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32565 examples of  laying  in sentences

32565 examples of laying in sentences

General HANDASYD spoke to the following purpose:Sir, the inclination shown by several gentlemen for a penurious and scanty provision for the soldiers, must, in my opinion, proceed from an inattentive consideration of their pay, and will, therefore, be removed, by laying before them an account of his condition, and comparing his daily pay with his daily expenses.

They are told to love their neighbor, yet too many hate him because he possesses more of this world's goods or honors than they: they are told that a rich man cannot enter the kingdom of heaven, yet they go on laying up perishable wealth, and though often warned that moth and rust will corrupt, they fail to believe it till the worm that destroys enters and mars their own chapel of ease.

If he had gone as far as he ought to you wouldn't be laying therethey'd just about now be hiding your dirty carcass under six feet of 'dobe!'" Sabota mumbled some guttural, unintelligible reply.

In the lay of it, first lay a stalk in the midst of the Plate, let the rest of the Cream be laid upon that sloping, between every laying you must scrape Sugar and sprinkle Rose-water, and if you will, the powder of Musk, and Amber-greece, in the heating of the Milk be carefull of smoak.

At the hunt, I mounted the horse which you presented me; but he is so vicious, and I am so old, that he threw me, by which I was wounded, and have received a contusion on my head, which gave me great anguish; but by laying much gold on the place, the pain is assuaged."

Ifaith, if he be not rotten before he die (as [Sidenote: Fayth if a be not | a die] we haue many pocky Coarses now adaies, that will [Sidenote: corses, that will] scarce hold the laying in) he will last you some

I beg therefore your indulgence for laying before you some mere facts, which perhaps may contribute to strengthen your conviction that the people of the United States, in bestowing its sympathy upon my cause, does not support a dead cause, but one which has a life, and whose success is rationally sure.

" "Is it your wish both, that I take this?" says he, laying his hand on the money and looking from me to Dawson.

Reflect," adds he, laying his hand on the letter, "if this business should come to nought, what could recompense your daughter for the disappointment of those false hopes your meeting would inspire?

"But an old church is a dull and gloomy place for one so young as you, my child," said the old clergyman, laying his hand upon her head and smiling sadly, "I would rather see her dancing on the green at nights than have her sitting in the shadow of our mouldering arches.

Then the other negroes, who are the purchasers of the salt, who seem to be the inhabitants of certain islands, but who will on no account be seen or spoken to, come in boats to the place where the heaps of salt are placed, and after laying a sum in gold on each heap as its price, retire in their turns.

Some of our people went a little way up the river, where they found some small lakes containing remarkably fine white salt, of which they brought large quantities to the ships, laying in what store was thought necessary, as we did likewise of water.

Against this proceeding of Mochuda's a member of the king's party protested in abusive and insulting terms"It is a haughty act of yours, laying your foot upon the king's neck, for be it known to you the body on which you trample is worthy of respect."

The time thus spent was profitable to Crabbe in other ways than by enlarging his knowledge and ideas, and laying the foundation of many valued friendships.

what I do bears the same relation to real sure-enough work that playing tennis does to laying brick.

" "No; but we thought to overrule God's laws, and we enslaved these people for our greed, and sought to escape the manstealer's curse by laying to our souls the flattering unction that we were making of barbarous negroes civilized and Christian men.

" "Major Merton," I answered, laying an emphasis on the brevet rank the worthy individual actually possessed, "Major Merton has told me as much as this, himself.

That it was the natural right of a British subject to pay no taxes unless he had a voice in laying them.

Up to the present I have only used it comparatively, laying fragments of different fusibilities near the specimen.

Thought was busy in laying plans for escape, and I reached home in the greatest excitement imaginable.

I shall soon have the pleasure of laying before you documents to establish the complete chain of evidence, from knifing of original subject of your inquiries right up to date.

And there are others who are always thinking themselves slighted; "in which case there is generally something of which they are conscious in themselves, as laying them open to contemptuous treatment".

NATO [laying her hand on his shoulder].

Bitter, indeed, was my disappointment at having missed him, but just as I was laying it sadly down I spied a small T.O. in the corner.

Louis spent the evening at the Empire, and the next morning, which was Sunday, he put in on the top of a 'bus, laying himself open to the advances of anybody who cared to pay him the slightest attention.

'He may be laying for us just over the ridge.'

I've been laying even odds with myself that I'd make you have me in spite of it.

In the little that I saw, was a large proportion of intelligence, activity, and kind feeling; but, if there was much serious laying to heart of the true purposes of life, it did not appear in the tone of conversation.

Don't you know who it was?" Before answering, he paused to take one of the long revolvers from its holster, laying it across his lap, his right hand still grasping it.

I was always laying out to do it.

Again she had taught him that other churches had wickedly done away with immersion for the remission of sins and the laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost; also that there was a peculiar quality in the satisfaction of being near her that he had never known before,an astonishing truth that it was fine to think about when he lay where he could look up at her pretty, serious face.

