19 examples of laminated in sentences

The surface of the glacier was further characterized by dirt bands and the outcropping edges of the blue veins, showing the laminated structure of the ice.

If it were examined microscopically, it would show itself to be a more or less distinctly laminated mineral substance, and nothing more.

Adj. lamellar, lamellated^, lamelliform^, layered; laminated, laminiferous^; micaceous^; schistose, schistous^; scaly, filmy, membranous, pellicular, flaky, squamous [Anat.]; foliated, foliaceous^; stratified, stratiform; tabular, discoid; spathic^, spathose^. trilamellar^. graphitic^. 205.

Behind them were ranged big propellers of laminated, or joined wood, in stripes of brown and yellow timber.

Brewster Kahle's Internet Bookmobile can convert a digital book into a four-color, full-bleed, perfect-bound, laminated-cover, printed-spine paper book in ten minutes, for about a dollar.

The burial urns of New Mexico are thus described by E. A. Barber: Burial-urns * * * comprise vessels or ollas without handles, for cremation, usually being from 10 to 15 inches in height, with broad, open mouths, and made of coarse clay, with a laminated exterior (partially or entirely ornamented).

The field coils surround the armature, and there is a laminated iron field structure completing the magnetic circuit.

II is a mass of laminated iron, in the interior of which the armature revolves, with its three coils, B, , , wound on a core of sheet iron disks.

On her triumphal robe, seamed with pearls, flowered with silver and laminated with gold, the breastplate of jewels, each link of which is a precious stone, flashes serpents of fire against the pallid flesh, delicate as a tea-rose: its jewels like splendid insects with dazzling elytra, veined with carmine, dotted with yellow gold, diapered with blue steel, speckled with peacock green.

But for laminated armor, (several thicknesses of thin plates,) harder and stronger iron offers greater resistance to shot, and steel crumbles less than when it is thicker.

Solid and Laminated Armor compared.

All the experiments of Mr. Stevens go to show the superiority of laminated armor.

The Roanoke's plates are solid; those of the Monitor class are laminated.

But, the argument is, in this case, and in the case of laminated armor, the hole is cylindrical, while in the case of a thick armor-plate it is conical,about the size of the shot, in front, and very much larger in the rear,so that the sheared or fractured area is much greater.

It is probable that the heavy English machinery produces better-worked thick plates than have been tested in America, and that American iron, which is well worked in the thin plate used for laminated armor, is better than English iron; while the comparatively high velocities of shot used in England are more trying to thin plates, and the comparatively heavy shot in America prove most destructive to solid plates.

The cost of laminated armor is less than half that of solid plates.

Its hollow 375-pound shot (3-inch walls) was broken without doing serious damage to 10-1/2-inch laminated armor backed with 18 inches of oak.

The comparative test of solid and laminated armor has already been mentioned.

Their side-armor, laminated, is 5 inches thick, upon 3 feet of oak.

19 examples of  laminated  in sentences