37084 examples of leadest in sentences

O road of high adventure, That leadest many a band To yon ungrateful country where My native turrets stand, The country that my valor Did oft with glory crown, The land that lets me languish here, Who won for her renown.

With flesh still clean I give them back to thee, Still white, O God, O light that leadest me!

"Sweeping and washing the floor of the three rooms every morning, two stoves which must be black-leaded weekly, each taking an hour, weekly cleaning of windows, tins, dinner-chests, washing-up of bandages, &c., besides the washing-up after each of our five meals, keeps one busy."

Then the older Tobit opening his mouth blessed our Lord and said: Great art thou, Lord, evermore, and thy reign is in to all worlds, for thou scourgest and savest, thou leadest to hell and bringest again, and there is none that may flee thy hand.

Ere the bloodhounds have hunted him back; Thou leadest him on over mountains and floods, With thy beams shining full on his track.

It occupied the further end of the hall, opposite the entrance door, and was lighted dimly by a small heavily leaded, stained-glass window.

"If thou leadest, Gastaldo Grande.

If my feeble prayer can reach thee, O my Saviour, I beseech thee, Even as thou hast died for me, More sincerely Let me follow where thou leadest, Let me, bleeding as thou bleedest, Die, if dying I may give Life to one who asks to live,

I happened to open it at the centre page, and the big heavily leaded headlines caught my eyes straight away.

The room was still dark, but the leaded squares of the window lattices barred a sky pale with dawn.

There is no causeway to Britain; the free waves of the sea flow day and night for ever round her shores, and yet there are people going about with whom this hallucination is so strong that they do not merely discover it quietly to their friends, but they write it down in double-leaded columns, in leading articles.

Mr. Ionesco writes a long, double-leaded editorial every day, and very often he prints with it the speech, or speeches, he made the night before.

He writes with such enthusiasm, and is so plainly a dear lover and worshipper of the justice which can alone exalt this nation, that we are carried clear over the wretched half-republicanism which has been trying all the year to say eminently sound and unexceptionable things, we forget the deceit and expediency whose leaded columns have been more formidable than those which rolled the tide of war back again to the Potomac.

Thou leadest in thy train that which is, and that which is not yet, in thy name of 'Ta-her-sta-nef;' thou towest along the earth in thy name of 'Seker;' thou art exceedingly mighty and most terrible in thy name of 'Osiris;' thou endurest for ever and for ever in thy name of 'Un-nefer.'" "Homage to thee, O thou King of kings, Lord of lords, Prince of Princes!

The evening sunlight slanted through the leaded windows.

He had increased his knowledge of convention in the use of capital letters, and that summer, as a day's work, he set up a column of leaded long primer which won him the difficult praise of Sam Pickering.

If it had ceased to be important that a bright boy should set up a column of long primer, leaded, in a day, he might as well learn some other loose trade in which they couldn't invent a machine to take the bread out of your mouth.

Very far beneath Dom Manuel the leaded roofs of his fortresses glittered in the sunset, for Storisende guarded the loftiest part of all inhabited Poictesme.

On my desk now at home there are a few long, rusty nails, an old lock of fifteenth-century workmanship, and a little broken window with leaded panes, which serve as mementoes of this destruction.

Stately and tall and in a measured order, the lancet windows shot up out of the gray walls, the leaded framework of their lozenges gray on the black and solemn night behind them.

Having said this, he then proceeded to the oceanthe lord of rivers,accompanied by sages, ripe in the practice of penances, and also by the deities, O thou who leadest an excellent life!

Where thou leadest I will follow.'

Beneath the side chapel is a vault (to which access can be obtained outside) containing the leaded corpses of several members of the family.

for anon he shall follow, He that beheld thee, anon, whither thou leadest, must go! Go, and the wise, loving Muse, she also will follow and find thee!

Very much like tea in this and other respects, it should be packed and transported with the same care and pains, in leaded chests, or in some equivalent package.

37084 examples of  leadest  in sentences