39 examples of lavin in sentences

[Footnote Q: Lavin (Lavinium), Sus (Susa), Zernetz (Cerneto), Ardetz (Ardea), &c.]

" The youngster took the note, and with much labor read the following: "Mr. Braboy: "In lavin' ye so suddint I have ter say that my first husban' has turned up unixpected, having been saved onbeknownst ter me from a wathry grave an' all the money wasted I spint fer masses fer ter rist his sole an' I wish I had it back I feel it my dooty ter go an' live wid 'im again.

"N.B. I 'm lavin town terday so it won't be no use lookin' fer me.

More thin that, he's lavin' town, wid me to pull him.


Mary Lavin (A); 13Oct69; R470113.

Mary Lavin (A); 13Oct69; R470114.


Mary Lavin (A); 25Jun71; R508034.

© 15Jun44; B635147. Mary Lavin (A); 25Jun71; R508035.

Mary Lavin (A); 14Apr71; R504480. The will.

Mary Lavin (A); 14Apr71; R504479.


Mary Lavin (A); 13Oct69; R470113.

Mary Lavin (A); 13Oct69; R470114.

Mister Lavin, Mister Lupkin and Doctor Abercrombie.

Mr. Lavin, Mr. Lupkin, and Doctor Abercrombie.

Of course I wouldn't name it if ye were likely to be takin' everythin' wid ye; but goin' all that way, an' lavin' nobody afther yeit's a terrible long fam'ly I have altogether, ma'amI declare I have the work of the world wid them.

"Sure it'll be the death of the two of us lavin' the ould place, an' thravellin' off across the say among strangers.

She thinks bad, the cratur', of lavin' the bed, an' the ould pot, an' all our little sticks o' things behind, ye know, sir, an' I do be thinkin' I'd never get my health at all out of ould Ireland; an' any way the two of us is too ould to be thravellin' off that way.

An' so herself says to meshe says:'Dan,' says she, 'I think the best way would be for ye to step down to his reverence's,' says she, 'an' give him the ordher,' she says, 'an' ax him,' says she, 'if he'll just write a line to poor Larry, an' let him know that we haven't the heart nor the strength to be lavin' our own little place.

"They're afther goin' out an' lavin' me," she lamented.

"They'd no call to go lavin' me all by meself.

" "I am not goin' to take her lavin's, then," retorted Roseen with spirit.

To me 'tis the naked land I looked upon the last day av the summer half, when I said good-bye to Jemmy; for he was lavin' the school that same afternoon for Dublin, to cross over to England wid his father.

39 examples of  lavin  in sentences