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234 examples of  leverage  in sentences

234 examples of leverage in sentences

Some horses have been accustomed to be driven on the check, and the curb irritates them; others, with harder mouths, cannot be controlled with the slight leverage this affords; he must, therefore, accommodate the horses as he best can.

I felt as though the life was being squeezed out of me by the grasp of those hairy arms; yet the very vice in which I was held yielded me leverage.

It would be backed by the influence of the Governors, the power of public sentiment, the leverage of the press, so that the passage of the law should come easily and naturally.

By the exercise of main strength, and the leverage afforded with a strong ironwood handspike, he succeeded in rolling both those barrels into the cave and uptilting them, and leaving them standing high and dry.

It increases the leverage of important muscles, and protects the front of the knee joint, which is, from its position, much exposed to injury.

The skeleton, a general framework, affords protection, support, and leverage to the bodily tissues.

With that leverage one convulsive jerk threw Cartwright heavily back; he rolled on his side, with Sinclair following like a wildcat.

"It is simply wonderful what a leverage upon society a few acres of land, a cow, a pig or two, and a span of horses gives a man.

It seemed as if its length must have snapped it off, years since, where it joined the trunk; or as if the leverage of its weight must have toppled the whole tree over.

synergy (cooperation) 709. footing; purchase &c (support) 215; play, leverage, vantage ground.

We also become able to develop mathematical models that reflect many more properties of nature's own systems, such as self-similarity and remote high leverage points.

An ambitious man, like Louis Napoleon, for example, who sets out with those two best gifts of worldly fortune, a lace with nothing but brass and a pocket with nothing but copper in it, has a brilliant, if a short, career before him, and will be sure to gain the character of ability; for if ambition but find selfishness to work upon, it has that leverage which Archimedes wished for.

Crank, description of, unequal leverage of, corrected by fly wheel; no power lost by; action of; strength proper for.

Fly wheel corrects unequal leverage of crank, proper energy for; Boulton and Watt's rule for; bursting velocity of; description of; action of, in redressing irregularities of motion.

Eric Leverage was the one man to whom he could talk.

Carroll placed an exceedingly high valuation on Leverage's opinioneven though the minds of the two men were as far apart as the poles.

But Leverage was a magnificent man for the office he held: competent, methodical, intensely orthodoxbut typical of the modern police in contradistinction to the modern detective.

And the combination of the twokeen analysis, logical deduction and plodding investigationcan perform wonders, which explains why Carroll and Leverage worked hand-in-hand with implicit confidence in one another.

Leverage listened with rapt attention to the report of his friend.

Occasionally the corners of his large humorous mouth twitched as Carroll touched on one or two of the lighter phases of his investigationand once Leverage even twitted him about becoming "one of these here butterfly

" "Yes," responded Leverage slowly, "perhaps we can.

" "But," suggested Carroll slowly, "suppose we admit that your theory is correctand I've thought of it myself: how and where was that body put into the taxicab?" Leverage shrugged: "That's where you come in, Carroll.

"I think you're about right, Leverage.

What about him?" Leverage rubbed his chin.

" "You're right, Leverage.

" Leverage chuckled grimly.

" Leverage chuckled.

And the one who knew has told the other onethe affection between them is something pretty to look at, Leverage."

"And I'm not forgetting, either" said Leverage grimly, "that Hazel Gresham was engaged to marry Warren!"

Nor am I. It's a puzzling combination of circumstances, Leverage: a perfectly knit thingif we

" Leverage did not take his cue immediately.

" Leverage nodded agreement.

"Fifthwe are fairly positive that she packed a suit-case the morning before the murder, that the suit-case left the house that morning and that two days later it mysteriously reappeared" "Yes," interrupted Leverage, "and we know that Warren was planning to make a trip with someone else!"

"Exactly!" "Which makes it pretty clear," finished Leverage positively, "that Mrs. Lawrence was the woman in the taxicab!

Leverage was sorry for Carrollsorry because he knew that Carroll was disappointed, that the boyish detective had hoped against hope that the trail would lead to some person other than the flaming creature who was Gerald Lawrence's wife.

"Nobut it proves something a good deal worse, Leverage.

manwhat are we going to do now?" Leverage refused to meet his friend's eyes.

Absolutely rotten!" "Trouble with you, David," said Leverage kindly"is that you're too damned human!"

I'm afraid, Leverage.

" Leverage rose and walked to the window.

Leverage spoke again softly "Haven't we?"

" Leverage shook his head.

Not that Carroll would flinch from dutybut Leverage considered it a weakness that Carroll insisted on postponing the inevitable.

"Yet you're disappointed in me?" "A littleyes," said Leverage honestly.

"No" as Leverage started for the door; "Don't go!

I want to think for a minute" Leverage sank obediently into a chair.

Leverage looked up with pleasure at the sound of relief in his friend's voice "Leverage?"

Leverage looked up with pleasure at the sound of relief in his friend's voice "Leverage?"

Bring him here!" Leverage departed with a light step.

