860 examples of liberates in sentences

[Footnote 9: See Judas Maccabaeus Liberates Judea, page 245.] Had Alexander even at the moment of his greatest strength directed his forces westward instead of east, he would have found a different world and encountered a sturdier resistance.



The news of war liberates something in them that we can find no name for.

Hence, he asserts of theoretic arithmetic that it imparts no small aid to our ascent to real being, and that it liberates us from the wandering and ignorance about a sensible nature.

These hideous Bastilles resemble that old human justice which possessed precisely as much conscience as they have, which condemned Socrates and Jesus, and which also takes and leaves, seizes and releases, absolves and condemns, liberates and incarcerates, opens and shuts, at the will of whatever hand manipulates the bolt from outside.

If we have written a clumsy or confused sentence, we shall often find that the removal of an awkward inversion liberates the ides, or that the modification of a cadence increases the effect.

Jim Pink Staggs composed a saga relating the soldier's exploits in France, his assault on the jail to liberate Cissie, and his death.

He was very earnest in endeavouring to prevail upon his friends, both, in and out of the society, to liberate those whom they held in bondage.

[Footnote A: It then appeared that individuals among those of the Church of England, Roman Catholics, Presbyterians, Methodists, and others had begun in a few instances to liberate their slaves.]

Could some practical method be discovered by means of which the burning of coal liberates electric energy, instead of heat energy, an electric source would be discovered that would far exceed in economy the best dynamo in existence.

For instance, the names used to denote the two political parties in Spain, Serviles and Liberates, are obviously chosen by the latter.

[Sidenote: Sir Launcelot liberates the captive ladies]

Wisdom liberates.

Ptolemy liberates the slaves.

The combustion of coal under a steam boiler therefore merely liberates the power which the sun gave out thousands of years before.

Where the priming arises from an insufficient amount of steam room, it may be mitigated by putting a higher pressure upon the boiler and working more expansively, or by the interposition of a perforated plate between the boiler and the steam chest, which breaks the ascending water and liberates the steam.

That liberates and exempts me from them

I trust, that your admission to which I have just referred, will have no small effect to prevent the Northern apologist for slavery from repeating the remark that the South would gladly liberate her slaves, if she saw any prospect of bettering the condition of the objects of her tender and solicitous benevolence.

The sudden compression of air liberates its latent heat, and produces fire.

She had witnessed his arrival in Venice to die in the peace of those canals, in that silence which is broken only by the stroke of the oarwhere many years before he had thought himself dying as he wrote his Tristanthat hymn to the Death that is pure, to the Death that liberates!

In one word, the real oppresses and enthralls; the ideal liberates, and brings us to ourselves.

The whole work of a university is uplifting, refining and spiritualizing: it embraces whatsoever touches life With upward impulse; be He nowhere else, God is in all that liberates and lifts; In all that humbles, sweetens and consoles.

A`RIEL, in Shakespeare's "Tempest," a spirit of the air whom Prospero finds imprisoned by Sycorax in the cleft of a pine-tree, and liberates on condition of her serving him for a season, which she willingly engages to do, and does.

[Note 1: Maestro de los cabelleros de su corte en las artes liberates.

860 examples of  liberates  in sentences
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