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565 examples of  let me know  in sentences

565 examples of let me know in sentences

I don't know there's much I can do; it ain't so easy to arrange for Russia, but, just the same, you let me know when you're ready to make that trip.'

But you must continue the search, and you must let me know, from day to day, what you learn.

If the owner won't accept that, you must let me know before you break off negotiations.

Just have the line run, and let me know about it.

Let me know, and I'll come out immediately if there is anything wrong.

Miss Bemont, she't lives over on Woodchuck Hill, she's got a lot o' little turkeys in a coop; I guess you'd better go 'long over there, an' ef you can't get none o' her'n, by that time our boys'll be to hum, an' I'll set 'em arter our'n; they'll buckle right to; it's good sport huntin' little turkeys; an' I guess you'll hev to stop, comin' home, so's to let me know ef you'll hev 'em.

He said there was nothing to keep me out, and that he would let me know when they came.

Why didn't you let me know you were coming?" "Perhaps it would have been better," he agreed quietly.

It was at first a little mysterious why they should have postponed their demandssecret and silentuntil almost the last moment; but the fact is, a large section of my party were dissatisfied with the voluntary nature of their services; they declined to work for nothing, and having shown me that the prizethat is, the seatwas mine, they determined to let me know it must be paid for.

" "When you make up your mind aboutthe furniture,please let me know.

"I thought I owed this unexpected pleasure to your affectionate desire to let me know I had inherited the empty honours of a baronetcy!"

"Well, do this, then, and let me know the results.

'Come, (said he,) let me know what it is that makes a Scotchman happy!'

I expect you will let me know what he will write you in return, and we here beg to make offer to you and Mrs. Boswell of our most respectful compliments.

You delight in crooked wayslet me know, since I must stay in your company (for he held my hand), let me know all you have said to the people below.

If ye want head, let me know.

"You must promise me," I went on, "that if ever this barrier that parts us should be removed, you will let me know instantly.

Let me know if there is anything whatever that I can do, and I shall be ready at any time.

You can let me know at the flat where you are.

If by any chance he mentions a man named Selingman, let me know.

Let me have the opportunity of seeing you at the club, and let me know each day where you can be found.

Let me know what manner of man he is.

"Let me know exactly," Phineas Duge said, a moment or two later, "what you have done with regard to the man Vine.

Prythee, leave thy foolery, and let me know thy news.

Nevertheless, the next day, after a night spent in talking to Philomรจne, he said to her: "Next year, Philomรจne, if the tomtit comes back, let me know.

"Whenever anything happens let me know and we'll take some action.

Recommend an example to me; and, above all, let me know whether 'tis most proper to walk in the woods, encreasing the winds with my sighs, or to sit by a purling stream, swelling the rivulet with my tears; may be, both may do well in their turns:but to be a minute serious, what do you mean by this reproach of inconstancy?

" "If ever I can do anything for you," he said, "just you let me know.

La. Wee will withdraw And let me know how you have cast the plott.

" "Oh, but, my dear," cried Mrs. Orgreave, "why ever didn't you tell them downstairs, or let me know earlier?

If you hear of anything really serious pray let me know about it.'

Argue it out with your friend here, whose scruples do not displease me, and let me know your determination when the last word is said.

If you will let me know when she will be ready, I will call for her.

At the end of that time you will please let me know your decision.

I feel at times like fretting sadly over him, and wish I knew if he was alive or dead, but then the Lord do comfort one, and I know He sees just where he is, and He'll let me know when the right time comes.

Since I wrote to Queeney I have written twice to you, on the 6th and the 9th: be pleased to let me know whether you have them, or have them not.

Nep. Cinthia, see, Thy word hath fetcht me hither, let me know why I ascend.

I cannot tell What 'tis you mean, but I am apt enough Rudely to thrust into ignorant fault, But let me know it; happily 'tis nought But misconstruction, and where I am clear I will not take forgiveness of the gods, much less of you.

You think it out and let me know later on.

The last words he said to me was, 'Let me know at once if there's any change.'

If you know this let me know, as we of the country know nothing.

Let me know your wishes on this point.

Let me know what I owe you .

"Dear Lord," I pray, "Oh, let me know If it is wrong to want it so?" He only smilesHe does not speak: My heart grows weaker and more weak, With looking at the thing so dear, Which lies so far, and yet so near.

If he will not come, you must let me know.

"Very well," said she, closing the book, and handing it to him, "you can read the rest of it yourself, and if you want any other books on the list, just let me know by Uncle Isham, and I will send them to you.

Now that Miss Rob is away, I am very particular about knowing, beforehand, when ladies are coming to visit me; and when you see any wagon or carriage turn in, I want you to make a short cut across the fields, and let me know it, and I will give you a quarter of a dollar every time you do so."

"Let me know if you need anything.

"Let me know if you are not O.K. about this."

One of the company, a Baptist minister, to whose congregation the Schoolmaster belonged, promised to call in and see the boy occasionally, and to let me know how he gets on.

