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10302 example sentences with  lesson

10302 example sentences with lesson

Moreover, I lie here, by this water, to learn by root-of-heart a lesson which my master teaches me to call Peace, or Contentment."

An old gentleman, well on in years, sits handsomely and naturally in the bow-window of his age, scanning experience with reverted eye; and chirping and smiling, communicates the accidents and reads the lesson of his long career.

Where youth agrees with age, not where they differ, wisdom lies; and it is when the young disciple finds his heart to beat in tune with his grey-bearded teacher's that a lesson may be learned.

"I don't expect to convert you in a single lesson.

"I am sure, though, that the severity with which we punished these offenses at the outset was really merciful, for only by killing the civilians who fired on us, and by burning their houses, could we bring home to thousands of others the lesson that if they wished to fight us they must enlist in their own army and come against us in uniforms, as soldiers."

He laughed heartily, and promised to go with me in the morning and give me a practical lesson in deer-stalking.

This statement, coming to the ears of Hal, by way of a joke, he proposed that Patsey should give him a lesson in the art of gourd-hunting.

Nor was Patsey the only one who learned a lesson while at the Pimo villages.

Jean Ingelow 74 A BUILDER'S LESSON.

Do not, then, let the reading lesson drift into a dull and monotonous calling of words.

POEMS.In the first lesson, a poem, like a picture, should be presented as a whole, and never dissected.

EXPLANATIONS.Explanations should accompany every reading lesson, without which there can be no serious teaching of the vernacular.

The teacher should insist that the pupil express himself clearly and correctly, not only during the reading lesson, but on every subject he has occasion to deal with, either orally or in writing, throughout the day's recitations.

And so wonderful did it seem to the wise man, that he took the fern leaf home with him and placed it in his cabinet where all could admire it; and where, if they were thoughtful and clever enough, they could think out the story for themselves and find the lesson which was hidden away with the fern in the bit of rock.

Well, let's not call it a lesson, but only a truth which it will do every one of us good to remember; and that is, that none of the beauty in this fair world around us, nor anything that is sweet and lovely in our own hearts, and lives, will ever be useless and lost.

Its pages inculcate the same lesson, as those of the Rambler, but "the precept, which is tedious in a formal essay, may acquire attractions in a tale, and the sober charms of truth be divested of their austerity by the graces of innocent fiction[c]."

As every hour taught me something new, I lived in a continual course of gratifications; but, as I advanced towards manhood, I lost much of the reverence with which I had been used to look on my instructers; because, when the lesson was ended, I did not find them wiser or better than common men.

Soon after trading recommenced, and the lesson appeared forgotten, for an attempt was made to steal the kedge anchor by which the ship was being warped nearer the shore.

As the public burdens grow heavier, the lesson of resistance and rebellion will find its aptest scholars in the non-slave-owning majority who will be paying taxes for the support of the very institution that has made and keeps them poor.

We like especially the lesson which the triumphant authoress, in the full glory of her fame, receives, on finding that her father sets a higher value on his son's least achievement than on his daughter's highest success,that, however a woman may deserve a man's place, the world will never award it to her.

When the land had vanished at all points, and there was nothing in sight but deep blue water around us and a sky above, the scene was truly sublime; there was a mental reaction, impressing a lesson of the insignificance of man, which I had never before felt.

"That will I gladly relate, for all may draw from it a lesson;" So made the neighbor reply.

Life teaches us To be less strict with others and ourselves; Thou'lt learn the lesson too.

In truth, Nature a method giveth to renew thy youth: But in another book the lesson's writ; It forms a curious chapter, I admit.

In regard to the military importance of the command of the Great Lakes, history ought to teach us a lesson.

For his history, it teaches its lesson, and I shall tell it to you.

He went in and asked her, and she, in return, asked him if he had read his lesson that morning.

"Did you remember your reading-lesson this morning?" "Why,no," said Rollo, looking a little confused.

"If I were you," replied Rollo's mother, "I should first of all sit down and have a good reading lesson.

You can do as you please, however; but if you attempt to read at all, I advise you to do it not as play, but as a lesson.

Rollo's mother advised him, when he went to bed the evening before the day fixed upon for the blueberrying, to rise early the next morning, and take a good reading lesson before breakfast.

Rollo accordingly arose quite early, and, when he came in to breakfast, had the satisfaction of telling his father that he had read his morning lesson, and prepared his basket, and was all ready to go.

[Illustration] [Illustration] THE IDLE BOY Thomas was an idle lad, And loung'd about all day; And though he many a lesson had.

" She thought it was beautiful in the book, And the lesson home to her heart she took; She walked on her way with a trusting grace, And a dove-like look in her meek young face; Which said, just as plain as words could say, "The Holy Bible I must obey: So, mamma, I'll be kind to my darling brother; For 'little children must love each other.'

Perhaps the counsellors of King Cotton think that in this case it will; but all history teaches us another lesson.

This lesson is taught us by the whole recorded history of the world.

Laura and I concluded it would be a good lesson to us about giving; and she had whispered to me something of the same sort, when I insisted on dressing Betsy Ann Hemmenway, a little mulatto, in an Oriental caftan and trousers, and had promised her a red sash for her waist.

It was a good lesson to me.

Going freely among the neighbors, and welcoming and helping them familiarly, the Wordsworths laid their own lives open to observation; and the mingled carefulness and comfortthe good thrift, in shortwrought as a powerful lesson all around.

She repeated part of a child's hymn,very homely, about going straight to school, and taking care of the books, and learning the lesson well,and broke off, saying, "There!

My life's lesson had been learned.

You have not learned the sorrowful lesson, that all worldly occupations and interests are wearing to their close.

โ€โ€”The league to enforce peace.โ€”The final lesson.

What lesson must Germany learn?

