12 examples of lambton in sentences

The latter had lived for some years at a town called Lambton, and wished to revisit her old friends there; and as PemberleyMr.

In the interval he became engaged to Lady Mary Louisa Lambton, daughter of the first Earl of Durham.

Lord Savoy, his son, young Lambton, Lady Petres, and her daughters, Mrs. Fox, and some other ladies were thereLady Stanhope.

The Frontispiece, Lady Wallscourt, after Sir Thomas Lawrence is in part, a first-rate engraving; Young Lambton, after the same master, is of superior merit.

In 1838 Lord Suffield offered 3,000 guineas for Mr. Lambton's pack, and afterwards sold it to Sir Matthew White Ridley for 2,500.

That oldest Northumbrian poem, however, the "Beowulf," chants the praises of its hero's prowess in encounters of the kind; and the north-country still has its legends of the Sockburn Worm, the Lambton Worm, and the "Laidly" Worm of Spindleston Heugh, the two first having their venue in Durham, and the last in Northumberland.

Poems Mature Reflections The Grave of Dibdin A Sketch from Life On the Portrait of the Son of J.G. Lambton, Esq.

ON THE PORTRAIT OF THE SON OF J.G. LAMBTON, ESQ., M.P. BY SIR THOMAS LAWRENCE, P.R.A. Beautiful Boythy heavenward thoughts Are pictured in thine eyes, Thou hast no taint of mortal birth, Thy communing is not of earth, Thy holy musings rise: Like incense kindled from on high, Ascending to its native sky.

Captain Hedworth Lambton, of the British cruiser Powerful, then lying in Manila Bay, exacted a promise from me that I would tell him if I found out when the advance was to begin, so that we might go to Caloocan together and watch the fighting from the church tower, which commanded a magnificent view of the field of operations.

It was then too late to advise Lambton, and in fact I could not properly have done so, as the information had been given me under pledge of secrecy.

Their more prominent members included John Lambton Earl of Durham, Lord Petre, Mr. Charles Enderby, Mr. William Hutt, Mr. Campbell of Islay, Mr. Ferguson of Raith, Sir George Sinclair, and Sir William Molesworth.

My blood beginning to boil, I said: 'Lambton, I wish you could tell me what quarter I am to apply to for some fish.'

12 examples of  lambton  in sentences