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142 examples of  liaisons  in sentences

142 examples of liaisons in sentences

<Lig> (bind): (1 and 2 combined) ligament, ligature, obligation, ally, alliance, allegiance, league, lien, liable, liaison, alloy.

With a feeling that everything was falling away from her the girl learnt from her visitor's disconnected story that there had been a liaison between her murdered father and her friend.

Amid a mass of conjecture, it is manifest that during the years between his return from Greece and final expatriation (1811-1816), including the whole period of his social glorythough not yet of his solid famehe was lured into liaisons of all sorts and shades.

Siramo, an Italian Artillery officer who was attached to us for liaison, accompanied me.

This mixture was a good arrangement, stimulating friendly rivalry and facilitating liaison and exchange of ideas.

One day in September, when the news from the French Front was getting better and better, I remember talking, on our tree top, to the Italian officer, who was at that time acting as liaison officer to our Brigade, a member of a family well known in Milan.

452 Italian, brown 453 white 454 Leamington 459 Lemon, for boiled fowls 457 for fowls and fricassees, white 458 for sweet puddings 1358 Liaison of eggs for thickening 461 Liver and lemon, for poultry 462 parsley 463 Lobster 464 Maigre maître d'hôtel (hot) 467 Maître d'hôtel (hot) 466 Mango chetney (Bengal recipe)

Matrimony committed twice thereafter landing him in the divorce court, he devoted himself to liaisons, one with Cleopatra.

It is only a liaison, a vulgar intrigue" He uttered an exclamation.

Swaying to and fro, with her eyes covered as if to hide her shame, she tried to tell herself that Stafford's was only a transient fancy for this girl, that it was mere flirtation, a vulgar liaison that she would teach him to forget.

His main duty was to act as a liaison between the General Staff and the administrative departments of the War Office.

It will be seen that whilst at the War Office the liaison between the General Staff and the administrative side was maintained by a Deputy Chief of the General Staff, in the organization in the field the same function was performed by the Staff Officer known as G.S. (b).

Whether it was this same fortune-teller who foretold that he would, in his twenty-seventh year, incur some great misfortune, is not certain; but, considering his unhappy English marriage, and his subsequent Italian liaison with the Countess Guiccioli, the marital prediction was not far from receiving its accomplishment.

It shall also take the necessary steps to establish and maintain proper liaison both with the foreign offices of the signatory powers and with any governments or agencies which may be acting as mandatories of the League of Nations in any part of the world.

He did not resent but rather encouraged the liaison, and spent his last ten thousand francs in furnishing a suite of apartments for the young couple, on condition that he was to be allowed to occupy an adjoining room, and see his daughter every day.

Then I was for a few weeks liaison officer on the Yser at the point where the English and Belgian lines met.

I was a fool not to understand, there in the auction room, when my face was slapped with proof of your liaison with this Lanyard!"

You know our regiments have runners, men who go to and fro carrying orders and making liaison along the line.

Doubtless this was false, but the princess had abundant liaisons not much more reputable.

But some Republican member from east Tennessee had impugned the rising statesman's honor with some sort of improper liaison.

In those days there seemed to be proper and improper liaisons.

At an early age, following upon her liaison with Count Coligny, she adopted the determination she adhered to during the rest of her life, of retaining so much only of the female character as was forced upon her by nature and the insuperable laws of society.

As an illustration of her sterling honesty in money matters and her delicate manner of ending a liaison, the following anecdote will serve to demonstrate the hold she was able to maintain upon her admirers.

Friendship, liaisons, social duties, pleasure, everything ceased to amuse her or give her any satisfaction.

Ninon was so little imbued with jealousy that when she discovered a liaison between her own lover, Marquis de Villarceaux and her friend, Madame Scarron, she was not even angry.

Love counts for nothing, or at least for very little, in all his liaisons.

The knowledge of true merits, solid qualities, and good character is creeping into the motives of your liaison, and combining with the personal charms which render you so blindly amorous.

But perhaps you will only too soon have new pretensions, and the Countess by new disputes will doubtless re-animate your liaison.

