100 examples of like it is in sentences

I know something like it is in Scripture, but I think humanly spoken.

The servants still continued to pay their compliments to the baby in the same form as usual, saying, How like it is to its papa!

Why, the air seems dead, just like it is in summer before a gale of wind.

The country boy in it, we recall, concluded his reflections upon the happier fortune of the boy from the "city" of Rensselaer with these words: "Wishst our town ain't like it is!

"Just like it is a crime to have any kind of a show or procession on Sunday except a funeral, in which case it's a crime to make a disbursing noise at it.

But that something like it is often made the occasion of substituting food which is less proper, for that furnished by Divine Providence, there cannot be a doubt.

I know something like it is in Scripture, but I think humanly spoken.

Dr. Hovaker, believing of course that the specimen I held in my hand came from the Yellowstone, took the nutmeg, and with wonder exhibited in every feature, proceeded to give it a critical examination, frequently exclaiming: "How very like it is to a nutmeg."

When George Washington was a boy the world was not much like it is now.

" "Yes, but never like it is this summer," Benton frowned.

It was not gravel and rocks like it is now.

It was a restlessness then like it is now 'mong the young class of folks.

Besides, the history of our own time is thoroughly great and important; the battles of Leipsic and Waterloo stand out with such prominence that that of Marathon and others like it are gradually eclipsed.

It should be added that, in the writer's opinion, this account and others like it are somewhat apocryphal, and it has been copied and recopied a score of times.

Here As You Like It is said to have been played before James I, with Shakespeare himself as one of the company.

villagewhat like it is now, I know not; but what I detest in the great folks of your time, is, that insane selfishness which makes them prefer any place, however abominable, where they can herd together in their little exquisite coteries, to the noblest mansions surrounded with the noblest domains, where they cannot exist without being more or less exposed to the company of people not exactly belonging to their own particular sect.

When grandma married Hall, like it is now, she would have been called Hall.

An arrangement like it is used in libraries to reach the upper shelves.

It was like it is now.

This is one of the best ways to appeal to a darkey because if there is any thing they like it is a big funeral.

"You should hear him imitate a canary; life-like it is.

But not like it is now.

It is in our great universities that anything like it is to be found, but even here we find that it exceeds in number the entire teaching staff of even our largest technical institutions.

"Well, I can't tell, of course," said Madame Bouïsse, in answer, evidently, to the remark just made; "but if mam'selle will only take the trouble to look in the glass, and then look at the picture, she will see how like it is.

The immature meat is killed at two years old, and only we few survivors of a former generation know how little like it is to the mutton of former days.

100 examples of  like it is  in sentences