23 examples of life cycle in sentences

In this manner the yearly life cycle was divided into two different periods.

Their formation may be briefly described as follows: When Vaucheria has reached the proper stage in its life cycle, slight swellings appear here and there on the sides of the filament.

The Life Cycle of Western Civilization 5.

Each civilization is at least a partial experiment, a process or sequence of causal relationships, altered sequentially in the course of its life cycle.

First, its life cycle has been completed.

At the outset of its life cycle, Rome was essentially rural.

CHAPTER FOUR THE LIFE CYCLE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION Like its predecessors, western civilization from its inception was essentially competitive.

In the main, however, the development of its life cycle has been typical.

In the course of its life cycle it has already made distinctive contributions: 1.

The nucleus which lies at the heart of an empire or a civilization has a political life cycle that runs from the unstructured or little structured aggregation of confederation or self-determining local groups to a highly centralized political absolutism holding and exercising its authority by the use of the military.

Economic forces provide the wealth, income and livelihoodthe wherewithal upon which a community depends for its physical existence, its survival, its geographical extension, the continuance of its life cycle.

At one or another stage in the life cycle of every civilization aggressive bourgeois greed for wealth and power makes itself felt.

We propose to analyse the sociology of civilization under the following headings: (1) the structure or anatomy; (2) the function, physiology, or process; (3) motive forces in civilization; (4) contradictions and conflicts, with a final section on the life cycle of civilization.

Rather it is a social life cycle, with a beginning and an end, and a peck of troublesome contradictions and conflicts in between.

Every completed civilization known to historians has passed through a sociological life cycle: origin, growth, expansion, maturity, violent premature dismemberment and death in the competitive survival struggle or gradual decline and eventual dissolution.

Students of social history have been tempted to draw a parallel between the biological life cycle of an individual and the sociological lifecycle of a civilization.

Every organism, mechanism or social construct reaches a point in its life cycle at which its existing apparatus must be repaired, renovated and updated or scrapped, redesigned and replaced.

During that millennium western civilization has passed through a life cycle similar to that of its predecessors.

According to Oswald Spengler's historical perspective, a civilization passes through its life cycle in about a thousand years.

The author offers a theory of history based on the existence of an arbitrary and rather mechanical life cycle.

Western civilization has had a life cycle of approximately a thousand years.

Many of the living forms move aboutand reproduce themselves, passing through a life cycle from birth to death.

While engaged in these scholarly pursuits, our variant of the patternwestern civilizationhas been passing through the customary life cycle.

23 examples of  life cycle  in sentences