161030 examples of liked in sentences

Paris, which I hardly knew whether I liked when I was in it, is an object of no small magnitude with me now.

'I should have liked better,' added she, 'to have seen inscribed, Always agitated, yet ever constant.'

"Madame de la Tour wished her daughter to purchase every thing she liked; and Virginia made choice of whatever she believed would be agreeable to her mother, Margaret, and her son.

But she liked the English sailors best, all the same; and she shrank from the faintest contact with these tawny-visaged strangers, plucking away the train of her gown as they passed her chair, lest they should brush against her drapery.

Perhaps you would have liked that better than what has happened.'

"What do you mean?" "I think even of two pounds a week: one needn't live up to the splendour of all that, you know: we might live as simply as you liked.

It was a quality Oliver liked in her.

"Daddy won't care; he never liked Rupert.

There weren't any that he liked, however.

His mother liked Jennifer and gushed endlessly over Emma.

She liked music.

Oliver didn't expect him to accept, but he liked Dan and wanted to ask.

Oliver liked The Swiss Time Shop, run by a Swiss watchmaker.

Oliver wasn't put off by boat talk; he liked boats, had grown up around them, but he had never needed to own one, had never wanted to pay for one.

She liked Harley.

She liked him better now than when he walked up and down, giving her incoherent advice.

"Nor have you made me think that you liked me," she answered.

"When I first knew you, when we talked together at the villa on that morning before Christmas, I liked you better than him," she said.

" "Yes, sir; I have had such a lot of knocking about since I left Breslau, that I should certainly have liked a month's quiet; but of course, I am ready to do as ordered, and, indeed, as the fun seems about to begin at last, I should like to be in it.

It was not pleasant to be reminded that this delightful country house was only a temporary home, for that implied a return to Thorbury, a town she disliked; and although she had, of course, expected to go back there, she had not allowed the matter to dwell in her mind at all, putting it into the future, without consideration, as she liked to do with things that were unpleasant.

But I tell you, Miss Miriam, if you was to say Molly, that you an' Mr. Haverley liked corn-cakes an' was always used to 'em before you come here, an' that they 'greed with you, then in course she'd make 'em, an' there'd be a lot left over for me, for I don't 'spect you all could eat the corn-bread she'd make, but I'd eat it, bein' so powerful hungry for corn-meal.

Mike liked to talk, and was shrewd enough to see that Miriam liked to listen to him.

Mike liked to talk, and was shrewd enough to see that Miriam liked to listen to him.

She was a great lover of things rural: she liked to see, pecking and scratching, the fowls with which she prepared such dainty dishes.

They did their work much as they liked, in a way not grudging for the main part.

161030 examples of  liked  in sentences