This simple fare had an excellent relish, and although we walked in wet clothes from morning till night, often laying down on the damp, cold earth to rest, our health was never affected.

Laying aside the drum, he held his hands in the smoke, and rubbed his arms and body with it.

Dr. Stearns says that the Rev. Mr. has been laying his hands on people and saying, "Receive the Holy Ghost."

And when I had contented myself to devote a stock I had gotten to charitable uses after my death, instead of laying it out at present, in all probability, that is like to be lost; whereas, when I took the present opportunity, and trusted God for the time to come, I wanted nothing and lost nothing.

As a connoisseur, he did not trust his own judgment, thus laying himself open to the intrigues of inferior artists.

"Selim," he said, arising and laying his hand upon his servant's shoulder, his voice unsteady with finality, "I have decided, after all, to go to Paris!

"It has been nearly a score of years since I was in France," he says to Mr. Calvert, laying down the manuscript, "but the interest which that country aroused in me then has never flagged, and ever since my return I have endeavored to keep myself informed of the progress of events there.

"At last, Monsieur," he said, bowing low and laying his hand unsteadily on the small sword he wore at his side.

So you think I am not worthy to mention it, Monsieur," cried St. Aulaire, half-rising and laying his hand again on his dress sword.

Listen," said Adrienne, rising and laying her hand on Mr. Morris's arm.

[Laying his hand on the BURGOMASTER'S shoulder with a certain solemnity.

what are they laying up in store for the sons of men!

Then, laying aside his palette and brushes he said abruptly, "That is all for to-day; thank you.

A sudden inspiration struck her, and, laying it carefully on top of the blankets, she ran downstairs to her mother.

"Oh," said Migwan in a disappointed tone, laying the dress down.

She was quite at her ease in his presence, laying the cloth briskly and cleverly, and chattering all the time.

I consider this as laying the foundation for banishing slavery out of this country; and though the period is more distant than I could wish, yet it will produce the same kind, gradual change which was pursued in Pennsylvania.

A vivid imagination can readily conceive Washington's laying aside the task for the more important one of vindicating the liberties of his countrymen and taking it up again only when he had sheathed the sword.

I wondered how we should get on together; but except laying her ears back when I was led up to her, she behaved very well.

This done, I went down to the ship's side, and tyed four of them fast together at both ends, in form of a raft, and laying two or three short pieces of plank upon them crosswise, I found it would bear me, but not any considerable weight.

But laying these determinations aside, more fit for divines than me to discuss, I began to instruct my servant in the saving knowledge of the true Deity, in which the direction of God's Holy Spirit assisted me.

Such raptures of joy did this confirm in my young priest, that he could scarcely contain himself: And a little after this, we observed by her motion, as frequently lifting up her hands, and laying them on her breast, that she was mightily affected with his discourse, and so they withdrew from our sight.

His father was an Alsatian who came to England in the 'sixties, married a respectable English girl of unexceptionable antecedents, and died, after a wholesome and uneventful life (devoted, I understand, chiefly to the laying of parquet flooring), in 1887.

You had been praying with me; many things you said fastened upon my mind:' then, laying her hand upon her heart, she added, 'I felt such a weight here, I knelt down to pray; and after getting into bed again, it seemed as if a voice spoke to me, 'Mary, the door is open:' from that time I have felt such peace of mind, and pleasure in reading the Bible, as I never did before.'

The thought of laying it out upon myself I could not entertain for a moment; and was aware there would come a time when I could no longer retain it.

But, as soon as a man begins to care about what others will say of circumstances not under his own control, such as his race, his origin, his appearance, his physical defects, or his lack of wealth or natural talents, he may be laying up for himself a store of incalculable misery, and is certainly enfeebling his character and impairing his chances of future usefulness.

Of the great authors he now began to display the characters, laying down as an universal position, that all had beauties and defects.

He finds the sun and the wind excluded by the thicket; and when the accidents of the chase, or the convenience of pasturage, leads him into more open places, he forms a thicket for himself, by planting stakes at proper distances, and laying branches from one to another.

"But, laying all that aside, I should have considered myself guilty of a very grave breach of good taste if I had ventured to select a house for the wife of my principal, unasked and unknown to her.

"Child," she said, laying her hand with unwonted gentleness on my shoulder.

Jack was always at it, when we happened to be laying around with nothing to do, and I know he had to keep his hand in, or he'd make a fizzle of it.

" Scrofa resumed: "So far as concerns the laying out of the farm, I maintain that the more appearances are considered the greater will be the profit, as, for instance, orchards should be planted in straight lines arranged in quincunxes and at a reasonable distance apart.

But proceed and tell us of your third division, which relates to the measurement and laying out of the farm.

There Sally, lilac-clad, was laying her fine linen cloth, setting out her thin teacups of the old gold-banded china, and arranging Josephine's blue meadow-violets in a curious, engraved glass bowl of Grandmother Rudd's.

[Laying her hand on LOVEBY'S head.]

After all, try as they might, they could bring no accusations against the man who, hurt to the soul by their misunderstanding of him, was now laying his tired head upon his pillow.