A liaison of the heart is a drama in which the acts are the shortest and the between acts the longest; with what then, would you fill the interludes if not with accomplishments?

Do you not feel in your soul a secret opposition to the tranquillity which you fancy your spirit has acquired? Mais aimer et vous voir aimée Est une douce liaison, Que dans notre coeur s'est formée De concert avec la raison.

concupiscence, lust, carnality, flesh, salacity; pruriency, lechery, lasciviency^, lubricity; Sadism, sapphism^. incontinence, intrigue, faux pas [Fr.]; amour, amourette^; gallantry; debauchery, libertinish^, libertinage^, fornication; liaison; wenching, venery, dissipation.

He summoned the two young people to his private closet, he acquainted them with the fact that the liaison could not continue, and ordered Malatesta to prepare for immediate imprisonmentwith the loss of all his honours and the confidence of his Sovereign.

Rumours of illicit intercourse between her and the Grand Duke were current all over Florence, and evil gossips at Court affirmed that the liaison had been of long continuance, wherein, too, the Duchess Isabella was herself implicated.

Francesco judged that the liaison between his sister-in-law and the so-called "assassin" required regulation, especially as she had failed to comply with his previous admonition.

Reports of liaisons were made to the Duke by his Chamberlain from time to time, but these were couched in words which concealed his own part therein.

The above was not the accusation made against him; instead, he was charged with having kept up a liaison with Livilla.

Among the men exiled at this time Ofonius Tigillinus was banished on the charge of having had a liaison with Agrippina.

Inasmuch as the latter had once been on intimate terms with Gaius, she made this offering as a mark of gratitude for his consenting to a liaison with her.

When his ardor cools, she lures him on again under a different disguise, and thus manages four several liaisons successively as Fantomina, Celia the Chambermaid, the Widow Bloomer, and the fair Incognita.

Shortly after, I met an old tramp with his pack, and handed him over to my liaison officer.

About 3 P.M. on August 23 I asked my liaison officer, Colonel R. Antonivitch Frank, of the Russian Army, to accompany me towards the front line, as I had heard rumours of large concentrations of the enemy, who, elated with this small initial success, seemed determined to dispute our possession of the village of Dukoveskoie.

I then dispatched my liaison officer, Colonel Frank, forward to discover their strength and character.

This party numbered about sixty, and included Captain Clark, the Padre (Captain Roberts), Lieutenant Buckley, my Czech interpreter (Vladimir), Regimental Sergt.-Major Gordon, Sergeant Webb (who, I am sorry to say, died a few days later at Spascoe), Colonel Frank (my liaison officer), and rank and file.

I sent my liaison officer (Colonel Frank) to find the absent station commandant who had allocated the cars to me.

During these proceedings I noticed my liaison officer in angry dispute with two Japanese officers against a truck carrying the Union Jack as an indication of the nationality of the train.

Our Cossack attendant, Marca, droned a folk-song about the wonders of the Baikal, which, when interpreted by my liaison officer, fitted the scene to a fraction.

I sent my liaison officer to find the cause, and he informed me that a body of men were beside the engine and threatening to shoot the driver if he moved another foot.

But as my liaison officer was repeating the names of those present a smart little energetic figure entered the room.

The higher culture, of Scotland especially, was all but exclusively Frenchnot a good kind, while Voltaire and Volney still remained unanswered, and "Les Liaisons Dangereuses" were accepted by all young gentlemen, and a great many young ladies who could read French, as the best account of the relation of the sexes.

He says admirably well, "La liaison du sens et du mot n'est jamais nécessaire, jamais arbitraire; toujours elle est motivée."

The check to his importunacy, given with genial tact by the Marchioness, might be taken, by those who believe their liaison to have had a touch of passion in it, as an argument in favour of that view.

And when I foreshadow this necessary liaison of the French and Arabic cultures, I am thinking not only of the Arab that is, but of the Arab that is to come.

"I am just from Damascus, where the French Liaison-officer paid me and gave me some instructions.

'Many persons say there is aa liaison between you,' she said.

In western China, however, far removed from all liaison with the main body of the Hsien-pi, they were unable to establish themselves, and when they tried to fight their way to the north-east they were dispersed, so that they failed entirely to form an actual state.

