970 examples of langs in sentences

Oh! dry your glistening e'e, John, My soul langs to be free, John, And angels beckon me To the land o' the leal.

John Scott, who was the author of two interesting books of travel, A Visit to Paris in 1814 and Paris Re-visited in 1815, was an admirable editor, and all was going exceedingly well until he plunged into a feud with Blackwood's Magazine in general, and John Gibson Lockhart in particular, the story of which in full may be read in Mr. Lang's Life and Letters of Lockhart, 1896.

He recollected that some members of the Crewys family had agreed that Lady Mary Setoun had done well for herself, "a penniless lass wi' a lang pedigree;" for Sir Timothy was rich.

Do let something violet or lilac peep out from the snow, for the sake of 'auld lang syne.'

Essays: by F. Harrison (see above); by Bagehot, in Literary Studies; by Lilly, in Four English Humorists; by A. Lang, in Gadshill edition of Dickens's works.

To see her brought back many feelings of 'auld lang syne.'

SEE Lang, Andrew.

SEE Lang, Andrew.

Translation by Lang, Leaf, and Myers.

Translation by Butcher and Lang.

Done into English prose by S. H. Butcher and Andrew Lang.


By Daniel Lang.

Daniel Lang (A); 27Jan75; R595871. R595872.

Miss Helen Lang.

By Philip J. Lang.

Philip J. Lang (A); 10Aug77; R669010. R669026.

By V. R. Lang.

eit seizez en les maines son Seignours immediate, tanque q'il vèigne a un des places nostre Seignour le Roy, et trove sufficient seurtee de prendre et user le lang Englais.

And, for the sake of auld lang syne, I should not be unhappy about my money, whether he did so or not.

We both agreed, however, that such a mistake was perfectly natural since two Langs of Oberammergau had already been killed.

It was indeed a charming letter, and how it took me back to the days of "Auld lang Syne!"

What they ca' a Beetle is a thing as lang as my arm; thick at one end and sma' at the other.

ye have been lang spared.

'I hae cuist'n my coat and waistcoat, and faith I dinna ken how lang I can thole my breeks.'

970 examples of  langs  in sentences
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