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14603 example sentences with  life of

14603 example sentences with life of

The religious life of a young child is very direct: there is only a little in the religious experiences of the Jews that can help him, and much that can puzzle and hinder him; their interpretation of God as revengeful, cruel and one-sided in His dealings with their enemies must greatly puzzle him, when he hears on the other hand that God is the Father of all the nations on the earth.

"The life of a man ishis rectitude.

And so, by consenting to lose their individual life of selfishness, they have saved their eternal life in God, the life of blessedness and holiness; just as all evil spirits have lost their eternal life by trying to save their selfish life, and be something in themselves and of themselves without respect to God.

The village tree of the German races was originally a tribal tree, with whose existence the life of the village was involved; and when we read of Christian saints and confessors, that they made a point of cutting down these half idols, we cannot wonder at the rage they called forth, nor that they often paid the penalty of their courage."

I shall only observe further, that the life of Plato, by Olympiodorus, was prefixed to this translation, in preference to that by Diogenes Laertius, because the former is the production of a most eminent Platonist, and the latter of a mere historian, who indiscriminately gave to the public whatever anecdotes he found in other authors.

He had now found companions whom he could love; and the life of the Indian hunters was all that he had ever pictured to himself of freedom and adventure.

The courteous manners which both Helen and her husband had acquired in early lifewhen they dwelt in comparative affluence in Englandwere inherited by their daughter in full measure; and her whole manner and conduct were marked by a refinement and elegance that seemed little in keeping with the life of extreme simplicity, and even of hardship, that she had experienced from her early childhood.

It will, in all probability, be found that the stability or instability of an endocrine will have a good deal to do with the part played by it in inheritance as well as in the life of the individual An unstable pituitocentric marrying another unstable pituitocentric will have children either exceptionally small or tall, or abnormally bright or stupid.

The fighters for peace were the Socialists, under their leader, Jaurรจs, the one great man in the public life of Europe.

It has introduced fundamental changes in the constitution regulating its activities and has performed an act of self-denial in voluntarily restricting the number of delegates to one for every fifty thousand of the population of India and has insisted upon the delegates being the real representatives of those who want to take any part in the political life of the country.

In the Treaty of Versailles with Germany the readjustment of the German boundaries, by which the sovereignty over millions of persons of German blood was transferred to the new states of Poland and Czecho-Slovakia, and the practical cession to the Empire of Japan of the port of Kiao-Chau and control over the economic life of the Province of Shantung are striking examples of the abandonment of the principle.

And so, lastly, not professing any art as his matter leads him, he deals with all arts; whichbecause it carrieth the life of a lively exampleit is wonderful what light it gives to the arts themselves; so as the great Civilians help themselves with the discourses of the Historians.

The Barnacle quickly builds up a shelly house, and, after a life of adventure and change, becomes a fixed Barnacle for the rest of its days.

Louis XV., character and life of; apathy of; catches the smallpox; death of.

Life of Emily Brontรซ: by Robinson.

Francis Thompson (1860-1907), a Catholic poet, who has been called a nineteenth-century Crashaw, passed much of his short life of suffering in London, where he was once reduced to selling matches on a street corner.

Carlyle in this essay exalts a life of letters, however poorly paid (which Pope in his "Dunciad" did so much to depreciate), showing how it contributes to the elevation of a nation, and to those lofty pleasures which no wealth can purchase.

For my own security and for the good of the cause in which I labor, I ought to seal your lips forever, for what is the life of one man compared to the end I seek?

Mahomet himself led the troop, leaving Abu Bekr in Medina to conduct the daily prayer and have charge of the religious life of the city, while to Molleima were given the administrative duties.

In this manner I will pass this life of [at best but] a few days' duration.

One day, a learned companion, who was well versed in history, and had seen [a great deal of] the world, said to me, "That though there is no reliance on the life of man, yet such excellent qualities are often found in him, that owing to them, the name of some men will be handed down with praise on people's tongues to the day of judgment."

Then, hateful as is the life of shackles to me, will I marry her.

The title was most probably suggested by the Wanderer; a poem which he mentions, with the warmest praise, in the life of Savage.

To the saints moreover are ascribed lives of incredible durationto Mochta, Ibar, Seachnal, and Brendan, for instance, three hundred years each; St. Mochaemog is credited with a life of four hundred and thirteen years, and so on!

