285 examples of laddies in sentences

"We'll try the old way that laddies use on the village green.

The fire laddies of that period would probably look aghast if they could see the implements in use at the present time.

One dreary winter night his sleeping apartment in uppertown was discovered to be on fire, and in a short time the fire laddies appeared in front of his quarters and commenced operations.

The fire alarm was turned on and the fire laddies were soon on the spot.

They made rare sport of me, and I knew they were doing it, though I think they thought, the braw laddies, they were pulling the wool over my een!

But did it mak' a wee bit of difference tae those laddies that I had nought to say to them?

Whiles I'd sing a bit sang for the laddies who were my hosts, but oft they'd sing for me instead, and that was a pleasant thing.

But other men, in Europe, thousands of miles way, were laying plans that meant death and the loss of hands and een for those braw laddies o' Australia and New Zealand that I sawthose we came to ken sae weel as the gallant Anzacs.

They were laddies who'd dropped all, who'd gi'en up all that was dear to them, all comfort and safety, when the country called.

None thought, when sic a strike was called, of hoo those laddies in the trenches wad be affected.

CHAPTER XX There's no sadder sicht my een have ever seen than that of the maimed and wounded laddies that ha' come hame frae this war that is just over.

But I'm thinking we can never think too often of those laddies, nor mak' too many plans to mak' life easier for them.

No, it was not in such fashion that the laddies who did the fichting thought or talked wi' one another.

I've talked to these laddies when they'd be lying there, thinkingthinking.

What I'm afraid of is that tae many of the laddies wull be tae tired to fit themselves tae be other than helpless creatures, despite their wounds or their blindness.

We maun not encourage those laddies tae tak' it tae easy the noo.

And it will be irksome specially tae laddies like those who have focht in France.

The miracles of to-day are all at the service of the wounded laddies.

The great thing we maun all do wi' the laddies that are sae maimed and crippled is never tae let them ken we're thinking of their misfortunes.

We maun no' be reminding the laddies a' the time that they're different noo frae ither folk.

But it's easier than what these laddies have had to do, and what they must go on doing a' the rest of their lives.

But, oh, could ye ha' seen the laddies as I ha' seen them, in the hospitals, and afterward, when they were waiting tae gae hame!

Sae let us a' get together and make sure that there's never a look in our een or a shrinking that can gie' any o' these laddies, whether they're our kin or no, whether we saw them before, the feeling that there's any difference in our eyes between them and ourselves.

And we called the firementhe braw laddies frae all the world, who set to work and never stopped till the fire was oot.

They've left sons behind them, many of the laddies that died to save us.

285 examples of  laddies  in sentences