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100 examples of  like it is  in sentences

100 examples of like it is in sentences

Every holiday she has to go lately like it was coming to her.

"But" "Can't get away on Saturdays, just like it ain't the same any other day in the week, I ask you!

" "I'm a plain man, Mrs. Kaufman, without much to offer a woman what can give out her heart's blood like it was so much water.

Dropped that nine hundred hock-money like it was a hot potato, and me countin' on bringin' you home your coat and junk again to-night.

If it's with you this time like it was with the last one, we'll have to have a cow.

"Looks like it was waiting right there to tell me howdy," she murmured to herself.

"Looks like it was a mighty sensible thing for you to come down here to the Settlement; and if it was good for you, I don't see why it wasn't good for meand won't be for the rest of the children.

Looked like it was too near home to have a silver mine in it; and thar the stuff lay and waited for the day when I should take a notion to find a pretty rock for Deanie, and crawl back in thar and keep a crawlin', till I just fell over it, all croppin' out in the biggest kind of vein.

I know something like it is in Scripture, but I think humanly spoken.

The servants still continued to pay their compliments to the baby in the same form as usual, saying, How like it is to its papa!

"I've got a business, which looks like it was goin' to pan out right decent, and make me some money in the bargain.

When the machine swelled out like it was blowed up, and it kind of wheezed, like it was ready to cough up, and was only waiting for an excuse, I put a cough lozenger about the size of a nickel in the slot and turned the diaphram.

When the machine swelled out like it was blowed up, and it kind of wheezed, like it was ready to cough up, and was only waiting for an excuse, I put a cough lozenger about the size of a nickel in the slot and turned the diaphram.

Some more fellows put in nickels, and the machine gave little hacking coughs and coughed up three or four nickels, but nothing that seemed at all in the nature of a financial hemorrhage, when pa took another lozenger and put it in, and by ginger the machine began to heave up nickels like it was in the trough of the sea.

Why, the air seems dead, just like it is in summer before a gale of wind.

"And hehe just swung it around his head like it was nothing!" declared the girl.

"Acts like it's going to be a bad one," Old Heck observed, studying the cloud they all were watching.

It seemed like it was pretty stiff or something.

It was absurd, of course, it was a trick of the imagination, of a wearied and overstrained brainbut the tall figure in the blue sergeah, how like it was to that of Stafford!

The country boy in it, we recall, concluded his reflections upon the happier fortune of the boy from the "city" of Rensselaer with these words: "Wishst our town ain't like it is!

"Just like it is a crime to have any kind of a show or procession on Sunday except a funeral, in which case it's a crime to make a disbursing noise at it.

Bet you anything you like it's as crooked as a ram's horn.

But I wanna tell you this: If yo're bound to go on playin' the fool, keep a-movin' and walk round a lighted window like it's a swamp.

Looks like it was a even break to methe word of you and Luke against his and Swing's.

But that something like it is often made the occasion of substituting food which is less proper, for that furnished by Divine Providence, there cannot be a doubt.

Say what you like it ain't fair to her you know.

Say what you like it ain't fair to her you know.

Emongst those leaves she made a butterflie, With excellent device and wondrous slight, 330 Fluttring among the olives wantonly, That seem'd to live, so like it was in sight: The velvet nap which on his wings doth lie, The silken downe with which his backe is dight, His broad outstretched homes, his hayrie thies, 335 His glorious colours, and his glistering eies.

Why, As by lot, God wot: and then you know, It came to passe, as most like it was:

Except exhaustion in the vast adjacent county of York from a contested election, nothing like it was ordinarily witnessed in England.

So he went against the bald-face, very brave, and fired the pistol with great swiftness six times; and the bald-face but grunted and broke in his breast like it were an egg, and like honey from a bee's nest dripped the brains of Koo-So-Tee upon the ground.

But then, I reasoned, that very like it was the contrabandiers whom men had seen with spades when they were digging out the passage from the tomb to the vault, and set them down for ghosts because they wrought at night.

" Some folks git a heap o' pleasure Out o' lookin' glum; Hoard their cares like it was treasure Fear they won't have some.

I know something like it is in Scripture, but I think humanly spoken.

"I am going out to Little Rivers, or to some place that Jack finds for me, where I am to have a garden and workor maybe I better call it potter aroundout of doors in January and February, just like it was June.

"The seventh day off South Stack Light the sun began to shine; Up come an Admiralty tug and offered us a line; The mate he took the megaphone and leaned across the rail, And this or something like it was the answer to her hail: He'd take it very kindly if they'd tell us where we were, And he hoped the War was going well, he'd got a brother there, And he'd thought about their offer and he thanked them kindly too,

But it was all inside me, like it was pre-wired or something.

"Where'll you get another as can touch him when the ground's deep, like it was last March?

Dr. Hovaker, believing of course that the specimen I held in my hand came from the Yellowstone, took the nutmeg, and with wonder exhibited in every feature, proceeded to give it a critical examination, frequently exclaiming: "How very like it is to a nutmeg."

When George Washington was a boy the world was not much like it is now.

" "Yes, but never like it is this summer," Benton frowned.

Seems like it's lots harder now than it used to be when I was gitting started.

We has a pretty hard timeHarder dan what I had when I was youngbut then it do seem like it's harder to earn money dan what it was when I was young.

It was not gravel and rocks like it is now.

I think that sane kind of organization or something like it was active here when I came.

My head looks like it's goin' to bust open.

