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316 example sentences with  lassoes

316 example sentences with lassoes

The cowboys threw lassoes over the hind feet of the elephants, and tried to hold them, and the elephants bellowed, and dragged the cowboys and their ponies right amongst the other animals, and in about a minute, as the boss canvasman said when he came to, and they were picking the cactus thorns out of him: "Hell was just plumb out for noon."

This is a man, you know, who came from America with him, Out of the woods, I suppose, and uses a lasso in fighting, Which is, I don't quite know, but a sort of noose, I imagine; This he throws on the heads of the enemy's men in a battle, Pulls them into his reach, and then most cruelly kills them: Mary does not believe, but we heard it from an Italian.

Flung from her eyes of purest blue, A lasso, with its leaping chain Light as a loop of larkspurs, flew O'er sense and spirit, heart and brain.

Thus, then, if an equestrian traveler does not keep a good look-out as he is passing by a bush or thicket, one of these lassoes may be thrown out; the noose, falling over his head, will be jerked tight round his body, and, in the twinkling of an eye, he will be dragged off his horse, and away into the bush, to be stripped of everything he has.

"Now," said the hunter, as he reloaded, laying on his back to avoid the shots of the robbers, "that's what I call the best of the scrimmage, to get them brown thieves with their lassoes out of the way first.

[Illustration: In Camp.] Calling Manuel, the Mexican herder, I gave the requisite order, and he entered the corral, lasso in hand.

First obtaining one end of the lasso, which still encircled her neck, he made a turn around a stout post, which enabled him to bring her head so perfectly under his control, that, with comparative ease, he made a loop with his lasso around her lower jaw; then, leading her into the open plain, he vaulted lightly upon her back.

First obtaining one end of the lasso, which still encircled her neck, he made a turn around a stout post, which enabled him to bring her head so perfectly under his control, that, with comparative ease, he made a loop with his lasso around her lower jaw; then, leading her into the open plain, he vaulted lightly upon her back.

Riding up to where we stood, he dismounted; and, handing Ned the end of the lasso, said, "There, youngster, throw this over her head, and lead her to the corral.

After removing a few of these, he thrust his hand to the very bottom of the remaining pile and drew out a coiled strip of leather many yards in length, ending in a noose,a tough, well-seasoned lasso, looking as if it had seen service and was none the worse for it.

So he stole softly to the window, and, catching the end of the leathern thong, regained his own chamber and drew in the lasso.

They covered their tents with the thick skins, and made saddles, boats, lassoes and shoes from them.

Them chaps can throw the lasso and trip a mustang as well as a Mexican.

The savage whirled his lasso swiftly round for a second, and in another moment Crusoe uttered a tremendous roar as he was tripped up violently on the plain.

He knew that the Indians choke them with the noose round the neck until they fall down exhausted and covered with foam, when they creep up, fix the hobbles, and the line in the lower jaw, and then loosen the lasso to let the horse breathe, and resume its plungings till it is almost subdued, when they gradually draw near and breathe into its nostrils.

Instead, therefore, of loosening the lasso and re-commencing the struggle, he tore a branch from a neighbouring bush, cut the hobbles, strode with his legs across the fallen steed, seized the end of the short line or bridle, and then, ordering Crusoe to quit his hold, he loosened the noose which compressed the horse's neck and had already well-nigh terminated its existence.

The lasso was fastened to his saddle, and his last bound threw Mr. Bernard violently to the earth, where he lay motionless, as if stunned.

Then he felt something about his neck; and putting his hands up, found the loop of the lasso.

The thing you want must exist somewhere within a radius of ten miles, and I'm going to lasso it."

Evidently it was a much harder thing to lasso one of these little pearl atrocities with its alleged "loop" than to rope a vicious steer.

As, however, we arrived at a somewhat lonely spot, he sprang suddenly forward, holding in one hand a long knife and in the other a lasso, {34b} rushed upon us, and gave us to understand, more by gestures than words, that he intended to murder, and then drag us into the forest.

On his New England side he was cunning and calculating, always cautious, measuring his distance before he risked his stroke, as nicely as if he were throwing his lasso.

He then changed some part of his dress, so that it should be dark throughout, slipped off his boots, drew the lasso out from the bottom of the contents of his trunk, and, carrying that and his boots in his hand, opened his door softly, locked it after him, and stole down the back-stairs, so as to get out of the house unnoticed.

The lasso was fastened to his saddle, and his last bound threw Mr. Bernard violently to the earth, where he lay motionless, as if stunned.