What is the greatest lesson taught by the war?

It is a lesson for all folksgreat and smallfrom the infant in the nursery to the emperor of Russia, the grand signior of Turkey, and the queen of Portugalor from those who play with toy-cannons to such as are now figuring on the theatre of war: "Will you walk into my parlour" said a spider to a fly: "'Tis the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy.

And now, dear little children, who may this story read, To idle, silly, flattering words, I pray you ne'er give heed: Unto an evil counsellor close heart, and ear, and eye, And take a lesson from this tale of the Spider and the Fly.

Everybody was bare-footed and bare-legged, teachers and all, and every boy was studying out loud, repeating his lesson over and over as he committed it to memory.

If the liquor was short in the bottle a dime's worth, the lesson was curtailed.

She was letter perfect in the bitter lesson, and if the sale of papers did not bring in enough to fill the bottle, she accepted the hard fact with the calm of great determination and did not go near the lodger's room, but went to bed instead.

Captain Colden, with the terrible lesson of the battle in the bush, had become a strict disciplinarian, and Willet was always at his elbow with unobtrusive but valuable advice which the young Philadelphian had the good sense to welcome.

It was a terrible lesson, but afterwards the others took no risks, although they were anxious to fire on hostile figures that their fancy saw for them among the trees.

Even women and children are repeating this, as if it were a lesson they seek to commit to memory.

"Let this be a lesson to you, woman," he said sternly; and Gavinia intimated with humility that she hoped to profit by it.

For a month or more she had burned to teach him a lesson, but there was a time before that when, had she been sure he was in earnest, she would have preferred to be the pupil.

I thought I was stronger than you, but I was ludicrously mistaken, and you taught me a lesson I richly deserved; you did me good, and I thank you for it.

Perhaps it will teach him a lesson, and he will mend his ways."

There is hope in this world for the Prodigal, who has a sharp and evil lesson, and comes crawling home to claim the love he had despised; but for the elder brother, with his blameless service and his chilly heart, what hope is there for him?

The melancholy part of the situation is that one feels that these excellent people, for all their admiration, have not learnt the real lesson of the incident in the least.

These mouldering walls, these soaring towers, the voice of many waters, teach me this, if they teach me nothing else, that peace and beauty are dear to the heart of God; that he sets them where he can; that we can perceive them and love them; and that if our life is a learning of some great and dim lesson, these sweet influences may sustain and comfort us at least as well as the phantoms which so many of us pursue.

when the Saviour's calm, benignant eye Fell on your gentle beauty; when from you That heavenly lesson for all hearts he drew.

And though too oft its low, celestial sound By the harsh notes of work-day care is drown'd, And the loud steps of vain, unlist'ning haste, Yet the great lesson hath no tone of power, Mightier to reach the soul in thought's hush'd hour, Than yours, meek lilies, chosen thus, and graced.

" After that first lesson she had been "reasonable."

Dey done had a sad lesson.

That is the lesson my father should have learned."

My own experience, at least, has taught me a very different lesson.

Out of it has grown such a sense of friendly freedom as found expression in this letter written to its American teacher by a Junior Class who were more familiar with the meter of Evangeline than with the geometry lesson assigned.

Harder than irregular verbs or English idioms is the fundamental lesson that the Bible class on Sunday has a vital connection with honest work in arithmetic on Monday, the settling of a quarrel on Tuesday, and the thorough sweeping of the schoolroom on Wednesday.

"'Cleanliness is next to godliness' is the first lesson we teach in our social and Christian service fields.

In the compounding room you will see a lesson in pill-making.

That the lesson of these peaks might not be forgotten, the student finds them copied accurately in nearly every landscape painted by Titian.

A month's confinement to one who never kept his bed a day is a stinging lesson, and has humbled my insolence to almost indifference.

"I, for my part, ask that Major Carmona be arrested together with his accomplices in the matter so that it may serve as a lesson not only for him but also for those who think like him."

Copple tried to teach me how to tell the age of turkeys from their feet, a lesson I did not think I would assimilate in one hunting season.

I chose to interpret the woman mind through the modern American woman, partly because she has learned the great lesson of organization, and has thus been able to work more effectively, and to impress her will on the community more strikingly than other women in other ages.

A wet day will suggest a lesson on rain, a snowy day a lesson about snow.

A wet day will suggest a lesson on rain, a snowy day a lesson about snow.

For a language lesson, a written description may be prepared, illustrated by a drawing.









They could keep us down behind the pits while they would walk about as they chose, unless a shell from one of our batteries was flung at them, in which case they showed that they, too, had been studying the dodging lesson.

This certainly ought to be a lesson to them.

Art, in its broad and permanent meaning, is a language,the language of sentiment, of character, of national impulse, of individual genius; and for this reason it bears a lesson, a charm, or a sanction to all,even those least versed in its rules and least alive to its special triumphs.

Many a lesson for good have they taught me.

All the time he was away, Isabella sat in his study, poring over her books; when he returned, she had a famous lesson to recite to him.

The rehearsals for "A Winter's Tale" were a lesson in fortitude.

The lovely park that the city has made on the heights that surround it is a lesson to Birmingham, Sheffield, and our other black towns.

Such a lesson in the law of contrasts!

I saw Mrs. Drew play Mrs. Malaprop, and it was a lesson to people who overact.

Thirdly nature, obviously thereโ€™s a massive lesson coming from the world of nature and the way we might have been abusing it.

Third, the crisis in Makhanda is also a lesson in cross-class solidarity that should be restated.

Well, thatโ€™s one lesson certainly that the Congress party can learn.

โ€œWe want the federal government to take a lesson from this: They need to hold elections, too, so we can work together to build the country,โ€ said Hailay Haileselassie, a 37-year-old who works for a construction company.

"What lesson did you learn from impeachment?"