She also says that that day has stood out to her and she can see everything just like it was yesterday.

We took a pride in the place like it was our own.

They acted like it was a picnic.

It was a restlessness then like it is now 'mong the young class of folks.

Besides, the history of our own time is thoroughly great and important; the battles of Leipsic and Waterloo stand out with such prominence that that of Marathon and others like it are gradually eclipsed.

It should be added that, in the writer's opinion, this account and others like it are somewhat apocryphal, and it has been copied and recopied a score of times.

"Sounds like it was written by a child who wanted a continuous supply of sweets, but these people are so crazy on children that their legends point a moral to parents and never to the kiddies.

Here As You Like It is said to have been played before James I, with Shakespeare himself as one of the company.

Seems like it was a week about they took milkin', doin' house work, field work, and she said sometimes they sewed.

Some folks tries to make out like it ain't so.

Seems to me like it was on a Monday morning when they come in.

"It's sounded like it was a G." She picked up a pencil and paper.

Nothing like it was ever known in the history of our world.

the telaphone wrang & mr. Mires slidd for it like it was 2nd base.

villagewhat like it is now, I know not; but what I detest in the great folks of your time, is, that insane selfishness which makes them prefer any place, however abominable, where they can herd together in their little exquisite coteries, to the noblest mansions surrounded with the noblest domains, where they cannot exist without being more or less exposed to the company of people not exactly belonging to their own particular sect.

If we only had about twenty minutes with them cusses like it was in the old days!

When those fellows got tight up there and let on like it was you that some folks hinted had took a child and kept it out of that muss, I couldn't hardly believe it; and everybody seeming to regard you so highly.

When grandma married Hall, like it is now, she would have been called Hall.

Looked like it was greased.

Looked like it was my giftweighin' cotton.

We'd get that hoecake out of the ashes and wash it off until it looked like it was as clean as bread cooked in a skillet.

"Two-thirds of the water used in the ash cake was hot water, and that made the batter stick together like it was biscuit dough.

The only two things which look like it are my enthusiasm and my relish for works of a high imaginative order.

"It don't look like it was in the nature of things, somehow, does it?

Where a purer concord can be effected, it may be well to avoid such a construction, though examples like it are not uncommon: as, "Clodius was acquitted by a corrupt jury, that had palpably taken shares of money before they gave their verdict.

An arrangement like it is used in libraries to reach the upper shelves.

How it all lifts us up as we read it, and how like it was to that "one sermon" which he forever preached!

It was like it is now.

Her name before she marriedhold a minute, lemme seeseems like it was MaryMaryStreet.

He had a cook and dinner was prepared for them just like it was for the white folks.

"Well, at first it looked to me like it was just the regular frawg funeral, and I didn't pay no special attention, only I give it the salute when I got opposite.

When I come upon the idea for a new song 'tis less often a bit of verse or a comic idea I think of firstmair like it's some odd bit of humanity, some man a wee bit different from others.

Must have this building up just like it was in ten days.

This is one of the best ways to appeal to a darkey because if there is any thing they like it is a big funeral.

"It looks like it's going to be a darather disagreeable affair," said De Peyton sourly.

It appeared just like it was wrote.

I leaned back, closed my eyes and thought how like it was to my own life.

Never had anything like it been seen in Plassenburg.

"Now, you see, I could spell right ef I wanted to, but I noticed that Mr. Burns had writ his Scotch like it was spoke, and so I thought I'd write my country talk by the same rule.

"Y-a-as, here they come; and I flitted my red handkercher like it was a 'Pache's head-dress, leadin' 'em on to where Percy was.

"You should hear him imitate a canary; life-like it is.

"Aye, I put Lindsey on to it, to be sureand he took it all in like it was gospel, and so did all of you!

But oh, it's seemed like it was ages since then!"

"There are many things I remember just like it was yesterdaythe general punishment was with strapssome of the slaves suffered terribly on the plantations; if the master was poor and had few slaves he was meanthe more wealthy or more slaves he had, the better he was.

In this manner, trotting and pausing, they had covered a bare three-quarters of a mile when there smote on their ears a throbbing of the aira thud-thud which Arthur Miles took for the beat of a factory engine, so like it was to the echoes that had floated daily, and all day long, across the Orphanage wall; but Tilda, after hearkening a moment, announced it to be the bass of Gavel's steam organ.

I never liked it being left out, but people used to say, like parrots, that "the interest of the play ended with the Trial Scene," and Henry believed themfor a time.

But not like it is now.

It is in our great universities that anything like it is to be found, but even here we find that it exceeds in number the entire teaching staff of even our largest technical institutions.

And like it were wreathed with flowers: Here we saw on thy waves, from the shade, The dance of the sunbeams at noon; Or heard, half-afraid, the deep murmurings made In thy cavernous depths, 'neath the moon.

It wasn't very loud, but it travelled pretty far, like it was comin' from up above you.

"Well, I can't tell, of course," said Madame Bouรฏsse, in answer, evidently, to the remark just made; "but if mam'selle will only take the trouble to look in the glass, and then look at the picture, she will see how like it is.

" And now Sall wanted him to stay at home, he informed us, with her and the children, but somehow or other he could never tarry long at the hearth, for the sea pulled him like it was his mother, and the spell of the tides was on him, and he must foller even if he went to his own destruction, like them men that liquor lures to loss, or the love of mermaids.

The immature meat is killed at two years old, and only we few survivors of a former generation know how little like it is to the mutton of former days.

"The matter is now like it was."