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1283 examples of  licking  in sentences

1283 examples of licking in sentences

I was lying on my back, with one leg doubled under the other, and Pepper was licking my ears.

I glanced at the dog again, and noticed that he was licking at his wound.

At that, he got upon his feet, nosing and licking my hand, wistfully.

Evaporation is also checked by the dense foliage to a greater extent than by any other Sierra tree, and the air is entangled in masses and broad sheets that are quickly saturated; while thirsty winds are not allowed to go sponging and licking along the ground.

Again and again, when Mr. Welsby's pupils were at football practice, and Mr. Blake happened not to be present, the enemy's sharp-shooter crept into ambush behind the hedge and discharged stones from their catapults at the legs of the players, while the latter replied by inquiring when they meant to "come over and take another licking."

This is the young beggar who tied that rope to the scrapers; I vote we give him a jolly good licking.'

'It's no use your making a row,' said Hogson, 'because no one'll hear you; and if you do, summons or no summons we'll come down and give you a licking.'

"I've a jolly good mind to give you a good licking, only I don't believe you'd care tu'pence if I did!"

The first chance I get I'll give you the best licking you ever had in your life.

"What do you think he wants me for?" "I don't know, but it sounds rather like getting a licking.

It is probable that, if this had happened at Horace House, Jack Vance would have received a good licking as soon as the classes were dismissed; but a few very plain and forcible words spoken by Rowlands on the subject of knocking small boys about caused Noaks to postpone his retaliation.

This cool way of treating the matter did not altogether please Grundy, who had rather expected that his adversary would elect to "take a licking."

" "If they catch you prying about, and find out that you've been watching them, you'll get an awful licking.

Afraid to face his schoolfellows, and having already received several intimations, from fellows passing the housekeeper's parlour, that a jolly good licking awaited him when he left his present place of refuge, Noaks had watched his opportunity, and when the boys were at tea had slipped out, and, as Maxton put it, "run away.

Would we, in our hearts, rather have been right and got a licking, or wrong and given one?" "A searching question!"

There were actually some people, Sergeant Hooper, who distrusted the righteousness of the British Cause, which is to say (the stranger smiled cynically) the certainty of our licking the Germans, and they hoarded it, the villains!" Sergeant Hooper stretched out his hand towards the bottle.

The Sergeant certainly deserved a frightand, if possible, a licking.

He descended and found a man who was licking the earth.

The tiny Mumbles, sitting beside the chair with his head cocked to one side, suddenly made a prodigious leap and landed in Myrtle's lap, where he began licking her chin and wagging his stumpy tail as if seconding the invitation.

In this manner our party proceeded, Rodolph leading the way, and his attendants following singly; while Fingal, who seemed rejoiced to have left the village, bounded along at his master's side, ever and anon leaping up to express his joy by licking his face and hands.

He slew the old hound with his heavy spear, That almost licking of his feet fell dead; For Gelert loved him well, and, crouching, took Without a cry the blow that struck his heart.

Back home I proudly walked up to my mum who was smiling a welcome, my brothers punching me, my dog licking me-all so far away from the world of elephants and tiger footprints.

The dog was licking my hand as I robbed you.

The ordinary observer, looking at the photograph for the first time, would be likely to reflect: "Here is a ruffian who needs a licking, but he has not got it yet.

It was surely time to go, for the biggest wolf had already stretched himself and was licking his paws, while the two cubs with full stomachs were rolling over and over and biting each other playfully in the snow.

He had a fancy that something cool and kind was licking his hand....

Matilda spent the night licking herself clean in the detention cell.

Fort Washington, a defence of some renown during the war, is two miles above, and opposite to the mouth of the Licking river.

The new police, however, gave them a terrible licking opposite Southampton Street, and not far from Northumberland House.

Then the pair retreated under a rain of firewood, and on the edge of the camp fell to licking their wounds and whimpering by turns and snarling.

It led directly into the mountainous country bordering on the Licking, and afforded evidences of great hurry and precipitation on the part of the fugitives.

He came up with the savages on Hinkston fork of Licking, immediately after they had crossed it; and a most severe and desperate conflict ensued.

Like S. Catherine of Bologna she embroidered well and painted miraculously, and she once healed a leprosy by licking it.

Getting rested from the fatigue of his forced journey, the animal had crawled beneath the wagon, and, attracted by the warmth of the blankets, placed himself by the side of the sleeping boy, and, finding his hand uncovered, commenced licking it.

"As soon as the Indian recovered from the effect of the blow, he succeeded in withdrawing his spear from the carcass of the panther, and went in search of the bear, who had retreated to some distance, and was engaged in licking the wounds he had received in his encounter with the panther.

