127 examples of leprosy in sentences

The physician declared he could heal leprosy.

Who is not ravished with gums, balms, dates, figs, pomegranates, circassia, and sycamores, without recollecting that amidst these are dust, hot and fainting winds, bugs, mosquitos, spiders, flies, leprosy, fevers, and almost universal blindness.

Outside the city, there is a suburb appropriated to lepers, a Lazar-house of leprosy, which afflicting and loathsome disease descends from father to son through unbroken generations; the afflicted cannot enter the city, and no one dare approach their habitations.

for he would recover him of his leprosy.

Let us be thankful that leprosy is unknown here.

so might naturally feel revengeful, and say that Naaman's leprosy was a punishment for the wrong he had done her.

for he would recover him of his leprosy."

Naaman went home cured of his leprosy, with some earth to make an altar of, and all his gold and silver and fine garments, except what the foolish Gehazi got from him by lying.

In the name of Jesu Christ be thou cleansed from all thy leprosy, anon all his filth fell away, and a fair new skin appeared on his body so that he seemed all a new man.

But which is the swampy soil in which this social disease can spread and persist like leprosy in tin collective organism?

Like S. Catherine of Bologna she embroidered well and painted miraculously, and she once healed a leprosy by licking it.

If it be within the [1075]body, and not putrified, it causeth black jaundice; if putrified, a quartan ague; if it break out to the skin, leprosy; if to parts, several maladies, as scurvy, &c. If it trouble the mind; as it is diversely mixed, it produceth several kinds of madness and dotage: of which in their place.

Gehazi was stricken with leprosy, 2 Reg.

lib. 5, reckons up leprosy, as those Galbots in Gascony, hereditary lepers, pox, stone, gout, epilepsy, &c. Amongst the rest, this and madness after a set time comes to many, which he calls a miraculous thing in nature, and sticks for ever to them as an incurable habit.

his leprosy has fled away!

Yet I was all the time conscious that a pure and noble being was supplicating me for help,a being who had devoted her life to me,whose soul was stainless, while mine was spotted with the leprosy of a selfish nature.

But during my rapid approach, I observed that the external walls of the nameless edifice beneath the arcade were covered, and without a single interstitial interval, by small pictures in oil-colours, equal in size, and equal in demerit, and each and all representing some calamitous crisis of human existencea fire, a ship-wreck, a boat-wreck, a battle, a leprosy!

LEPROSY, 258, 470.

The fact is, the slaveholder feels the leprosy of slavery upon him.

Leprosy and the pest had terrors greater even than those of battle.

Here comes a man covered with leprosy.

"I will," says the Great Physician, and in an instant the leprosy is gone.

It appears from an entry in the preceding year, that this man was first sent to "Sentt Thomas Spittell in Soughwork," when it was discovered that he was afflicted with the leprosy, or some cutaneous disease, and immediately removed to the Lazar-house at Mile End, it being strictly forbidden that such cases should remain in the hospitals.

We owe to the Dutch that scurvy and leprosy have been banished from England, that continuous crops have taken the place of barren fallows, that the true rotation of crops has been discovered and perfected, that the population of these islands has been increased and that the cattle and sheep in England are ten times what they were in numbers and three times what they were in size and quality.

When Vespasian, the Roman emperor, heard the story of Christ's passion, as related by a knight who had just returned from the Holy Land, he sent a commission to Jerusalem to investigate the matter and bring back some holy relic to cure his son Titus of leprosy.

127 examples of  leprosy  in sentences