1283 examples of licking in sentences

Again and again, when Mr. Welsby's pupils were at football practice, and Mr. Blake happened not to be present, the enemy's sharp-shooter crept into ambush behind the hedge and discharged stones from their catapults at the legs of the players, while the latter replied by inquiring when they meant to "come over and take another licking."

This is the young beggar who tied that rope to the scrapers; I vote we give him a jolly good licking.'

'It's no use your making a row,' said Hogson, 'because no one'll hear you; and if you do, summons or no summons we'll come down and give you a licking.'

"I've a jolly good mind to give you a good licking, only I don't believe you'd care tu'pence if I did!"

The first chance I get I'll give you the best licking you ever had in your life.

"What do you think he wants me for?" "I don't know, but it sounds rather like getting a licking.

It is probable that, if this had happened at Horace House, Jack Vance would have received a good licking as soon as the classes were dismissed; but a few very plain and forcible words spoken by Rowlands on the subject of knocking small boys about caused Noaks to postpone his retaliation.

The tiny Mumbles, sitting beside the chair with his head cocked to one side, suddenly made a prodigious leap and landed in Myrtle's lap, where he began licking her chin and wagging his stumpy tail as if seconding the invitation.

He had a fancy that something cool and kind was licking his hand....

Matilda spent the night licking herself clean in the detention cell.

Fort Washington, a defence of some renown during the war, is two miles above, and opposite to the mouth of the Licking river.

" "Mount then, lad; the men have already been told off, and are mustering down yonder where the deer gave you such a licking.

He got ready to mount the masonry and spring over, when he felt a tongue licking his hands.

Then it came out that Bruce was in training, and it was said that he was putting himself in condition to give Merriwell the worst licking of his life.

When the runners "chaffed" him, nevertheless, it was in a mild way, and with manifest respect for his muscle,a sentiment in no way diminished when he suddenly clutched one of the least cautious among them by the nape of the neck, and held him out at arm's-length, for some seconds, over the drowny water that kept lazily licking at the green moss on the old stakes of the rickety pier.

Sometimes he would sit licking a lump of such salt as is given to cows, or eating a huge lump of dates, stones and all, such as one sees in London on barrows.

I gets nothink for all I does, and when I goes hoam at night I gets a good licking to the bargain.

Delighted with her unaccustomed freedom, she chased a bit of whirling, eddying paper across a strip of snow, into the angle of a cabin; then turning, gazed into the face of a big, ferocious dog who was already licking his chops suggestively.

Then there was silence, broken only by his own sobbing breathing, and a sound like licking.

An unfamiliar, impersonal voice within himself was telling him that he must either give Murray a good licking then and there or run away.

'Dolph ran to her with a sharp whine, and fell to licking the hand and wrist that lay inert across the thwart.

He fought to find something to say, licking his parched lips and vainly attempting to articulate something, anything.

He came to a stop and stared at it, licking his lips.

AUDHUMBLA, the cow, in the Norse mythology, that nourished Hymir, and lived herself by licking the hoar-frost off the rocks.

KENTUCKY (1,859), an American State in the S. of the Ohio basin, with the Virginias on its E. and Tennessee on its S. border and the Mississippi River on the W.; is watered by the Licking and Kentucky Rivers that cross the State from the Cumberland Mountains in the SE.

1283 examples of  licking  in sentences