She has a liaison with a M. Clitandre, but always contrives to turn the tables on her husband.

Camille is besought by Duval père to leave her lover, whose prospects are ruined by the liaison.

The "careless husband" is sir Charles Easy, who has amours with different persons, but is so careless that he leaves his love-letters about, and even forgets to lock the door when he has made a liaison, so that his wife knows all; yet so sweet is her temper, and under such entire control, that she never reproaches him, nor shows the slightest indication of jealousy.

The other characters of the comedy also deal doubly: Thus Lady Froth pretends to love her husband, but coquets with Mr. Brisk; and Lady Pliant pretends to be chaste as Diana, but has a liaison with Careless.

She carries on a liaison with Colonel Lorenzo, by the aid of her father-confessor Dominick, but is always checkmated, and it turns out that Lorenzo is her brother.

How this girl, full of character and of passion bravely restrained, breaks down the business preoccupation of her chief and how her courage and steadfast honour convince him that the liaison he promised himself will not suffice for honour or purified desireall this is finely told.

French cross bond, otherwise diagonal bond (liaison en croix), is English bond, but with the peculiarity that in every fourth course one header is made use of in the stretcher course at the quoin.

We shall pass over in silence the other liaisons of the monarch, as they were too transitory greatly to affect the tranquillity of the Queen, until we are once more compelled to return to them in order to record his unhappy passion for the beautiful Princesse de Condéa passion which at one period threatened to involve a European war.

And in the course of this evolution, in the vain attempt to win beauty by gratitude and humility, the timid Hilliard, who seeks to propitiate his charmer by ransoming her from a base liaison and supporting her in luxury for a season in Paris, is thrown off like an old glove when a richer parti declares himself.

She's married to the best fellow in the worlda liaison officer working with our squadronand she worships the ground that he walks on and the air that he occasionally flies in.

Le piano revele par le film; 9. etude, op.25, revision avec les doigtes et les signes de liaison de Louta Nouneberg.

Le piano revele par le film; 8. etude, op.25, revision avec les doigtes et les signes de liaison de Louta Nouneberg.

Although fidelity had been demanded in marriage, romantic liaisons had not been entirely excluded and thus there was a sense in which the love-poetry of the early Indian middle ages had been partly paralleled by actual courtly or village practice.


The husbands do not expect them to be chaste; they take no cognizance of their temporary liaisons so long as they are not deprived of their services.

The Maori proverb that as the fastidious Kahawai fish selects the hook which pleases it best, so a woman chooses a man out of many (on the strength of which alone Westermarck, 217, claims liberty of choice for Maori women) must also refer to such liaisons before marriage, for all the facts indicate that the original Maori customs allowed women no choice whatever in regard to marriage.

Among the Oráons, as Dalton tells us (248), "liaisons between boys and girls of the same village seldom end in marriage;" and he gives strange details regarding the conduct of the young people which may not be cited here, and in which the natives see "no impropriety."

Perforce the poets had to neglect realism, give up all idea of mirroring respectable domestic life, and take refuge in the realms of tradition, fancy, or liaisons.

Such marriages (liaisons we call them) are frequently mentioned in Hindoo literature (e.g., Hitopadesa, p. 85).

Their parents settle it all for them, French fashion, and after the liberty they have enjoyed, and the liaisons they are sure to have made, this interference on the part of the old folk must be very aggravating to the young ones.

I only stayed a few days, and came home, on New Year's Eve, to find that he had left the night before, having been suddenly transferred to the staff of the commander of the first army, as officier de la liaison, and I had in his place a young sous-officier of twenty-two, who proves to be a cousin of the famous French spy, Captain Luxe, who made that sensational escape, in 1910, from a supposed-to-be-impregnable German military prison.

Il me raconta toutes les occasions venues à sa connoissance, sans lui, j'aurois couru risque d'être assassiné, et me prévint d'être bien circonspect dans les liaisons que je ferois avec les Sarrasins, parce qu'il s'en trouvoit parmi eux d'aussi mauvais que les Francs.

