234 examples of leverage in sentences

By the exercise of main strength, and the leverage afforded with a strong ironwood handspike, he succeeded in rolling both those barrels into the cave and uptilting them, and leaving them standing high and dry.

"It is simply wonderful what a leverage upon society a few acres of land, a cow, a pig or two, and a span of horses gives a man.

We also become able to develop mathematical models that reflect many more properties of nature's own systems, such as self-similarity and remote high leverage points.

An ambitious man, like Louis Napoleon, for example, who sets out with those two best gifts of worldly fortune, a lace with nothing but brass and a pocket with nothing but copper in it, has a brilliant, if a short, career before him, and will be sure to gain the character of ability; for if ambition but find selfishness to work upon, it has that leverage which Archimedes wished for.

But Leverage was a magnificent man for the office he held: competent, methodical, intensely orthodoxbut typical of the modern police in contradistinction to the modern detective.

" "But," suggested Carroll slowly, "suppose we admit that your theory is correctand I've thought of it myself: how and where was that body put into the taxicab?" Leverage shrugged: "That's where you come in, Carroll.

And the one who knew has told the other onethe affection between them is something pretty to look at, Leverage."

Nor am I. It's a puzzling combination of circumstances, Leverage: a perfectly knit thingif we

"Exactly!" "Which makes it pretty clear," finished Leverage positively, "that Mrs. Lawrence was the woman in the taxicab!

"Nobut it proves something a good deal worse, Leverage.

I want to think for a minute" Leverage sank obediently into a chair.

Now tell us the truth!" Barker stared first at Carrollthen at Leverage.

Leverage, seated in the corner of the room, chewing savagely on a big black cigarwas sorry for his friend: sorryyet proud of the way he was standing the gaff of his chagrin.

" "Why?" snapped Leverage.

Long after William Barker left the roomheld in custody under special guardDavid Carroll and Chief of Police Eric Leverage maintained a thoughtful silence.

That being the case, and Barker being obviously not a high type of man, it is certainly not unreasonable to presume that he was capitalizing his information." "Seems plausible," grunted Leverage.

" Leverage held Carroll with his eyes: "Do you believe Barker's story, David?" "Believe it?

" "Do you believe she killed him?" "Evidence points to that answer, Leverage.

Sounds all right so far?" "Perfectly," said Leverage.

And then" Leverage leaped forward eagerly: "Yes??

" Leverage crossed to his desk, from the top drawer of which he took a box of cigars.

Leverage's logic was irrefutable.

Leverage's eyes were turned kindly upon him.

The plumage of the wings being spread, and acting with a broad surface on the atmosphere beneath them, is resisted by the inertia of the atmosphere, so that the air forms a falcrum, as it were, on which the bird rises, by the leverage of its wings.

The cement crumbled and gave; the heavy gold band commenced to bend; Rennes got his crowbar into an advantageous leverage and gave a mighty heave.

234 examples of  leverage  in sentences