When he turned and saw the beautiful fire rustling and roaring, and throwing long, bright tongues up the chimney, as if it were licking its chops at the savory smell of the leg of mutton, his heart melted within him that it should be burning away for nothing.

No such opportunity came, and during the second week the corpse so far decomposed that, with constant handling and licking by the adults, it rapidly wore away.

" "Mount then, lad; the men have already been told off, and are mustering down yonder where the deer gave you such a licking.

Karr was standing beside the calf, now bending down and licking it, now howling shrilly for help.

He jumped round and round the game-keeper, licking his hands and barking with delight.

After that Karr visited the elk calf every day, and spent many hours with him, licking his coat, playing and racing with him, till he taught him a little of everything a forest animal should know.

Occasionally a puppy may seem to be inert and lifeless, and after repeatedly licking it the bitch may relinquish all effort at restoration and turn her attention to another that is being born.

He got ready to mount the masonry and spring over, when he felt a tongue licking his hands.

These, taken by surprise, and paralyzed by the great sheet of flame which was already licking the wooden ceiling, recoiled.

He flung himself down on his knees, licking the A.P.M.'s boots and crying in a loud voice that he would be good and never do it again.

No wish had he to sulk or blame, Nor did he need to understand, But simply loved me just the same, In silence licking face and hand.

He got a licking from Andy Burke.

Then it came out that Bruce was in training, and it was said that he was putting himself in condition to give Merriwell the worst licking of his life.

Seen close by there was something familiar about the look of these mice to the three children, yes, even though they had grown a great deal, and had disguised themselves by the simple method of licking the chocolate off each other!

When the runners "chaffed" him, nevertheless, it was in a mild way, and with manifest respect for his muscle,a sentiment in no way diminished when he suddenly clutched one of the least cautious among them by the nape of the neck, and held him out at arm's-length, for some seconds, over the drowny water that kept lazily licking at the green moss on the old stakes of the rickety pier.

"To give that bounder Quinby the licking he deserves!" cried Bob: "to give it him now at once, when the post comes in, and there are plenty of people about to see the fun.

I must keep my hands off him, I suppose, though to my mind he deserves his licking all the more.

Biscuit was given to him, which, as soon as he tasted, he spat out, but some sugared water being offered to him, he drank the whole; and upon sugar being placed before him, in a saucer, he was at a loss how to use it, until one of the boys fed him with his fingers, and when the saucer was emptied, he showed his taste for this food by licking it with his tongue.

But don't say "No" because you fear a licking, and say or think it's because you fear God, for that's neither Christian nor honest.

" Mr. DAVID HAWLEY, a class leader in the Methodist Episcopal Church at St. Albans, Licking county, Ohio, who moved from Kentucky to Ohio in 1831, certifies as follows: "About the year 1825, a slave had escaped for Canada, but was arrested in Hardin county.

Mr. TOBIAS BOUDINOT, a member of the Methodist Church in St. Albans, Licking county, Ohio, says: "In Nicholasville, Ky. in the year 1823, he saw a slave fleeing before the patrol, but he was overtaken near where he stood, and a man with a knotted cane, as large as his wrist, struck the slave a number of times on his head, until the club was broken and he made tame; the blood was thrown in every direction by the violence of the blows.

he asked next of us all: how will they work, when they see you landlords sitting idle above them, in a fool's paradise of luxury and riot, never looking down but to squeeze from them an extra drop of honey like sheep-boys stuffing themselves with blackberries while the sheep are licking up flukes in every ditch?

These aristocratic idle gentlemen will never be shamed out of their laziness and low-mindedness until the democratic working gentlemen refuse to associate with them instead of running after them and licking their boots.

He turned toward the barricade and saw that the flames were licking their way through the wall of logs, shooting and curling their hungry red tongues through many openings.

I was busy promising him a licking from Jo.

Tiger still kept licking her hand, as it hung by her side: it was cold, and trembled as he touched it.

Quite recently a friend, traveling in the mountainous regions of Kentucky, at the head of Licking Creek, had occasion to call at a little mountain cabin, newly built out of logs, the chinks stopped up with clay, evidently the pride and the comfort of the dwellers.

The fool is mad!" Zahra clutched at her father's sleeve and pointed to a distant corner, where a tongue of flame was licking the dry woodwork and hangings.

Men wrapped their robes about their heads and hurled themselves blindly at the doors, fighting with one another, with the licking flames, with the dead that clogged the slippery flags.