Mr. Bernard felt something about his neck, and, putting his hands up, found the loop of the lasso, which he loosened, but did not think to slip over his head, in the confusion of his perceptions and thoughts.

The lasso bound his wrist.

Buddy ran and got it, and in one end he made a loop, just like the cowboys do when they lasso a wild steer, or a horse.

All were armed with the lasso, which was swinging over their heads, to be in readiness to entrap the first that attempted to break through the gradually contracting segment; the dogs serving with the riders to head the horses in.

They continued to advance, when suddenly a horse with furious speed broke the line, passing near one of the horsemen, and for a moment it was thought he had escaped; the next he was jerked round with a force that seemed sufficient to have broken his neck, the horseman having, the moment the lasso was thrown, turned round and braced himself for the shock.

The dogs were set on him, and off he went at full run, in the direction of another horseman, who threw his lasso to entangle his legs and precipitate him to the ground.

He would go to Hudson's Bay, and shoot bears or set traps for wild silver-foxes, that would bring him gold; or to Buenos Ayres, and catch the wild horse with the lasso; or to Lima, and become a soldier of fortune, and slay men with the sword.

In some parts of South America, a great many tigers are caught with the lasso by the Indian and Creole inhabitants for the sake of their skins.

When the priest arrives, the corpse is done up or rather baled up in a large and well-tanned buffalo robe, and tied around tight with a rope or lasso made for the purpose; then six or eight men act as pall-bearers, conducting the body to the place of burial, which is in front of their church or chapel.

For this purpose he sought the implement of which, as it may be remembered, he had once made an incidental use,the lasso, or long strip of hide with a slip-noose at the end of it.

Never, since he had galloped in the chase over the Pampas, had Dick Venner felt such a sense of life and power as when he struck the long spurs into his wild horse's flanks, and dashed along the road with the lasso lying like a coiled snake at the saddle-bow.

"Here goes the Don at the windmill!" said Dick, and tilted full speed at her, whirling the lasso round his head as he rode.

Just before he passed,at twenty or thirty feet from her,the lasso shot from his hand, uncoiling as it flew, and in an instant its loop was round her horns.

said Dick, as he galloped up to her side and dexterously disengaged the lasso.

Once more he whirled the lasso round and round over his head, and then shot it forth, as the rattlesnake shoots his head from the loops against which it rests.

Dick loosened his lasso, wound it up again, laid it like a pet snake in a coil at his saddle-bow, turned his horse, and rode slowly along towards the mansion-house.

At the first plunge, a brother hatero lassoes the animal's hind legs, and it is permitted to rear and kick as frantically as it can, until it drops to the ground exhausted and strangled.

'Stags is caught wi' tactics, a trip-wire an' a lasso.'

The plank footways were enclosed by stout rails to guard against the chargings of long-horned cattle chased through the thoroughfares by lasso-whirling "bull-drivers" as wild as they.

He must have used this trying to cut the lasso; the one he had back yonder flew into the pond."

[Illustration: Catching Wild Horses with the Lasso.]

By means of a leather rope called a Lasso.

The King and the Court patronize and plan horse-racing, throwing the lasso, and, if recent report be true, hawking; the Parliament legislate, a bill is "ordered to be printed"yet, the inconsistency and tardiness of these proceedings compel us to ask, where is the truth of the mottoSalus populi suprema lex.

A big stove stood at one end, and there were pegs for saddles, bridles and lassoes all about.

Before the lads could get the lassoes, however, Mrs. Wilder called them to get ready for dinner.

When dinner was finished they all went out onto the piazza, where Tom and Larry were initiated into the mysteries of throwing a lasso.

Feeling his pony tiring under him, despite his urging, Horace gasped at Tom: "Hit Blackhawk with the end of your lasso and then hang on for dear life!" Instantly Tom obeyed.

Never before had Bill been called on for so important a cast of his lasso, and for a moment his hand trembled.

As soon as Tom came within reach, another lasso-like fling was made, the coil dropping so near the boy that he succeeded in grasping it with his free hand.

He could lasso and throw any galloping criminal, however fierce, with a gracefully uncoiling rope of deadly adjectives.

'You could, for instance,' I continued slowly, 'provide yourself with a lasso and take a walk down Whitechapel High Street.'

'Of course you were joking about the lasso.

Tell me, Valencia, have you seen him lasso anything?"

Had Diego go out with me and try to lasso me, you know.