"And you had a way of laying your hands on your revolver when I insisted.

Still, he wasn't so awful dead, for as we jumped for the horses he kind of hitched himself to the rock, and laying the rifle across it, and working the lever with his left hand, he sent a hole plumb through my hat.

I've been laying around town here hating myself to death, thinking perhaps I could sell some shares in a mine that we'll find yet, if we have good luck.

Gold laying loose in chunks on top of the bed-rock is too much for meI wish

"Let the people go? Bible?" cried Red, laying down his knife and fork, still more astonished at her allusion.

The play is founded upon the Boeotian legend of Atalanta, though the laying of the scene in Arcadia would appear to indicate a confusion with the other version.

" "Father! father, dear!" going and laying her arm around his neck, and her cheek against his, "You are my own dear papa, and could never purposely harm a living thing.

He had not dismissed us, so we awaited his return; and presently he appeared, calm, courteous, and walked up to me, laying a kindly hand on my shoulder.

I folded the paper and placed it in my beaded pouch, then descended the stairs, to find Mount stirring the corn-bread and Sir George laying a cloth over the kitchen table, while Beacraft sat moodily by the window, watching everybody askance.

threatened the man in scarlet, laying his hand on his hanger.

he cried, in his shrill voice, laying his claymore level; and the long files moved off, spurs and scabbards clanking, horses crowding and trampling in, faster and faster, till a far command set them trotting, then galloping away into the west, where the kindling sky reddened the world.

There was no particular incident worth mentioning till we struck Red River, where we overtook five or six herds that were laying over on account of a freshet in the river.

" "What are you laughing at, then?" "Perhaps at the matronly dignity with which you have been laying down the law.

cry I, eagerly, laying my hand on his coat-sleeve, "do not!

On the last night, he rolled up the clothes that he had worn as the Moor one by one, carefully laying one garment on top of the other, and then, half-humorously and very deliberately said, "Never again!"

Kingsley paints his stalwart Philammons and Amyas Leighs, and his critics charge him with laying down a new definition of the saint, as a man who fears God and can walk a thousand miles in a thousand hours.

The provident wisdom of the little busy worker, in laying up the needed store for future use, was especially commended, "But more especially," it was added, "is this course the dictate of wisdom in such beings as have an eternity before them."

He swept over the District like a storm, "instant in season and out of season," laying his strong hand on every part of the work, and pushing it forward.

Beyond the lamps, she saw the large new canvas, showing dimly the first 'laying-in' of its important subject.

"Tell me," said Lance hoarsely, laying his quivering hand on the table, "was Bob Ridley your son?" "My son," echoed the old man in a strange, far-off voice, without turning his eyes from the corpse,"my sonisisis there!"

I replied, "That, sir, is indeed laying claim to an important interest.

First the stranger dragged the two brothers together, laying one of them face down on the floor.

To the House of Representatives of the United States: I return the bill, which originated in the House of Representatives, entitled "An act to extend for a limited period the present laws for laying and collecting duties on imports," with the following objections: It suspendsin other words, abrogates for the timethe provision of the act of 1833, commonly called the "compromise act."

I have thus, fellow-citizens, acquitted myself of my duty under the Constitution by laying before you as succinctly as I have been able the state of the Union and by inviting your attention to measures of much importance to the country.

On Sunday, when the archbishop was saying mass in the Bremen cathedral, an unknown knight, the visor of whose helmet was closed so that no one saw his face, strode up to the altar, and laying a papal bull before him, cried out that he was accursed, and under the ban of the church.

He called his men to him one after another, laying out the work of the day.

"Anna," said Professor Hardage, laying his book across his knee as they sat that afternoon in the shady side porch, "I saw Marguerite this morning and she sent her compliments.

" "Well, now that you have stopped reading," said Miss Anna, laying down her work and smoothing her brow (she never spoke to him until he did stopperfect woman), "that Is what I have been waiting to talk to you about: do you wish to go with Harriet to Marguerite's ball?"

She had made him feel this on the night of his confession; in the note of direct repulse she sent him by the hand of a servant in her own house the following afternoon; by returning to him everything that he had ever given her; by her refusal to acknowledge his presence this evening beyond laying upon him a command; and by every word that she had just spoken.

The form is for the candidate to kneel down and receive his sacred office by the imposition of hands, i.e. the laying on of hands by the whole Presbytery.

Her henwife had got some Dorking fowls, and on Lady M. asking if they were laying many eggs, she replied, with great earnestness, "Indeed my leddy, they lay every day, no' excepting the blessed Sabbath.

They are honorable men and mean to do right, but I ask them to look at this statement, then to read the will of Mr. Williams, and laying their hands upon their heart, to ask in the presence of the God of the Indian as well as the white man, whether they have done unto the Indians of New England and their children, as they would that the Indians should do unto them and their children?

Perhaps the evil of distortion caused by enameling may be reduced to a minimum by soaking the print in alcohol previous to laying it upon the glass.