Under the government of Charlemagne, the private life of his subjects seems to have been less rough and coarse, although they did not entirely give up their turbulent pleasures.

On the contrary, he would advance questions on a variety of subjects connected with the life of that time, and he never failed to extract ready replies.

In vain you try, in vain you struggle, in vain you invoke the angels and call God to your aid; there comes a time, a moment, a minute, a second, in which all your life of struggles and efforts is lost.

Incident in early life of Napoleon III Made Honorary Commissioner to Exposition.

For proof that it does exist, we can point to nothing more convincing than the life of Caspar Hauser itself.

On the back seat were Phil's sisters, the pretty twins, Charley and Clare, still astonishingly alike at twenty, as they had been at twelve, and still full of the high spirits and ready laughter and wit that had made them the life of the Hill in the old days.

She stopped, aware that the life of the man beside her was one of the unpaid debts so luridly present to her mind.

I was lost in conjecture, and found I had food enough for thought that evening, without once thinking of the unhappiness of a life of labour.

The reason of this is obvious; because conjugial love is in a similar degree a conjunction of minds, which remains in the life of the body of the one party after the decease of the other; and this holds the inclination as a scale in a balance, and causes a preponderance according to the appropriation of true love.

There were certain spirits who, from a habit they had acquired in the life of the body, infested me with peculiar cunning, and this they did by a sottish and as it were waving influx, such as is usual with well-disposed spirits; but I perceived that they employed craftiness and similar means, to the intent that they might engage attention and deceive.

Who does not see, that unless a man was allowed to judge respecting the moral life of those who live with him in the world, society would perish?

But of the social life of the city the Forum was the heart, and of any prudent or scientific use of capital the Forum knew hardly anything.

We have a remarkable example of it in the life of a public man of Cicero's own time, the object of the most envenomed invective that he ever uttered.

[Footnote 156: The difference between him and his father, especially in politics, is sketched in Plutarch's Life of the latter, ch.

And shall a life of tame surrenders be terminated by suicidal sacrifice?

Lao Tz[)u] seems to have thought that this doctrine could be applied to the life of the state.

When he was thus by accident initiated in luxury, he felt in himself no inclination to retire from a life of so much pleasure, and therefore very seriously considered how he might continue it.

The trio danced on the wharf, sang a chantey about "whisky being the life of man," and declared they would stay all their lives in Tahiti; that the "bloody hooker could bleedin' well" go without them.

"But they dared to threaten the life of Mr Wilder.

This is the death in life of the old.

Oh, how I sigh for the sort of life I led in Richmond, and which was more or less the life of the succeeding years at home!

The life of faith lays the soul open to assaults of the Devil by their agency.


Accordingly Michael Angelo, who had already made cartoons for the "Last Judgment" in the life of Clement, once more laid aside the chisel and took up the brush.

"Life of Anton.

In his brief life of Anne Finch, Countess of Winchilseafor that was Ardelia's real nameTheophilus Gibber says, "A great number of our authoress' poems still continue unpublished, in the hands of the Rev. Mr. Creake."

With alacrity we left them to get forward to the alert, straining life of war.

Dr. Giles is in thorough possession of his materials and of his intention, which produces the clearness that arises from mastery; and he exhibits the same general bon hommie and chronicler disposition for minute and picturesque narrative which we noted in his 'Life of Becket,' with more of a critical spirit.

The good business employs men, feeds them, clothes them, shelters them, generously distributes among them the goods that nourish life; the bad business contrives to levy tribute on the resources out of which they are fed and clad and nourished, and thus enriches itself by impoverishing the life of the multitude.

A short life of Florence Nightingale, abridged from The life, with additional matter by Rosalind Nash.

Plain Anne Ellis, more about the life of an ordinary woman.

The life of Jimmy Dolan.

The life of Hans Christian Andersen.

GADE, JOHN A. The life of Cardinal Mercier.

Life of Blackstone.

The life of Mary Baker Eddy.

The night life of the gods.

Epochs in the life of Simon Peter.

SEE Kipling, Rudyard. The life of our Lord.

The life of Lewis Carroll; Victoria through the looking-glass.

Against the current: the life of Karl Heinzen (1809-80)

The Showman of Vanity Fair: the life of William Makepeace Thackeray.

The lords of the creation too, debilitated from early dissipation or a life of debauchery, sued for remedies and charms, which, alas! are only to be found in the hundredth edition of a work known by its mysterious advertisement in the columns of a London newspaper.

