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509 example sentences with  landowners

509 example sentences with landowners

The small landowners particularly, the men who had one field and a garden, were very reserved.

The guests were generally the notabilities of the small towns and villages of his circumscription,mayors, farmers, and small landowners.

The exploitation of those gigantic forests from which millions of trunks were floated down to the sea annually had now been suspended, the great landowners were deserting the country, and there was silence and depression everywhere.

The Corn Law of 1815 was passed in order to enable the landowners and farmers to recover from the depression caused by the long era of foreign war.

The very material existence of this class of former landowners is depending on that indemnification, to defray their debts, (which they formerly had the habit wantonly to contract,) and to provide for the cultivation of their own large allodial property, which they formerly cultivated by the hands of their leaseholders, but now have to invest capital into.

Horses, oxen, asses, and mules were reared, chiefly to supply the animals required by the landowners, carriers, soldiers, and so forth; herds of swine and of goats also were not neglected.

[Few large landowners.]

The NATIVE Zemindars or landholders however, still jealously maintain their rights, and harsh exactions were often made by them on the cultivators on the occasions of domestic events, such as births, marriages, deaths, and such like, in the families of the landowners.

Many of the nobility and large landowners devoted much of their time and money to it, and would take long journeys to get fresh blood.

The confiscated estates were bestowed on Greenwich Hospital, whose agents administer them still, with the exception of certain portions purchased from time to time by various landowners.

After the battle of Bannockburn, matters were worse, if possible, and all the north lay in fear of the Scots, but from time to time spasmodic efforts at retaliation were made by the boldest of the Northumbrian landowners.

In the reign of Edward III., however, many of these great landowners thwarted the King's designs by making a traitorous peace with their turbulent neighbours.

The Mitfords of Mitford can boast, if ever family could, of being Northumbrian of the Northumbrians, as they were seated here before the days of the Conqueror, who made such a general upsetting amongst the Saxon landowners.

We repeat that the landowners who really feel the stress of bad times for the most part do their duty nobly.

The importance of this subject was deeply felt by us, and we were prepared to meet it with a full sense of the responsibility it involved, and happily succeeded in inducing them to accept of a sum lower than that which the representatives of the landowners had formerly asserted was fair and just.

The almost vindictive greed of the landowners that blackened the history of England after Waterloo, and brought Great Britain within sight of revolution, must not be repeated.

There was not a tenant upon his estate, or at least not one of Hawkins's mediocrity of fortune, whom the general policy of landowners, and still more the arbitrary and uncontrollable temper of Mr. Tyrrel, did not effectually restrain from acts of open defiance.

They admitted that dealings with property were more simple in America, where strict settlements are either not allowed, or not generally in use, but maintained that the real obstacles to a registration in this country lie not so much in the difficulty of carrying it out, as in the prejudices of landowners, the self-interest of lawyers, and the superstitious dread entertained by John Bull generally of anything to which he is unaccustomed.

Although the class of great landowners was small, a number of cliques formed within it, and their mutual struggle for power soon went beyond the limits of court intrigue.

The imperial family (Ts'ao Pei, who reigned from 220 to 226, had taken as emperor the name of Wen Ti) was descended from one of the groups of great landowners that had formed in the later Han period.

They were glad to do so, for the Hsiung-nu and the Hsien-pi had not the efficient administration and rigid tax collection of the Chinese; and above all, they had no great landowners who could have organized the collection of taxes.

Thus the southern landowners were able to acquire great wealth, which ultimately made itself felt in the capital.

They went into its provinces in order to get rich as quickly as possible, and they had no desire to live there for long: they had the same dislike of a provincial existence as had the families of the big landowners.

As each district had to yield a definite amount of taxation, the more the big landowners succeeded in evading payment the more had to be paid by the independent small farmers.

Their liability to taxation was at all times a very heavy burden to them while the big landowners got off lightly.

All this made itself felt especially in the south with its great estates of tax-evading landowners.

Here the remaining small peasant-owners had to pay the new taxes or to become tenants of the landowners and lose their property.

We find, therefore, the grotesque result that the thinly populated province of Shensi in the north-west yielded about a quarter of the total revenues of the state: it had no large landowners, no wealthy gentry, with their evasion of taxation, only a mass of newly-settled small peasants' holdings.

