251 examples of lentil in sentences

Literally, a lentil; a piece of transparent glass or other substance so shaped as either to converge or disperse the rays of light.

Also lentil and nut pastes, salads, Wallace cheese, raisin bread, oatcake, sweet cakes and biscuits, jams, etc. DINNERS.

Green Pea, Lentil, Mulligatawny, Mushroom, Nuto, Nuto Cream, Nutmarto, Spinach, Vigar.

I need not here give recipes for ordinary oatmeal gruel, but Lentil Gruel may be new to some.

Take a dessert-spoonful lentil flourthe "Digestive" lentil flour is always to be depended onsmooth with a little cold milk or water in a saucepan.

Take a dessert-spoonful lentil flourthe "Digestive" lentil flour is always to be depended onsmooth with a little cold milk or water in a saucepan.

Savoury Lentil Pie.

The same paste can be put over any stewGerman Lentil, Haricot Bean, &c.great care being taken that there is plenty of liquid.

DESCRIPTION.Several varieties of the lentil are cultivated for food, but all are nearly alike in composition and nutritive value.

LENTIL PUREE.Cook the lentils and rub through a colander as for peas puree.

LENTIL GRAVY WITH RICE.Rub a cupful of cooked lentils through a colander to remove the skins, add one cup of rich milk, part cream if it can be afforded, and salt if desired.

PEASE GRAVY.A gravy prepared either of dried or green peas as directed for Lentil Gravy on page 226, makes a suitable dressing for baked potatoes.

Lentil gravy is also good for the same purpose.

The addition of a little lemon juice to the lentil gravy makes another variety.

Fresh Fruit Samp and Milk Gravy Toast Whole-Wheat Puffs Toasted Wafers Hoe Cake Baked Apples Stewed Fruit DINNER Swiss Lentil Soup Mashed Potatoes Celery and Tomato Turnip with Cream Sauce Oatmeal Crisps Graham Bread Toasted Wafers Graham Grits Stewed Fruit Baked Corn Meal Pudding

Fresh Fruit Oatmeal Lentil Toast Macaroni with Tomato Sauce Cream Rolls Rye Bread Toasted Wafers Stewed Fruit Roasted Almonds DINNER Potato Soup Potato Puff Browned Parsnips Celery Mashed Peas Rolled Wheat Rye Bread Whole-Wheat Puffs Graham Crisps Apple Rose Cream SABBATH BREAKFAST

Fresh Fruit Graham Grits Blackberry Toast Rice with Lentil Gravy Graham Puffs Toasted Wafers Rye Bread Baked Apples Stewed Fruit DINNER Bean and Hominy Soup Boiled Potatoes

Fresh Fruit Steamed Rice Lentil Toast Whole-Wheat Puffs Graham Crisps Fruit Bread

Fresh Fruit Cerealine Flakes Cream Toast Graham Puffs Fruit Bread Toasted Wafers Baked Apples Stewed Fruit DINNER Swiss Lentil Soup Boiled Potatoes with Cream Sauce Scalloped Tomato Stewed Vegetable Oysters Pearl Barley Graham Bread Rye Gems Toasted Wafers Lemon Apples Stewed Fruit SECOND DAY BREAKFAST

Fresh Fruit Oatmeal Vegetable Oyster Toast Lentil Puree Toasted Wafers Corn Puffs Graham Bread

Lentil Soup Mashed Potato Boiled Macaroni Canned Okra and Tomato Corn Bread Graham Puffs Toasted Wafers Stewed Fruit Fresh Fruit and Nuts

LENTIL SOUP (LINZEN), No. 1 Soak two cups of lentils over night in cold water.

LENTIL SOUP, No. 2 Made same as Dried Pea Soup.

CREAM OF LENTIL SOUP Soak one cup of lentils over night.

A little farther on, always in a westerly direction though somewhat to the south, since he followed the line of the coast, the Admiral sailed into a sea of grass of which the seeds resemble those of the lentil.

251 examples of  lentil  in sentences