1167 examples of lapsing in sentences

For the most part King slept, lapsing into the deep stupor of a drugged man.

He was lapsing into the most singular manias.

" With such lively badinage, occasionally lapsing into more serious discourse, the dinner passed off with a great deal of pleasantness to our young gentleman, who had prepared himself for something prodigiously dull and heavy.

" Miss Nugent said, "Indeed," and then, lapsing into silence, gave little occasional side-glances at Mr. Wilks, as though in search of any hidden charms about him which might hitherto have escaped her.

Lapsing into silence, his face went ruminative and then sad.

It was his fate to reach there just after the tide of enthusiasm had turned, and was lapsing into the ebb of weariness and impatience.

She knew enough of French customs to be aware that such devotion as Chelles' was not likely to have much practical bearing on her future; but Peter had an alarming way of lapsing into security, and as a spur to his ardour she knew the value of other men's attentions.

Yet we can see in the hymns of Savonarola, who perfectly represented the attitude of the highest Christian of those times, how perfect might be the love and veneration for departed saints without lapsing into idolatry, and with what an atmosphere of warmth and glory the true belief of the unity of the Church, visible and invisible, could inspire an elevated soul amid the discouragements of an unbelieving and gainsaying world.

In my ignorance I thought I was lapsing from a sane and proper ideal.

If the time between the lapsing and the regranting seems long, it has to be observed, first, that arrears to the date of the lapse are carefully specified; secondly, that even in the case of the laureateship patent, four whole months, as has been seen, elapsed between the instruction for it and the patent itself.

If you had been acquainted all your life as I have" Against her will she was lapsing into a defence, and she halted abruptly.

White sails show aloft; a line of dissolving horizon; a fragment of overhanging cliff wild with coarse grass and bright with poppies, and musical with the lapsing of the summer waves.

I said, lapsing into the pathetic.

Who does not know the sense of failure to overcome, of lapsing from a hope or a purpose, the burden of the thought of some cowardice or unkindness which we cannot undo and which we need not have committed?

There was a general feeling that some step should be taken forthwith to prevent the whole district from lapsing into anarchy.

Beside me, too, clear waters coursed Which willow branches, lapsing low, Breaking their crystal gliding forced To sing as they did flow.

So unlovely has religion been made by it, Horribili super aspectu mortalibus instans, that now, as 2000 years ago, men are lapsing into Atheism or Pantheism; and a totally new "dispensation" is wanted to retrieve the lost reputation of Piety.

These stray notes, united with the rustling of the birches directly in front of my window, and also with the song of the far-off nightingale, made such a strange combination that I felt all the time, not as if I were awake, but as if I were lapsing into another, still stranger, dream.

For I was fast lapsing into one of the moods which my little mother used to call my "morbid streaks" and which she had vainly tried to cure ever since I was a tiny girl.

The path went through the copse, dense with hazels, and there was always a musical sound of lapsing waters hidden in the wood.

This is the secret which has kept the religions inspired by the Bible from lapsing, as other religions have done, into lifelessness.

" "Which is a condition you will never reach," said John, laughing, and lapsing into the old intimate fashion with her.

and him only by me to make me not a stranger there, with talk of absent friends and old times, though scarce the long age of a college course had gone by,talk lapsing as of old on such rides into serious strains, problems such as the young talk of together and keep their secret, learning life,the troubles of the heart of youth.

I was indifferent to existence, and was more than once in danger of lapsing into the void I had escaped.

Whether the weed was a sort of ocean-hasheesh, or wholesome aliment, I never knew, but certain it is that, from the moment its juices passed my lips, a strange and delightful quietude stole over my weary senses, fast lapsing, as these had seemed, into, unconsciousness when I left my place to seek the ocean's brink.

1167 examples of  lapsing  in sentences