In spite of the inflationary measures the revenue fell, partly in consequence of the tax evasions of the great landowners.

Credits for small peasants were introduced, and officials were given bigger salaries, in order to make them independent and to recruit officials who were not big landowners.

The monopolistic landowners and their merchants had the upper hand from 1086 to 1102, but then the advocates of the policy represented by Wang again came into power for a short time.

The Sung military group was faced as early as in 1131 with furious opposition from the greater gentry, led by Ch'in K'ui, one of the largest landowners of all.

These migrants seem to have been the ancestors of the Hakka which in the following centuries continued their migration towards the south and who from the nineteenth century on were most strongly concentrated in Kwangtung and Kwangsi provinces as free farmers on hill slopes or as tenants of local landowners in the plains.

They had been exploited by the large landowners.

The Mongols had not removed these landowners, as the Chinese gentry had gone over to their side.

On top of this came the exploitation of the peasants by the great landowners of the past.

That region had been conquered by Chu at the very beginning of the Ming epoch; in it lived the wealthy landowners who had already been paying the bulk of the taxes under the Mongols.

The old gentry had been rich landowners, and had no need to exploit the peasants on such a scale.

The province of Kiangsi was a part of the Yangtze region, and the great landowners there had lived on the profit from their supplies to Nanking.

Many thousands of officials, scholars, and great landowners committed suicide.

They must be landowners residing in or near the Forest and may sit in judgment upon any offence against Forest laws.

The buttermilk is given to them by the village landowners, in return for their labour.

Those substantial houses in the centre belong to the well-to-do landowners.

The rulers, capitalists and landowners began to tremble for their very existence.

R624368. Noble landowners and agriculture In Austria, 1815-1848.

Next to the tenants the landowners have felt the depression, to such a degree, in fact, that they should perhaps take the first place, having no one to allow them in turn a 20 per cent, reduction of their liabilities.

The smaller type of landowners, who for the most part had kindly relations with their tenants, were swept away like leaves before the great storm, their properties fell to their creditors, and were sold by order of the newly established Encumbered Estates Courts.

The confiscated estates of the great Tory landowners were in most cases cut up into small lots and sold to the common people; and thus the process of levelling and making more democratic the whole social structure was accelerated.

It is true that among the official classes and the large landowners, among the clergymen, lawyers, and physicians, the majority were Loyalists; and it is true that the mob was everywhere revolutionist.

The royal officials, the wealthy merchants, landowners, and professional men; the high military officersthese went to England to press their claims for compensation and preferment.

He had also incurred the dislike of influential caciques by defending the occupants of small holdings on friar estates from the rapacity of their rich neighbours, and by protecting free-patent applicants and homesteaders when large landowners opposed their applications in order to prevent their securing land, so that they might the more easily be held as peon labourers.

At this time they were in possession of many of the abbey lands, and there was perpetual friction between them and the ecclesiastics, their co-religionists, who had been driven from these same lands, so that the Norman landowners were the element of fatal weakness throughout this whole movement, willing to wound, and yet afraid to strike.

[Footnote 2: In European countries, on the contrary, the rates that have been mainly effective have been those levied upon food products, and the agricultural landholders have been the "protected interests," such as the England "landed aristocracy," the German agrarian "Junkertum," and the French peasant landowners.]

A few landowners and the professional classes dominate the island's life.

Landowners built themselves and their dependents strong houses and castles.

This suited the landowners, who dreaded a Land Tax, for might not a Land Tax contain the germ of that nightmare of the larger colonial landownerthe Single Tax?

Land pays no Income Tax, and landowners who have less than £500 worth of bare land value pay no Land Tax.

Thus, the friends and relatives of merchants and professional men, large landowners, or employers of labour, usually vote on one side; factory girls, domestic servants, wives of labourers, miners, artisans, or small farmers, on the other.

"There walked into the lobby with the Radicals, Lord and Mr. ," would just as much prove that the persons named had not belonged to the class of landowners.

Most of the Founding Fathers were large landowners or rich merchants.

Scutage was tax paid if landowners did not provide men for the king's army.

The landowners declined to extend the lease on the land in early 2009.

