140 examples of lawgiver in sentences

And a noble biographer, (Bacon's Henry VII.) says, "He was a good lawgiver for the ease and solace of the common people."

Perhaps this circumstance had helped to make the inhabitants of Mecca familiar with the idea of a creator, Allah, but this had little significance in their lives, as in the Maker of the Universe they did not see their Lawgiver and judge, but held themselves dependent for their good and evil fortune upon all manner of beings, which they rendered favourable or harmless by animistic practices.

I told you before that the book of Deuteronomy was the foundation of all sound politicsas one would expect it to be, if its author were Moses, the greatest lawgiver whom the world ever saw.

If Britain be only RICH, then she must be safe and right.' To which Moses, being a wise lawgiver, and having, moreover, in him the Spirit of the Lord who knoweth what is in man, makes a reasonable, liberal, humane answer.

" A Great Converser and Literary Lawgiver.

And were it not the law, yet would it be the law of Canim, who is lawgiver unto himself and his.

The square-browed judge likewise dreamed, and all his race rose up before him in a mighty phantasmagoriahis steel-shod, mail-clad race, the lawgiver and world-maker among the families of men.

He possessed the qualities of poet, seer, and religious mystic, but these in his later life were overshadowed by the characteristics of lawgiver, soldier, and statesman demanded by his position as head of a body of men.

This pilgrimage our lawgiver ordain'd MAHOMET.

You yourselves are aware that I am not irritable by nature and that I have done, subject to human limitations, all the acts proper for a good lawgiver.

But if the intention of the framer of the law is what is to be looked at, then it is he, and not his adversaries, who relies on the meaning of the lawgiver.

If the party who stands on the meaning of the lawgiver brings forward any reasons, then, in the first place, it will be necessary to reply to those reasons; to urge how absurd it is for a man not to deny that he has acted contrary to the law, but at the same time to give some reason for having acted so.

He is our lawgiver; it is in virtue of his wisdom that from small beginningsperception and needthe most splendid results, science and morality, are developed under the hands of man.

The most important instrument in education is the law; the function of the lawgiver is to connect public and personal welfare by means of rewards and punishments, and thus to elevate morality.

Rousseau calls the government the middle term between the head of the state and the individual, or between the citizen as lawgiver and as subjectthe sovereign (the people) commands, the government executes, the subject obeys.

"He (the slave) only knows his master as lawgiver and executioner, and the sole object of punishment held up to his view, is to make him a more obedient and profitable slave.

On this subject the lawgiver could have learned nothing in Egypt.

'Our great lawgiver says, Take up thy cross daily, and follow me.'"Murray's Gram., 8vo, p. 284.

'Our great Lawgiver says, Take up thy cross daily, and follow me.

It waxed bold, and pitched its tents on Calvary, and nailed the Lawgiver to a tree.

Where sin abounded to break the law and dishonor the Lawgiver, grace hath much more abounded to repair the breach and efface the stain.

The Indian lawgiver, Manu, recommends that a Bráhman should choose for his wife a young maiden, whose gait was like that of a phoenicopter, or flamingo, or even like that of a young elephant.

The great Hindú lawgiver is very peremptory in restricting special occupations (such as fishing, slaughtering animals, basket-making) to the mixed and lowest castes.

The Hindús were very careful to screen their wives from the curiosity of strangers; and their great lawgiver, Manu, enjoined that married women should be cautiously guarded by their husbands in the inner apartments (antahpura) appropriated to women (called by the Muhammadans, Haram, and in common parlance, in India andar-mahall).

This law is none other than that holy form which a modern poet thus apostrophizes: Stern lawgiver!

140 examples of  lawgiver  in sentences