"There are still rumors abroad of a liaison between me and Hortense," said he one day to Bourrienne.

The liaison in question had been a perfectly commonplace matter, and it would have been as ridiculous in the duke to deny it as for the marquis to have shown any indignation.

She has, for example, perception and a turn of phrase very pleasant, as when she speaks of the shops in darkened London conducting the last hour of business under lowered awnings, "as if it were a liaison."

[He married many women] and had liaisons with many more [without any lawful title], yet it was not that he cared about them; he simply wanted to imitate their actions when he should lie with his lovers [and get accomplices in his excesses by returning to them indiscriminately].

Let it be some liaison in the beau mondethe appearance of a new singer or actressthe detail of a recent duel, with particulars and embellishments, and your fortune is made at once.

Hazlitt suggests that 'the episode of Sylvia and Thyrsis' may have had its foundation in certain intrigues traceable in Digby's memoirs, and Fleay would see in the characters of Stella and Mirtillus a hint of Dorset's liaison with Lady Venetia.

Headquartersthis means the Brigadier, the Brigade Major, the Staff Captain, the Machine-Gun Officer, the Signal Officer, mayhap a Padre and a Liaison Officer, accompanied by a mixed multitude of clerks, telegraphists, and scullionsarrived safely at their new quarters under cover of night, and were hospitably received by the outgoing tenants, who had finished their evening meal and were girded up for departure.

In fact, the Machine-Gun Officer, Liaison Officer, and Padre had already gone, leaving their seniors to hold the fort till the last.

Thus one liaison succeeded another from girlhood to middle-ageindeed long after she had passed the altar.

It must suffice to say that never was Royal liaison conducted with so much propriety, or was marked by so much mutual devotion and loyalty.

And his desires had also two other stout opponents in Cardinal Fleury, his old mentor, and Maurepas, the most subtle and clever of his ministers, each of whom for different reasons was strongly averse to this new and dangerous liaison, which would make him the tool of Richelieu's favourite and Richelieu's party.

He did not even spare her those harsh words which snap the bonds of the most vulgar liaisons."

No recollection of this liaison, which was inexplicable and yet positive, rewarded him.

Although the charm of her firm skin and magnificent beauty had at first astonished and captivated Des Esseintes, he lost no time in terminating this liaison, for his impotence was prematurely hastened by the frozen and prudish caresses of this woman.

Their liaison continued, but his spells of exhaustion soon became acute.

The soul with which he animated his characters was not that breathed by Flaubert into his creatures, no longer the soul early thrown in revolt by the inexorable certainty that no new happiness is possible; it was a soul that had too late revolted, after the experience, against all the useless attempts to invent new spiritual liaisons and to heighten the enjoyment of lovers, which from immemorial times has always ended in satiety.

Von Wiegand's liaison with the powers that be in Berlin has long been a standing joke among his American colleagues.

It is no dishonour for a girl of the middle or lower class to have a liaison with some admirer, particularly if he is a student or a young officer; in fact, it is quite the proper thing for him to be welcomed by her parents, although it is perfectly well understood that he has not the slightest idea of marrying her.

He had a liaison with a woman of forty-five after which he began to write ghost stories.

* They begin gossiping that N. is living with Z.; little by little an atmosphere is created in which a liaison of N. and Z. becomes inevitable.

Coming to Paris a short time before the death of Louis XIV, she was ready to welcome the gross immorality of the Regency, and, for personal advancement, entered into a series of liaisons with Prior, the friend of Lord Bolingbroke, René d'Argenson, the Regent himself, Dubois, and the Chevalier Destouches.

Ce style peut-être bien n'est accusé d'être mauvais, précieux, guindé, recherché, que parce que les pensées qu'il exprime sont extrêmement fines, et ont se former d'une liaison d'idées singulières, lesquelles idées ont à leur tour être exprimées par le rapprochement de mots et de signes qu'on a rarement vus aller ensemble."

Ma foi, je n'étois pas venu dans ce dessein-, je te l'avoue; tout valet que je suis, je n'ai jamais eu de grande liaison avec les soubrettes: je n'aime pas l'esprit domestique; mais, à ton égard, c'est une autre affaire.