UWA is one of the largest landowners in Perth, though government grants and private gifts.

Closely shorn grass lawns first emerged in 17th century England at the homes of large, wealthy landowners.

Goldsmith's greatest poem, The Deserted Village (1770), was a sad poem about how country life was being destroyed by landowners.

But, the dedicated efforts of partners that included states, tribes, conservation organizations and private landowners working together under the auspices of the ESA, brought this great predator back to healthy, stable numbers.

Designating these trails as NHT will permit the National Park Services (NPS) to partner voluntarily with landowners, communities, state and local governments to maintain, conserve and promote the trails.

Efforts are being taken through the Tiruvallur Collectorate to settle an interest amount of 37 crore to the landowners, said officials.

It is equally unacceptable in early 21st Century Scotland to tolerate the quasi-feudal power that some landowners exert over communities living on their land.

Mr Howard feels that the potential benefits to the area have been underreported, and as well as 14 landowners benefiting, around 5.6 million would be available in the local area for community funding over the lifetime of the project.

My biggest fear is that Maasai landowners who are not getting any revenues may get fed up and sell off their land to for non-conservation purposes.

The email went on to say "Council will meet with you and all other possibly affected landowners once the plan has been reviewed and approved by council."

The foundation presents the Leopold Conservation Award to private landowners in 20 states for extraordinary achievement in voluntary conservation.

This file is extremely active and we are currently working with landowners and key stakeholders, he wrote in a separate emailed statement.

Under the ballot initiative, the commission could not impose any land, water or resource use restrictions on private landowners in order to carry out wolf restoration efforts.

Valerie Sims, however, has spent a lifetime absorbing family stories about her ancestors, including the Creque family, who became major landowners and figures of influence in the U.S. and British Virgin Islands.

We want to make landowners aware of this opportunity, because they can receive payments on their land while maintaining habitat for this special bird.

Without trees, landowners build staggered lines of oddly shaped wooden windbreaks, like disfigured fencing, to control the shift of earth.

Expert Advice on Pelee Island: As a landowners on Pelee, we have extensive knowledge of general demographics/zoning/upcoming developments and adverse depreciation.

GBEARS offered landowners on-site suggestions and assistance in creating new habitat for wildlife and attracting birds, butterflies and beneficial insects.

Having this site specific knowledge also allows landowners who know their property best to make wise decisions about their nest boxes.

However, there is a potential for these parcels to be sold to landowners or even exchanged for park space elsewhere in the planning area.

In addition, Notices were sent to adjacent landowners, community associations and attendees from the first meeting.

Kutyn Property Services has acted for all levels of government, the chartered banks, and some of the largest landowners on Vancouver Island.

Provide landowners with a procedure to resolve drainage problems through the establishment of communal drainage systems, called municipal drains.

Provide real incentives for landowners to maintain their wetlands.

Site rules will keep landowners happy.

Sixty-three (63) attended the workshop on January 11 (representing 30 of the 55 landowners), and 10 attended the workshop on January 16. To read a summary of their feedback, please visit the '

So when will the minister responsible for the NDP-controlled Manitoba Hydro finally get serious about agricultural biosecurity, sit down with the landowners to work out an acceptedacceptable biosecurity protocol before they do any more work?

The principles of this agreement have been outlined to the landowners and they are in agreement with them.

The Site Contacts only (as requested by the landowners) will then notify the landowners that pilots plan to use their land.

The Site Contacts only (as requested by the landowners) will then notify the landowners that pilots plan to use their land.

The Site Contact will then inform the landowners of the details of the sites accessed.

This entails including just compensation for landowners if habitat must be taken out of production.

This event applies to those landowners who purchased tree seedlings from SNC through our over the counter program.

This process should include a review process that offers some form of arbitration and/or dispute resolution to landowners.

This requires the negotiation of real estate deals and drafting agreements with landowners.

We will probably see several more landowners remove all plants from the designated wetland area in order to avoid the designation.

WHIP helps private landowners and agriculture producers increase the diversity and habitat of wildlife and endangered species in California.

Why is it that this government absolutely dislikes the farming community so much that they'll impose these kind of restrictions on farm women, on individual farm landowners, in order to feed their spending addiction?