304 examples of leer in sentences

Ah, Heavens, those Eyesthat Look,that pretty Leer,that my Father shou'd be so doating an old Fool to think these Beauties fit for a little Merchandize; a Marchioness wou'd so much better become me.

Phinuit suggested with a leer.

He lurched into the room with a tipsy leer, and nodded to them with an affectation of extreme sobriety, which is unfortunately always assumed by the individual who is hopelessly intoxicated.

As he looked he beheld this fellow go straight to the great cabin, where he disappeared with a cunning leer upon his face, so that our hero could not but be aware that the purpose of the eavesdropper must be to communicate all that he had overheard to his master.

They had made him pay with the extreme penalty for his treachery; and yet in the flickering candle-light the stricken face, blood-spattered though it was, seemed to leer slyly, as if in the knowledge that they had been cheated in the end.

There the glutton, and here the sot; now the eye fell on the mean pander or the roystering boon-companion; now on the wit, looking with a roguish leer upon his fair neighbour, or the miserable wretch maudlin in his cups; and again on the knave profiting by the recklessness of those around him.

In one of his late satires, The Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot, he charged Addison with the inclination to "Damn with faint praise, assent with civil leer, And without sneering, teach the rest to sneer.

[means of recognition: tool] diagnostic, divining rod; detector. sign, symbol; index, indice^, indicator; point, pointer; exponent, note, token, symptom; dollar sign, dollar mark. type, figure, emblem, cipher, device; representation &c 554; epigraph, motto, posy. gesture, gesticulation; pantomime; wink, glance, leer; nod, shrug, beck; touch, nudge; dactylology^, dactylonomy^; freemasonry, telegraphy, chirology

Old Koogah dropped an open leer to Opee-Kwan, and, the laughter growing around him, continued: "The wind blows from the south and blows the schooner south.

''Ay,' said my lord, with a knowing leer, 'tick, tick.'

To see eyes once bright with intelligence growing vacant and confused and giving place to the drunkard's leer.

As they watched, the sullenness of expression was supplanted by a leer, and then by a mask of professional placiditythe bovine expression which one expects to find in the average specimen of masculine hired help.

Das Herz ist gestorben, die Welt ist leer,

He had long lank legs, long arms, hands, and fingers, and a very long sickly face, with a drooping nose, and a sly, sarcastic leer, and a great purplish stain over-spreading more than half of one cheek.

Marcella Bligh's thin hooked nose was now like the beak of a bird of prey over the face of the drowned man, upon whose eyelids she was placing penny-pieces, to keep them from opening; and her one eye was fixed on her work, its sightless companion showing white in its socket, with an ugly leer.

By Dola De Jong (Dola De Jong Van Leer), pictures by Jane Castle.

Dola De Jong Van Leer (A); 12May75; R605239.

LEAVITT, STURGIS E. Vamos a leer!

(Tournour makes a leer of contempt)

He had, I observed, a polite Discerning hid under a shrewd Rusticity: He delivered the Paper with a Yorkshire Tone and a Town Leer.

" He pocketed the money, and showed them, out, standing to look after them with a malicious leer as they disappeared, and jerking his left thumb over his shoulder.

And by the door stood Billy, watching them all like an evil spirit, with a leer of saturnine malice on his evil face.

Moreover, there was every variety of villainous aspect; the savage scowl of the desperado, the cunning leer of the trickster, and the sordid look of the mean knave.

" He seemed to calm abruptly after this, put up his pistol, and resumed the wicked leer.

If we take, for the sake of example, such a line as Pope's 'Damn with faint praise, assent with civil leer,' the test is comparatively simple.

304 examples of  leer  in sentences
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