109 examples of leavin in sentences

"Oh, I'm leavin' the fox-face for luck," Dillon nodded at the Colonel.

"He didn't find out though that I had my reasons fer leavin' home tew.

"Blandoine is leavin' for Whoop-Up in the mornin'.

"I ain't leavin' you for good, Uncle Billy," he said.

Finally, he said: "Split the difference and call it even, A hundred and fifty and I'll be leavin'.

When seals are scarce, and the master don't know where to look for 'em, he is usually glad to drop into some vessel's wake, if it be only to pick up her leavin's.

And about leavin' your aeroplane in my field, why, there's little that I wouldn't do for the son of the man who saved my Billie, when everybody said he'd never get well again.

"Ye'll not be leavin' it wi' the mither."

I've a dread o' leavin' it.

"Tex," he said, as they sat down side by side, "when we left the dining-room for the chairs, the sheriff spoke to one of the boys and as we came back one of them was leavin' through another door.

Which you rode away leavin' him behind.

You've told it fair and square, leavin' off nothin' and puttin' in nothin'.

I ain't for leavin' no marks hereabouts, and we can drag some bushes over the wake we leave in the sand, so" "We'll see about that when we get clear," said Thirkle gruffly.

"I knew he was leavin' the city for good, if that's what you mean.

I'd like ter see a little er de worl' befo' I takes chances on leavin' it sudden; an', mo'over, somebody's got ter take keer er de ole 'oman.

"Blessed are the poor"I tell yer, some day I'll be clearin' out, Leavin' all this dressin' nonsense, 'cause I'm goin' ter be a scout, Same as "Deadwood Dick," a-killin' all the Injuns on the plains: He do'n't comb his hair, you bet yer; no, nor wash, unless it rains.

You can't know how they came a-flyin' by day an' by night in great brown clouds; how they crept an' crawled an' squirmed through the wheat an' the corn an' the grass, bitin' an' chewin' every green thing, leavin' nothin' but black an' dry shreds, an' the earth more desolate than if a fire had swept over it.

He kiss us all in bed when he be leavin'.

Leavin' yer auld man tae mak' his ain tea, and him workin' syne six o'clock o' the morn!'

But here's a bit o' talk I heard between two costers as I was leavin' Gatti's that first nicht.

Den he asked dem whut would stay wid him to step off on de right and dem dat wuz leavin' to step off on da left.

I kin jes remember leavin' Norfolk.

But Josiah Allen, to prove he feared no danger, had insisted on leavin' the dressin' gown he worshipped hangin' up in the clothes press where the tank wuz.

Josiah groaned aloud as he bore it out leavin' a watery wake of red and yeller all the way to the kitchen, where I follered him and told him, so strong is woman's love in the hour of trouble, "Dear Josiah, I am sorry for you, but I told you jest how it would be.

thousand o' your countrymen ha' been for five hunder years, and they've nae thocht o' leavin' yet.

109 examples of  leavin  in sentences