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55 examples of light-head in sentences

Light-hearted or light-headed, I know not which I was, but I know that I had no fear.

While the blood is strong in the veins shall we ride westward on the path of a king?" His eyes were staring like a hawk's over the hills, and, light-headed as I was, I caught the infection of his ardour.

It seemed to her that this was all a dream; she was almost light-headed; the sternest of realities began to seem impalpable and distant and of scant moment.

At the luncheon table, Phinuit ventured a light-headed comment on this dangerous procedure; whereupon Monk turned on him in a cold fury.

Mr. Heatherbloom obeyed; he felt very stiff and somewhat light-headed, but he steadied himself against the woodwork.

" "He has become infatuated with another girl; a light-headed, inexperienced little thing who is likely to marry the first man who asks her.

M. Michelet was light-headed, I believe, when he wrote it: and it is well that his keepers overtook him in time to intercept a second part.

Mr. Godwin had carried Moll, fainting with the horror of this bloody business, and going in there we found her now lying in a little crib, light-headed,clean out of her wits indeed, for she fancied herself on the dusty road to Valencia, taking her first lesson in the fandango from Don Sanchez.

By his advice, the patient was put between blankets; and when I came home at four to dinner, I found G.D. a-bed, and raving, light-headed with the brandy-and-water which the doctor had administered.

What injury (short of the theatres) did not Boydell's "Shakespeare Gallery" do me with Shakespeare?to have Opie's Shakespeare, Northcote's Shakespeare, light-headed Fuseli's Shakespeare, heavy-headed Romney's Shakespeare, wooden-headed West's Shakespeare (though he did the best in "Lear"), deaf-headed Reynolds's Shakespeare, instead of my, and everybody's Shakespeare.

Have you got any chance?" "You're getting light-headed now," said Hardy, calmly.

Have you got any chance?" "You're getting light-headed now," said Hardy, calmly.

He began work immediately, and continued until seven, and feeling then somewhat light-headed, but satisfied with himself, went to the nearest Italian restaurant.

I tell you, she is in a high fever; she is light-headed; it would be death to remove her!

A very nice girl, he decided; but she made him feel queer, light-headed.

You might think at first that Georgiana was the most light-headed member of the family, but she isn't.

Those who were light-headed, or foolish, or obstinate and stubborn were sometimes badly beaten.

He must be light-headed.

I suppose the change of fortune has made me a little light-headed; I have been going about with a sense of exaltation which has prompted me to endless follies.

The labor of his entire life, the great victories won with don Ramón, that political power which had been so carefully built up and sustained over decades, was about to crumble to ruins; all because of a light-headed, erratic boy who had handed to the first skirt who came along everything that belonged to him and everything that belonged to his friends as well.

The fever in his wound was making him light-headed.

He was light-headed from hunger and exposure, and what followed seemed to him afterwards a piteous dream.

We whinny and frolic, light-headed with bliss, Forgetting leg-weariness, terror and scars; Ye ladies of England, oh, blow a soft kiss To the hairy old horses come home from the wars.

All the next night he talked light-headed; said he could hear the dead men hailin' their names.

But he wrote his light-headed paradoxes in so flowing a copy-book hand that everyone supposed they must be copy-book sentiments.

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