Josรฉ will lasso the seรฑor, and the horse will run away with Josรฉ, and the seรฑor will be killed.

But Don Andres makes this condition: that the winner shall lasso his prize in this corral, and ride him before you all.

Now, I don't know a damned thing about this here lasso business, but I took 'em on that, and so did a lot of the boys; and from that up to six-to-one that he'll get you!

I've watched Josรฉ lasso cattle; he always uses" "Step right there!"

He is afraid even to lasso that yellow one!"

That's a lasso.

Got a Winchester, two revolvers, a Bowie knife, a lance and a lasso.

Then he slid into a little depression that, with Joe's hold on the lasso, momentarily checked his descent.

"Let the hounds down on a lasso," said Jones.

Jones made the lasso fast to a cedar root, and I slid down, like a flash, burning my hands.

As he turned, Jones cast the noose of his lasso perfectly round the burly neck.

Bellowing, Jones grasped the lasso and pulled.

Presently Jones leaned over the verge with my lasso.

Presently he called R.C. over and whispered: "Say, Uncle Rome, I coiled a lasso an' put it under Nielsen's bed.

In throwing his lasso to rope one, the noose went over the heads of two.

They dragged him, pulled the lasso out of his hands, and stampeded the other horses.

Also he presented me with a cowhide lasso.

We lifted the deer upon the saddle of Haught's horse and securely tied it there with a lasso; then with the hunter on foot, leading the way, we rode through the forest up the main ridge between Beaver and Turkey Canyons.

Help me hang him to a snag here," returned Copple, as he untied his lasso.

All had lassoes at their saddles, some had old-fashioned blunderbusses, and nearly every one had a macheta or long bladed Spanish knife.

In a twinkling, my friend had stripped the kimono off the baggage coolie's back, and made a lasso with which he pulled me up.

Five minutes later the Spanish police were putting their heads together to devise a quick and permanent capture; and in the midst of the sixth minute, as the wonderful fellow was rising in a yet more astounding leap than his last, a lasso fell about his neck and brought him, crashing like a burnt tree, face upward upon the turf.

Vatti riposa, ormai sei stanco, e lasso, E gli augeletti, che s'udian cantare, Ne la dolce armonia par che ogn'un dica, Deh vien, e dormi ne la piaggia, aprica," Spenser's obligations to this poem seem to have escaped the notice of his commentators.

He had his knife ready, and the rowers too had a rope ready to lasso the stags' antlers when they caught up with him.

"I'll go up to the barn and get a rope, and lasso you like I did that calf, and drag you all over the place!"

Cortes had such talents for gaining friends, that he even prevailed on Pedro Lasso to enrol himself under his command, though one of the messengers who carried the orders of Velasquez.

LASSO, a well-plaited strip of hide, with a noose, to catch wild horses or cattle with.

The following common words, however, seem still to form the plural by adding "s" alone: canto lasso proviso torso duodecimo memento quarto tyro halo octavo solo junto piano stiletto 3.

Moreno won the election with 51% of the vote to Lasso's 49%.

Dare I say, Ted Lasso is the quintessential American hero.

Earlier this year it shut down an early iteration of this, a separate app named Lasso, that was expected to capitalise on the TikTok trend.

Sudeikis and executive producer Bill Lawrence (โ€œScrubsโ€ and โ€œSpin Cityโ€) fleshed out a three-dimensional Lasso from the character first created for NBC Sports to sell Americans on coverage of English Premier League soccer.

Wonder Woman's greatest power isn't her magic lasso or bulletproof bracelets -- it's her compassion, even for her foes.

Composers will include Orlando di Lasso, Georg Forster, Henry Lawes, Kerry Mills, and others.

Fits spatial scale (SS) forward stepwise regression, SS incremental forward stagewise regression, SS least angle regression (LARS), and SS lasso models.

Her superhuman strength, speed, and stamina are enhanced by divine wisdom, and supplemented by weapons such as her bracelets of victory and lasso of truth.

In Chapter 5, we propose a novel penalty function, called adaptive group composite Lasso (AGCL), for the group sparse sufficient dimension reduction problem.

Lasso, I'm not sure why I hadn't commented until now, but this is freaking outstanding work.

Lasso Yo (LP + MP3 download code).

"Online adaptive LASSO estimation in Vector Auto Regressive models for wind power forecasting in high dimension".

The lasso for the Tweedie's compound poisson model using an IRLS-BMD algorithm.

Austin decides to lasso the moon as a gift for Amy's birthday.