Let me entreat you, Sir, to give me your Advice upon this Occasion, and to let me know how I may relieve my self in this my Widowhood.

SIR, Pray be so kind as to let me know what you esteem to be the chief Qualification of a good Poet, especially of one who writes Plays; and you will very much oblige, SIR, Your very humble Servant, N. B. To be a very well-bred Man.

If Mr. Morse is at leisure and disposed to undertake this work, he will please prepare his canvas and let me know when he is ready for my attendance.

"You might have let me know you were going," said the king.

" "You are in Naples, and you have not let me know it?" said Bosio, reproachfully and interrogatively.

Now, my dear, if you will go upstairs and look through Jack's things, and let me know exactly how he stands, I will go down with him to the town, and get anything he requires.

Keep your wits about you and let me know at once if anything occurs to you that may have a bearing on the case.

The man of the house opened it, and as soon as he saw him, he said, "You are a fugitive slave, but be not alarmed, come in; no harm shall befall you here; I shall not inquire from whence you came; it is enough for me to know that you are a human being in distress; consider me your friend, and let me know your wants.

"Finally they dismissed me and said they would let me know later what they would do about my case.

She contrived, however, to pick out my meaning from the midst of the odd words and parts of sentences offered her, and replied that she would let me know that evening.

" "If you will let me know when he is expected, I will always go elsewhere.

"Spare yourself, and me, dearest Lucy," I eagerly said, "all explanations but those which are necessary to let me know the exact state of my sister's case.

She was waiting to speak to me, and no sooner caught my eye, than beckoning me to her side, she let me know that my sister desired to see me.

And if it were so do not keep it back: Make me a little happier: let me know it: Owe you me nothing for a life half-lost?

Why haven't you let me know?"

Let me know at once when the cat comes out of the bag.

" "Very well. Stand outside, and let me know when he comes.

" "Well, if there is, you let me know.

" "And you have not let me know this important fact, Bridget!" said the governor, a little reproachfully.

"I never can understand," said Antony, presently, "why your grandmother did not let me know when first you came to the cottage.

When you have decided to make this oath you can let me know."

He seemed delighted to see me, and soon let me know that his only interest in the party was on account of my presence among them.

"And sheshe forbade you to let me know of her safety?

And whatever she says in reply let me know as soon as possible.

Helen W. Thurber (W) & Rosemary Thurber Sauers (C); 30Oct70; R494424. Why don't you let me know what it is, if it's so pleasant?

" "Why didn't you let me know where you were going?" asked Letty with a reproachful simplicity that concentrated Ailsa's amazed attention on her, for she had been looking scornfully at Berkley.

Madge evidently followed them to the door, for she called, "Please let me know the moment something happens or you learn anything.

If the Spirits respond, pray send me word and let me know how much I am indebted to you.'

If it be the Spirit of my great-grandmother, it can be surely no satisfaction to her, after all the bother of materialization, to hold converse with me as the Spirit of Sally in our Alley; and if she be, in every sense of the word, a 'spirity' old lady, she will instantly undeceive me, and 'let me know who I am talking to.'

" "Let me know when you're going to shoot, Mr. Pitcairn," said Tom, also cocking his revolver, "because I want to join in.

But I shall impatiently expect your Thoughts in this Matter and am SIR, Your most Obliged, and most Faithful Humble Servant, T.B. Let me know whether you think the next Child will love Horses as much as Molly does China-Ware.

Let me beg of you, Sir, to let me know whether there be any Cure for this unaccountable Distemper; or if not, that you will be pleased to publish this Letter: For my Husband having a great Veneration for your Writings, will by that means know you do not approve of his Conduct.

If you need anything, write to me at once and let me know about it, won't you?"

You didn't let me know when to expect you, and I had an engagement when you did come.

"If you find him," said he, "and can git anything out of him, let me know and I'll make it an object to you.

If you learn anything fresh, I hope you will let me know; and I am very much obliged to you for taking so much trouble in the matter.

She let me know right away that she wanted a letter, which means, of course, that Raminez is not with her.

Why couldn't you let me know that she was flighty beforehand?

Write often and let me know what is needed and what passes.

Emily?" "Why you have been taking all possible pains to let me know that you do not love me in the least, and that, as far as you foresee, you do not mean to love me," she answered, two great tears falling on his hand when he tried to take hers.

"When she was near the end, and could not speak," the clergyman says, "I asked her to let me know by a sign whether she was at peace.

Now that I had truly left and was gone, she seemed to be willing to let me know better than before what a charming woman she was.

My acquaintances were kind enough to let me know that I was generally thought proud, exacting, ill-natured, and apt to expect the best of everything.

He is going on an exploring expedition, and wishes to let me know the result.

I should be gratified, if Benjamin Franklin would let me know something of his progress in the French language.

"You are out of health; let me know what is the matter.

However, if matters are not more satisfactory at the end of the recess, let me know, andbut you shall see!

If you can, let me know it?" "Nay, it is only when too late that such things are found out.

Let me know how you are to be entertained this winter at the theatre.

At all events, let me know the truth, and look it in the face as soon as may be.