Perhaps some plan may be adopted which will avert the necessity of sacrificing the life of a brave roan in so cruel a mode.

He draws for us an inimitable picture of the working lawyer, and of his life of bondage; he shows how this bondage from his youth up has stunted and warped him, and made him small and crooked of soul, encompassing him with difficulties which he is not man enough to rely on justice and truth as means to encounter, but has recourse, for help out of them, to falsehood and wrong.

Last and chief, while literature, gagged with linsey-woolsey, can only deal with a fraction of the life of man, talk goes fancy free and may call a spade a spade.

(c) John Burroughs, The Pastoral Bees in "Locusts and Wild Honey:" The communal life of the bees.

Meenachi of Madura, if she could become articulate, might tell us something of the life of the average girl to-day.

The life of these abbeys was full of rich imaginative and religious power; it abounded in urbanity and ripe culture of a somewhat selfish and exclusive type.

[Illustration: GEORGE ELIOT1864.] Going to the Exposition at New Orleans, I took for reading on the journey, the life of George Eliot, by her husband, Mr. J.W. Cross, written with great delicacy and beauty.

Eric found the life of the "boarders' room" far rougher than he had expected.

Indeed, coarse food, coarse clothes, coarse living, coarse manners, coarse companions, coarse surroundings, coarse neighbors, both white and black, yea, everything coarse, down to the coarse, ignorant, senseless religion, which excites her sensibilities and starts her passions, go to make up the life of the masses of black women in the hamlets and villages of the South.

"Porcelain Cups" testifies to the interest a genealogist finds in the Elizabethan Age and, more definitely, in the life of Christopher Marlowe.

The Beautiful is an absolute principle; it is the essence of beings, the life of their functions.

Custom continued to rule a large share of the individual life of the peoples of northern Europe through barbarian and feudal times.

He was in an instant full of life, but it was not the life of successful enterprise.

Though the religious life be personal, it is not more so than all life of thought and emotion; and in it we do not begin at the beginning of time any more than in other parts of life.

Beyond all question she was openly playing an important part in this tragedy under Hobart's direction, but for the life of him he could not figure out to what end.

It is about the life of a young girl (

He also authored a book about the everyday life of military pilots during World War II.

He lives the life of Jesus Christ, and Jesus is both God and man.

Humans also have features with a much older history, from early in the life of vertebrates.

A fatal car accident Saturday claimed the life of a 20-year-old missionary serving in the Dominican Republic Santiago Mission.

I was inspired by the manโ€™s versatile nature in fashion, I deemed it very praiseworthy of the man who decides to dress formally, formally informal, traditional as well as the life of the party.

Weโ€™re able to watch the characters being scouted by producers, acting on set and even watching their own acting on screen, giving an in-depth view of the life of an actor.

By providing a company group to the Dutch battalion, Canada would be making a substantial contribution to the overall success of the mission, while at the same time guarding the quality of life of its military personnel.

Enjoy your life of leisure with the many amenities here - Movie theatre, games room, car wash, wine cellar, woodworking shop, swimming pool, hot tub, fitness centre, party room, guest suites and much more!

Following โ€™s tragic explosion, news spread as to this captivating drawing and the life of its young creator.

Her adult life has been spent in Japan, as far away from her roots as possible, where she lives the clinical, highโ€“paced, highโ€“tech life of the workaholic scientist, allergic to all affective ties.

Mr. Speaker, today, as we prepare to bring Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent to his final resting place, words cannot express our gratitude for and our recognition of his life of service to others.

Arthritis and chronic pain significantly affect the quality of life of thousands of working Canadians, and arthritis accounts for 25 per cent of all long-term disability claims in the country.

She draws a direct parallel to the life of the sisters: โ€œWe go on mission to contribute to the education of children because the Blessed Virgin, when she visited Elizabeth, contributed to the sanctification of St. John the Baptist.โ€

As the years went by, the two sisters seemed to enjoy a quiet life of working in the familyโ€™s Newbury Park house and garden, taking care of Colin, Bobby and the family cat, and, importantly, keeping each other company.

"There are people who take past personal tragedy and construct a life of victimhood for themselves.

Why is it wrong for society to take the life of someone who has knowingly violated our most fundamental laws and brutally slain a fellow human being?

With the refugee crisis that has shaken the globe in 2016, the holidays mark a special opportunity to make a difference in the life of a refugee.