565 examples of let me know in sentences

I don't know there's much I can do; it ain't so easy to arrange for Russia, but, just the same, you let me know when you're ready to make that trip.'

It was at first a little mysterious why they should have postponed their demandssecret and silentuntil almost the last moment; but the fact is, a large section of my party were dissatisfied with the voluntary nature of their services; they declined to work for nothing, and having shown me that the prizethat is, the seatwas mine, they determined to let me know it must be paid for.

" "When you make up your mind aboutthe furniture,please let me know.

"I thought I owed this unexpected pleasure to your affectionate desire to let me know I had inherited the empty honours of a baronetcy!"

"You must promise me," I went on, "that if ever this barrier that parts us should be removed, you will let me know instantly.

You can let me know at the flat where you are.

Nevertheless, the next day, after a night spent in talking to Philomène, he said to her: "Next year, Philomène, if the tomtit comes back, let me know.

Recommend an example to me; and, above all, let me know whether 'tis most proper to walk in the woods, encreasing the winds with my sighs, or to sit by a purling stream, swelling the rivulet with my tears; may be, both may do well in their turns:but to be a minute serious, what do you mean by this reproach of inconstancy?

La. Wee will withdraw And let me know how you have cast the plott.

If you hear of anything really serious pray let me know about it.'

If you know this let me know, as we of the country know nothing.

Let me know your wishes on this point.

If he will not come, you must let me know.

One of the company, a Baptist minister, to whose congregation the Schoolmaster belonged, promised to call in and see the boy occasionally, and to let me know how he gets on.

" "You are in Naples, and you have not let me know it?" said Bosio, reproachfully and interrogatively.

Let me know at once when the cat comes out of the bag.

" "Very well. Stand outside, and let me know when he comes.

" "Well, if there is, you let me know.

" "Why didn't you let me know where you were going?" asked Letty with a reproachful simplicity that concentrated Ailsa's amazed attention on her, for she had been looking scornfully at Berkley.

Madge evidently followed them to the door, for she called, "Please let me know the moment something happens or you learn anything.

Let me beg of you, Sir, to let me know whether there be any Cure for this unaccountable Distemper; or if not, that you will be pleased to publish this Letter: For my Husband having a great Veneration for your Writings, will by that means know you do not approve of his Conduct.

You didn't let me know when to expect you, and I had an engagement when you did come.

If you learn anything fresh, I hope you will let me know; and I am very much obliged to you for taking so much trouble in the matter.

"When she was near the end, and could not speak," the clergyman says, "I asked her to let me know by a sign whether she was at peace.

"You are out of health; let me know what is the matter.

565 examples of  let me know  in sentences