so he said laconically: "Well?"

Davy quietly and laconically replied'I've a coo (cow) noo.'

"Good!" said Nap laconically.

The man who owned that store also owned the bank next door, and a little place down the street which was called laconically The Club.