354 examples of left-hand in sentences

"Before he reached the fire, three persons had been rescued by the police, who took them down from the second-floor window by means of a builder's ladder; and, on his arrival, there were seven persons in the third floor, six in the left-hand window, and one in the right-hand window.

It will occur to you, Joe, though you don't wear gloves, that it is more common for men to lose the right-hand glove than the left-hand, because the right hand is used a great deal more than the left, and even men who would not be seen in the street without gloves find there are many things they cannot do with a gloved hand.

"I was told the left-hand door on the fourth floor," the young man resumed.

For it is cut from the rock on the left-hand side, while its outer boundary is marked at intervals by white stones.

The slight vacuum in the left-hand casetwo shelves from the ceilingscarcely distinguishable but by the quick eye of a loserwas whilom the commodious resting-place of Brown on Urn Burial.

Mock Hen took the left-hand of the three doors and crept along a passage opening into an empty opium parlor back of the Hip Leong clubroom.

Close the left eye, and fix the right steadily on the left-hand inkstand, gradually varying the distance from the eye to the ink-bottle.

" They sat on his left-hand side, Phineas Duge pushed the decanter of Burgundy toward them, and the cigars.

On it was printed the name of Mr. Edward Bayley, and in the left-hand bottom corner was the announcement that he was the Managing Director of the Santa Cruz Mining Company of Forzoda, in the Argentine Republic.

Her chin was pressed so closely against her foot that there was hardly room to open her mouth; but she did it at last, and managed to swallow a morsel of the left-hand bit.

O A summary of each day's lesson, however, preceding the preparation for the next day, forges new links and welds them all together into an unbroken chain: OOOOOOOOOO A method that has been found helpful is to use a double-page system of notetaking, using the left-hand page for the bare outline, with largest divisions, and the right-hand page for the details.

Next the further left-hand corner, looking down the table, sits the deformed person.

" [106] In the left-hand margin of the MS. is a note:"Gib: Stage Taylor.

As we walked up the drive we saw on the left-hand side a little row of graves with fresh flowers laid on them.

'The object of this invention is to arrange on a spindle, which is screw-threaded at one end with a right-hand thread and at the other with a left-hand thread, two clips or clamps, free to travel on the thread, there being a nut between the two which can be turned by a spanner.

As each figure approached the left-hand corner it turned and gazed at me, and I knew (by what means I cannot say) its name.

After editing each news story he would attach a rectangular piece of blank paper with a pin to the left-hand corner and keep it aside.

" He placed a cigar in the upper left-hand pocket of the eminently plaid waistcoat from whence already protruded the handle of a toothbrush and a fountain pen.

The hills from a little above Piedb[=a]gh encroach so much upon the valley as to reduce it to little more than a ravine forming two gigantic walls, that on the right being inaccessible save to the wild goat, whilst the left-hand boundary, though still precipitous, may be surmounted by active light-armed troops.

The fourth and final stage is illustrated in the bottom left-hand corner where Balarama has subdued the demon and is about to slay him.

About a mile further along the road, on the left-hand side, is a curious statue of a horse in red sandstone, which, tradition says, was put up by a nobleman whose favourite horse was killed at this spot; the syce who was killed at the same time has his tomb close by.

The look of incipient laughter on Saunders's countenance became more pronouncedthat is to say, the left-hand corner of his mouth twitched a little higher.

The principal bridegroomsman, styled his "best man" has, for the day, the special charge of the bridegroom; and the last warning we would give him is, to take care that, when the bridegroom puts on his wedding waistcoat, he does not omit to put the wedding ring into the corner of the left-hand pocket.

"I begin with my left-hand neighbor," said Müller, addressing himself with a bow to Mdlle.

My father's hauteur was no safeguard against the steady and self-poised approacheshis shyness found relief in the calm self-reliance of his "left-hand" neighbor; and, as they were both lovers of books, rather than students thereof, a congeniality of tastes on literary subjects drew them together in those hours of leisure which Mr. Bainrothe usually passed in his own or my father's library, in the cultivation of the dolce far nienteI

354 examples of  left-hand  in sentences