32565 examples of laying in sentences

If he had gone as far as he ought to you wouldn't be laying therethey'd just about now be hiding your dirty carcass under six feet of 'dobe!'" Sabota mumbled some guttural, unintelligible reply.

what I do bears the same relation to real sure-enough work that playing tennis does to laying brick.

" "No; but we thought to overrule God's laws, and we enslaved these people for our greed, and sought to escape the manstealer's curse by laying to our souls the flattering unction that we were making of barbarous negroes civilized and Christian men.

" "Major Merton," I answered, laying an emphasis on the brevet rank the worthy individual actually possessed, "Major Merton has told me as much as this, himself.

Up to the present I have only used it comparatively, laying fragments of different fusibilities near the specimen.

Thought was busy in laying plans for escape, and I reached home in the greatest excitement imaginable.

I shall soon have the pleasure of laying before you documents to establish the complete chain of evidence, from knifing of original subject of your inquiries right up to date.

And there are others who are always thinking themselves slighted; "in which case there is generally something of which they are conscious in themselves, as laying them open to contemptuous treatment".

'He may be laying for us just over the ridge.'

I've been laying even odds with myself that I'd make you have me in spite of it.

Don't you know who it was?" Before answering, he paused to take one of the long revolvers from its holster, laying it across his lap, his right hand still grasping it.

I was always laying out to do it.

Again she had taught him that other churches had wickedly done away with immersion for the remission of sins and the laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost; also that there was a peculiar quality in the satisfaction of being near her that he had never known before,an astonishing truth that it was fine to think about when he lay where he could look up at her pretty, serious face.

And when I had contented myself to devote a stock I had gotten to charitable uses after my death, instead of laying it out at present, in all probability, that is like to be lost; whereas, when I took the present opportunity, and trusted God for the time to come, I wanted nothing and lost nothing.

"Selim," he said, arising and laying his hand upon his servant's shoulder, his voice unsteady with finality, "I have decided, after all, to go to Paris!

"It has been nearly a score of years since I was in France," he says to Mr. Calvert, laying down the manuscript, "but the interest which that country aroused in me then has never flagged, and ever since my return I have endeavored to keep myself informed of the progress of events there.

"At last, Monsieur," he said, bowing low and laying his hand unsteadily on the small sword he wore at his side.

So you think I am not worthy to mention it, Monsieur," cried St. Aulaire, half-rising and laying his hand again on his dress sword.

what are they laying up in store for the sons of men!

Then, laying aside his palette and brushes he said abruptly, "That is all for to-day; thank you.

She was quite at her ease in his presence, laying the cloth briskly and cleverly, and chattering all the time.

A vivid imagination can readily conceive Washington's laying aside the task for the more important one of vindicating the liberties of his countrymen and taking it up again only when he had sheathed the sword.

But laying these determinations aside, more fit for divines than me to discuss, I began to instruct my servant in the saving knowledge of the true Deity, in which the direction of God's Holy Spirit assisted me.

" "What are you laughing at, then?" "Perhaps at the matronly dignity with which you have been laying down the law.

cry I, eagerly, laying my hand on his coat-sleeve, "do not!

32565 examples of  laying  in sentences