Leverage spoke "I've got Barker."

" Cartwright brought Barker into the room and Leverage dismissed the plainclothesman.

" "Of course you'll swear it" Carroll's steely voice excited a vast admiration in Leverage's breast.

Now tell us the truth!" Barker stared first at Carrollthen at Leverage.

Leverage and Carroll leaned forward eagerlynervously.

Leverage, seated in the corner of the room, chewing savagely on a big black cigarwas sorry for his friend: sorryyet proud of the way he was standing the gaff of his chagrin.

Carroll did not look at Barker, but Leverage's steady gaze was fixed on the man's crafty face.

" "Why?" snapped Leverage.

Long after William Barker left the roomheld in custody under special guardDavid Carroll and Chief of Police Eric Leverage maintained a thoughtful silence.

Leverage wanted to talkbut refused to be the first to broach the subject which each knew was uppermost in the mind of the other.

" Leverage arched his eyebrows: "On Mrs. Lawrence?" "Yeson Mrs. Lawrence.

That being the case, and Barker being obviously not a high type of man, it is certainly not unreasonable to presume that he was capitalizing his information." "Seems plausible," grunted Leverage.

" Leverage held Carroll with his eyes: "Do you believe Barker's story, David?" "Believe it?

" "Do you believe she killed him?" "Evidence points to that answer, Leverage.

Sounds all right so far?" "Perfectly," said Leverage.

And then" Leverage leaped forward eagerly: "Yes??

" Leverage crossed to his desk, from the top drawer of which he took a box of cigars.

" "How?" "For one thing," said Leverage slowly"how do you explain the fact that it was a.32 that killed him.

Leverage's logic was irrefutable.

Leverage's eyes were turned kindly upon him.

" "Then," exclaimed Leverage with a slight touch of exasperation in his manner"who in thunder could have killed Warren if she didn't?

" Then Carroll excused himself and sought Eric Leverage.

Under pledge of secrecy he told Leverage the entire story as he had heard it from Naomi Lawrence's lips.

When he finished Leverage slammed his hand on the arm of his chair "Gerald Lawrence, or I'm a bum guesser," he stated positively.

" Leverage glanced keenly at his friend.

" The two men sat in Leverage's office and talked.

In response to Leverage's summons, an orderly entered.

He motioned to Leverage to remain.

" "YesThis is Chief Leverage, Miss Gresham.

" Leverage acknowledged the introduction and would have left but the girl stopped him.

" Alone with Leverage, Carroll clenched his fist"If that isn't the most peculiar" "She's not telling the truth, is she, David?"

Finally his face cleared and he stopped before Leverage's chair.

" Leverage was bewildered.

Leverage, regarding him keenly, found reason to doubt Carroll's positive statement that Gresham was the person they sought.

"Don't you think so, Leverage?" "Surest thing you know," returned the chief heartily.

"You win, David," said Leverage admiringly.

"How about it, Leverage?" "Sure," growled Leverage.

"How about it, Leverage?" "Sure," growled Leverage.

"Who's that?" questioned Leverage.

" Leverage smiled broadly.

he groaned, "it's Evelyn Rogers!" Leverage chuckledthen listened shamelessly to Carroll's end of the conversation "Yesyes, this is David CarrollI'm glad you think it was sweet of me to telephoneI want to speak to your sisterShe isn't there?Well, ask her to telephone me at headquarters as soon as she comes in, will you?Uh-huh!the Warren case has endedand that's what I wanted to tell herI only did my bestYesOh!

Leverage is everything,was what I used to say;don't begin to pry till you have got the long arm on your side.

But the watchful Jumbo had seized Ware's wrist with both hands, and returned to the big fellow the compliment of the Straight-Ann Leverage and the Flying Mere which had been so fatal to himself in the first bout.

" "Well?" "With the narrow blades a longer oar can be used and the leverage increased.

Forget the leverage of the Dayanand Social Security Scheme, it was Karnal Singh's khaki force which was largely responsible for the BJP ride to power.

They also built dams to throw large bodies of water along the west side of the caรฑon so that an army would be forced to the east side; and here at the top of the cliff, great quantities of boulders were placed so that a slight leverage would suffice to hail them down upon the army as it marched below.

He is not only unable to escape, but he is unable to strike, for he cannot strike unless coiled so as to give himself support and leverage.

The plumage of the wings being spread, and acting with a broad surface on the atmosphere beneath them, is resisted by the inertia of the atmosphere, so that the air forms a falcrum, as it were, on which the bird rises, by the leverage of its wings.

The cement crumbled and gave; the heavy gold band commenced to bend; Rennes got his crowbar into an advantageous leverage and gave a mighty heave.

After this point is reached a very slight increase of pressure very largely increases the deflection, thus obtaining so great a leverage about the middle section as to cause rupture.

The spears of the Port Essington natives may be divided into two classesfirst, those thrown with the hand alone, and second, those propelled by the additional powerful leverage afforded by the throwing-stick.