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56 example sentences with  light-head

56 example sentences with light-head

Light-hearted or light-headed, I know not which I was, but I know that I had no fear.

His eyes were staring like a hawk's over the hills, and, light-headed as I was, I caught the infection of his ardour.

he is very feverish and light-headed; but Cruikshanks has pronounced the symptoms favourable, and gives us every hope that there will be no need of amputation.

By his advice the patient was put between blankets; and when I came home at four to dinner, I found G.D. a-bed, and raving, light-headed with the brandy-and-water which the doctor had administered.

It seemed to her that this was all a dream; she was almost light-headed; the sternest of realities began to seem impalpable and distant and of scant moment.

At the luncheon table, Phinuit ventured a light-headed comment on this dangerous procedure; whereupon Monk turned on him in a cold fury.

Mr. Heatherbloom obeyed; he felt very stiff and somewhat light-headed, but he steadied himself against the woodwork.

The delirium had returned; he strove to think lucidly, but knew himself very light-headed.

" "He has become infatuated with another girl; a light-headed, inexperienced little thing who is likely to marry the first man who asks her.

Grim's authority is always at its height on the outbound trail, for then everybody knows that success, and even safety, depends on his swift thinking; on the way home afterward reaction sets in sometimes, because Arabs are made light-headed by success, and it isn't a simple matter to discipline free men when you have no obvious hold over them.

I have good news for thee;' at which I began to fear she was light-headed, for how should she have news that I knew not?

M. Michelet was light-headed, I believe, when he wrote it: and it is well that his keepers overtook him in time to intercept a second part.

We were startled at this moment by a light laugh from the cabin, whither Mr. Godwin had carried Moll, fainting with the horror of this bloody business, and going in there we found her now lying in a little crib, light-headed,clean out of her wits indeed, for she fancied herself on the dusty road to Valencia, taking her first lesson in the fandango from Don Sanchez.

reckons up these signs, that they are "lean, withered, hollow-eyed, look old, wrinkled, harsh, much troubled with wind, and a griping in their bellies, or bellyache, belch often, dry bellies and hard, dejected looks, flaggy beards, singing of the ears, vertigo, light-headed, little or no sleep, and that interrupt, terrible and fearful dreams," Anna soror, quae, me suspensam insomnia terrent?

By his advice, the patient was put between blankets; and when I came home at four to dinner, I found G.D. a-bed, and raving, light-headed with the brandy-and-water which the doctor had administered.

What injury (short of the theatres) did not Boydell's "Shakespeare Gallery" do me with Shakespeare?to have Opie's Shakespeare, Northcote's Shakespeare, light-headed Fuseli's Shakespeare, heavy-headed Romney's Shakespeare, wooden-headed West's Shakespeare (though he did the best in "Lear"), deaf-headed Reynolds's Shakespeare, instead of my, and everybody's Shakespeare.

The scanty diet and the happenings of the two preceding days had left me light-headed.

Have you got any chance?" "You're getting light-headed now," said Hardy, calmly.

Have you got any chance?" "You're getting light-headed now," said Hardy, calmly.

"How is she this morning, Mr. Heale?" "Wellpoor thing, a little light-headed last night: but kindly when I went in last."

" "We'll have some of it this week," he agreed, and in this rather light-headed spirit they arranged details.

Now, if she wished me to be light-headed, why did she order a landaulet?

Prayed to God again, but was light-headed: and when I was not, I was so ignorant that I knew not what to say; only lay and cried, "Lord, look upon me!

He began work immediately, and continued until seven, and feeling then somewhat light-headed, but satisfied with himself, went to the nearest Italian restaurant.

The poor child has been light-headed all day.

I tell you, she is in a high fever; she is light-headed; it would be death to remove her!

My guide told me he had never seen any of them become the least idiotic or light-headed from long confinement.

Doctor Haywood called to see her in the morning, and she being then, as we thought, asleep, did start up and cry out that there was a black shadow, not his own, always following after him, which made me think her light-headed; but her mother says the doctor turned as pale as a sheet, and made as if to go off again.

He noted, furthermore, that three days without food makes a man cold, even in a warm place, and light-headed, too.

The State is light-headed.

It is often so with the extreme Puritan type; control relaxed for however brief a moment sends their slow blood whirling, and leaves them light-headed as those who breathe thin air.

A very nice girl, he decided; but she made him feel queer, light-headed.

"He was a bad son, Jacob, giddy and light-headed, but not wholly bad.

You might think at first that Georgiana was the most light-headed member of the family, but she isn't.

Those who were light-headed, or foolish, or obstinate and stubborn were sometimes badly beaten.

He must be light-headed.

I suppose the change of fortune has made me a little light-headed; I have been going about with a sense of exaltation which has prompted me to endless follies.

" "Such notions," replied Grandfather Death, "are entertained by many of you humans in the light-headed time of youth.

Gettin' light-headed, wasn't you?

En ez long ez Hannibal comes anywhar nigh dis baby doll, he'll be des lack it is,light-headed en hot-footed; en ef dem two things doan git 'im inter trouble mighty soon, den I'm no cunjuh 'oman.

The labor of his entire life, the great victories won with don Ramรณn, that political power which had been so carefully built up and sustained over decades, was about to crumble to ruins; all because of a light-headed, erratic boy who had handed to the first skirt who came along everything that belonged to him and everything that belonged to his friends as well.

But now if she was going to find Hilary as light-headed and cloying as Adolphe was thick-headed and sour, or if she must see Hilary go soft on the slim Mobile girlwhom Adolphe was already so torpidly enamored of"H-m-m-m!"

His deep panic made him light-headed.

The fever in his wound was making him light-headed.

He came to the conclusion that the events of the evening had made Mr. Chalk a little light-headed.

Hazlitt thought that the soul of Rabelais had passed into Amory, while a more recent critic can see in his long-winded discussions naught but the "light-headed ramblings of delirium."

He was light-headed from hunger and exposure, and what followed seemed to him afterwards a piteous dream.

We whinny and frolic, light-headed with bliss, Forgetting leg-weariness, terror and scars; Ye ladies of England, oh, blow a soft kiss To the hairy old horses come home from the wars.

All the next night he talked light-headed; said he could hear the dead men hailin' their names.

I suppose trouble has made me a little light-headed.

He escaped from the garden about ten days before, she explained, and was gone at least two hours, and then returned wet through, and was a little light-headed that night, and had talked of "Maman and the angels," and "Papa and Chรฉrisette," but they could obtain no information from him as to why he went, nor whom he had seen.

Do you feel light-headed at all after your turnmaybe you have fever?" "Not at allhard-headed, rather, Mrs. Austinnot even heavy-headedthough leaden-hearted enough, God knows!

But he wrote his light-headed paradoxes in so flowing a copy-book hand that everyone supposed they must be copy-book sentiments.

Maxie then stood up and felt a bit light-headed, so she and Peter left to get lunch.

The latest guidelines add: "Face coverings can also be removed to meet urgent medical needs (for example, to use an asthma inhaler, take medication, or if feeling light-headed)."

She could feel her heart beating, and she became light-headed.