4 examples of laid-off in sentences

"I cannot keep them up, they come again so fast," she murmured to herself in grim despair, while wringing out her mop-rag to attack a line of tracks imprinted by the largest girl in school, in going to and from the laundry to dispose of laid-off sheets and pillow-cases.

The second time you do it you'll get a month's lay-off to think it over, and the third time you'll be outfor keeps.

Give them a week's lay-off, with plenty to drink at this end of the string, and every man will come in for fifty miles either way.

But from the moment the letter left his hands, his anxiety while waiting for an answer became such a burden that he was unable to attend to his duties, and had to ask for a lay-off.

4 examples of  laid-off  in sentences