He flung himself into her arms with yelps of extravagant joy, as if they had been parted for months instead of hours, and when, somewhat overwhelmed with this onslaught, she sat down with him on the couch, he scrambled all over her, licking wildly whatever part of her his tongue could reach.

When my recollection returned, I was stretched on some fresh plantain leaves, in a low, smoky hut, with my faithful dog lying beside me, whining and licking my hands and face.

"It seems that Von Blitz is in the habit of licking his wives," said Britt.

Too often has the sorry spectacle been seen of greatness and goodness going down before the poisonous tongues and the licking jaws.

It was impossible to get further than the outskirts at that time, because in the centre houses were falling and flames were licking each other across the roadways.

Sometimes he would sit licking a lump of such salt as is given to cows, or eating a huge lump of dates, stones and all, such as one sees in London on barrows.

Raffin, nervously licking his lips, sat bolt upright while members of the committee passed ropes around him and the back of his chair, and tied his hands.

I didn't show my feelings, but I was thinking of nothing but my licking" "Ah!" "Just a minute, Jim.

I gets nothink for all I does, and when I goes hoam at night I gets a good licking to the bargain.

Delighted with her unaccustomed freedom, she chased a bit of whirling, eddying paper across a strip of snow, into the angle of a cabin; then turning, gazed into the face of a big, ferocious dog who was already licking his chops suggestively.

Then there was silence, broken only by his own sobbing breathing, and a sound like licking.

Sparrows for the Opera, says his Friend, licking his lips, what are they to be roasted?

I should like to keep Dingo; but the good animal, even while licking my hands, seems in a hurry to leave me.

And thinking of Kichaka and licking with his tongue the corners of his mouth, Bhima, filled with wrath thus spake to that distressed lady.

It might be good for the worthy Jane, but as she would take a great deal of toning down and licking into shape, and as she would despise it all, refer everything to the Bourne Parva standard, and pine for home and village school, I don't think she need be considered, especially as I am sure she would not go, and could not be spared.

Pay no attention to him," stammered Jack, licking his dry lips.

' "'It's my way,' she ses, sticking the letter in an envelope and licking it down.

Beppo was standing between his legs, licking Dolly's small hand, which hung languidly by her side.

But by-and-bye he came to himself, and found old Oliver sobbing in short, heavy sobs, and swaying himself to and fro, while Beppo was licking Dolly's hand, and barking with a sharp, quiet bark, as he had been wont to do when he wanted her to play with him.

Then at once great dignity was assumed by me which, being resented by my former cronies, I secured order by licking them at recess one by one, though I suffered from many "nasal hemorrhages" while engaged in fistic rough and tumbles to assert my authority; I conquered, but secured many black eyes and bedewed the campus with much "claret" for the good of the order.

While I looked on Tom tore his to pieces several times, but the lioness crawled under hers and began licking her chops.

The lion looked up from his task of licking a bloody paw, and uttered a fierce growl.

[Illustration: LION LICKING SNOWBALL] I dared not, for I could not jump far enough to get out of the lion's reach.

He came upon a herd of deer licking salt at a deer lick.

With the quadrupedian capacity for measuring distance, he inferred that the blow had been inflicted by the bear, who sat some twenty feet away, mildly licking his paws.

An unfamiliar, impersonal voice within himself was telling him that he must either give Murray a good licking then and there or run away.

" Even so late as the succeeding reign, Breton speaks of the good cheer at Christmas, and of the cook, if he lacks not wit, sweetly licking his fingers.

Sometimes he would get into a fight with one of the boys and many times he would be the victor, his fallen foe would sometimes exclaim that "that licking that you gave me sure hurt," and that ended the affair; there was no further ill feeling between them.

'Dolph ran to her with a sharp whine, and fell to licking the hand and wrist that lay inert across the thwart.

He fought to find something to say, licking his parched lips and vainly attempting to articulate something, anything.

He came to a stop and stared at it, licking his lips.

AUDHUMBLA, the cow, in the Norse mythology, that nourished Hymir, and lived herself by licking the hoar-frost off the rocks.

KENTUCKY (1,859), an American State in the S. of the Ohio basin, with the Virginias on its E. and Tennessee on its S. border and the Mississippi River on the W.; is watered by the Licking and Kentucky Rivers that cross the State from the Cumberland Mountains in the SE.

He had it finished and sealed, but when he was licking the stamp it slipped through his fingers to the floor, lighted on the back of a cockroach that was passing, and stuck.

She sat up and found Jake licking her hands.

The facts of the case were that he expected to get the usual blows with the usual stick in the usual way on the back, whereas he received a most unusually severe licking on an unusual place with a cutting switch.