32565 examples of laying in sentences

Against this proceeding of Mochuda's a member of the king's party protested in abusive and insulting terms"It is a haughty act of yours, laying your foot upon the king's neck, for be it known to you the body on which you trample is worthy of respect."

Have you finished laying out my uniform?

Between this and the 20th our time was busily spent in laying down and making further observations upon the soundings of the port and bar.

As it was not intended that I should make the survey of this extensive tract of coast I did not feel myself authorized to examine in any very detailed way the bottom of every bay or opening that presented itself; but merely confined myself to laying down the vessel's track and the positions of various reefs that were strewed on either side of it; and also to fixing the situations of the head-lands.

At daylight we were off the cape and soon passed to the eastward of the Hope Islands; between which and Endeavour River we had an opportunity of laying down the reefs in the offing, particularly that on which the Endeavour struck, and which so nearly proved fatal to her enterprising commander and his companions.

No turtle marks were noticed on the beach so that I should think this was not the season for laying their eggs.

" "I've brought the night-dresses home," said Mrs. Ellis, laying her bundle upon the table,"I hope they'll suit.

Wouldn't he have enjoyed being a civil engineer, and laying out railroads in wild country!

For he treated it, as his friend said of him, with the hand and mind of an artist, laying out his whole subject and distributing it into its constituent parts, by definition and interpretation making clear what seemed obscure, and distinguishing the false from the true in legal principle.

When the day for the wedding arrives, our bride assumes her bridal dress, laying aside the toga praetexta of her childhood and dedicating her dolls to the Lar of her family; and wearing the reddish veil (flammeum) and the woollen girdle fastened with a knot called the knot of Hercules, she awaits the arrival of the bridegroom in her father's house.

I have quoted these to show that Roman children were not without opportunity even in early schooldays of laying to heart much that might lead them to good and generous conduct in later life, as well as to practical wisdom.

But so far as the study of language, of artistic diction, of elocution, and intelligent reading could help a boy to prepare himself for life, this education was good; more especially good as laying a foundation for the acquirement of that art of oratory which, from old Cato's time onwards, had been the chief end to be aimed at by all intending to take part in public life.

I rejoice, too, that you accompanied the copy sent to me, with the request, that I should review it, and make "candid remarks" upon it; and, that you have thus put it in my power to send to the South some of my views on slavery, without laying myself open to the charge of being discourteous and obtrusive.

Not laying on burdens, but lightening themthey were a grant of privilegesa bestowment of favors.

Whoever analyzes the Mosaic systemthe condition of the people for whom it was madetheir inexperience in governmentignorance of judicial proceedingslaws of evidence, &c., will find a moot court in session, trying law pointssetting definitions, or laying down rules of evidence, in almost every chapter.

That the views generally prevalent on this subject, are wrong, we have no doubt; but as the limits of this Inquiry forbid our going into the merits of the question, so as to give all the grounds of dissent from the commonly received opinions, the suggestions made, will be thrown out merely as QUERIES, and not as a formal laying down of doctrines.

Then the President of the meeting, who occupied the centre seat on the foremost bench, arose, and laying his hand on the symbols, pronounced aloud the formula expressive of the duty of the tribunal, which all the inferior judges and assistants repeated after him, in deep and hollow murmurs.

It came across me (as I heard you in dumb amazement, with crimson face and trembling frame) that even the best polish of years' laying on will crack somewhere under very hard pressure.

Yet we see often those who never wanted spirit to repel encroachment or oppose violence, at last, by a gradual relaxation of vigilance, delivering up, without capitulation, the fortress which they defended against assault, and laying down unbidden the weapons which they grasp the harder for every attempt to wrest them from their hands.

"Suspicion is awake among my people, Mr Ark," commenced the Rover, when they were thus retired, laying a marked and significant emphasis on the name he used.

"The French writers of sermons study neatness and elegance in laying down their heads."Ib., p. 13.

"Of which the author considers himself, in compiling the present work, as merely laying the foundation-stone.

"For if the laying-aside of copulatives gives force and liveliness, a redundancy of them must render the period languid.

" I left my wet umbrella on the veranda, and aunt Helen led me into the dining-room, where a spruce maid was making a pleasant clatter in laying the table.

He was no lovesick idler, no mere home-keeping writer of verses, but was already taking his part in the affairs of the state which he was afterwards to be called on for a time to assist in governing, and he was laying up those stores of experience which were to serve as the material out of which his vivifying imagination was to form the great national poem of Italy.

32565 examples of  laying  in sentences