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While he was writing the Life of Johnson Mrs. Boswell was dying of consumption in (to quote Young's words)

Both had sacrificed inclination to what they considered to be duty, and if the ungenial life of the governess was owing to the tranquil course of her ordinary feelings, it is probable that its impunity was to be ascribed to the same respectable cause.

It's very little I have to offer you, a share in the hard life of a farmer out there in the wilds; but if you were still the mistress of Herondale, instead of poor" Half unconsciously she broke in upon his prayer.

Hepplewhite was a bachelorprobably if the truth could be known lived a life of horrid depravity and crime.

" This is the history and exposition of that love for Beatrice with which the whole spiritual life of Dante is identified, and without which the "Divine Comedy" might not have been written.

Yet preaching is a work of high importance to men, and one that doubtless accomplishes great good, more especially when the life of the preacher corresponds with his doctrine; and even reviewing, though infinitely of less moment, might be made a very useful art, in the hands of upright, independent, intelligent, and learned men.

That year had added life and beauty to the face and form of Redbud, making her a woman-childbefore she was but a child; and the fine light now in her tender eyes, was a light of thought and mind, the mature radiance of opening intellect, instead of the careless, thoughtless life of childhood.

[y], was able, during a life of no extraordinary length, to acquire more knowledge, and even to compose more books, than most studious men, though blessed with the greatest leisure and application, have, in more fortunate ages, made the object of their uninterrupted industry.

He immediately retreated to London, the centre and life of his party; and he there received intelligence of a new disaster, which put an end to all his hopes.

[Footnote 1: Walton's Life of Donne]

" "He had faced," says Henry Cabot Lodge, in his interesting life of Washington, "the enemy, the bleak winters, raw soldiers, and all the difficulties of impecunious government, with a cheerful courage that never failed.

"Life of Pitt, ii., 154.]

Here it was that I had my first glimpse of the French life of popular literature, so different from real French life.

You must leave this wild life of the border, go with me to Virginia" "I, friend!"

But the life of a strong man, lived no matter where, and perhaps all the more if it have been isolated from the noisier events which make so large a part of history, contains the best material of biography.

J.M. Synge, in the earlier years of his manhood, lived entirely abroad, leading the life of a wandering scholar from city to city and country to country till he was persuaded to give up the Continent and the criticism and imitation of French literature, to return to England, and to go and live on the Aran Islands.

I.The Very Horrific Life of the Great Gargantua Grangousier was a right merry fellow in his time, and he had as great a love as any man living in the world for neat wine and salt meat.

His life in Rossetti's house was the life of a monk, seeing nobody except Burne-Jones (whom, as Ruskin will have it, he resembles closely), going nowhere and doing little.

Schooled at Harrow, a graduate of Cambridge, he had meditated the choice of a profession until it seemed, on the whole, too late to profess anything at all; and, as there was no need of such exertion, he settled himself to a life of innocent idleness, hard by the country-house of his wealthy and influential friend, Mr. Charman.

Then for the rest of the evening there was some talk about books, and the father, who was greatly given to reading, explained to his son what kind of literature would, as he thought, fit in best with the life of a gold-digger.

SCOTT, Sir Walter, Life of Swift, London, 1834; Novels, 41 vols., Edinburgh, 1860; Life: See under LOCKHART.

In from the life of the old messuage, came a touch of the barbaric; weird minor songs that belonged with the hot throb of the African tom-tom floated in through the deep windows, and strangely mingled with the thin tinkle of the harpsichord and the tender strains of an old English ballad.

LONG, LAURA M. Fuss 'n' feathers; a life of Winfield T. Scott.

JONES, RUFUS M. The literary life of the early friends, 1650-1725.

How much better it would be to have a home, and to have others to work for, than to lead the life of a stranger in other people's houses!

12249 examples of  life of  in sentences