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50 examples of  limning  in sentences

50 examples of limning in sentences

<Luc, lum, lus> (light): (1) lucid, translucent, luminous, illuminate, luminary, luster, illustrate, illustrious; (2) lucent, Lucifer, lucubration, elucidate, pellucid, relume, limn.

She seemed to see then how he was comparing the image he had limned upon his memory with her face.

Duchemin could see for miles up and down the valley, a panorama wildly picturesque and limned like a rainbow.

Conscious that a river of strong waters rippled at his feet, freely to be partaken of did he choose, it is true that his face showed lines of restraint, a serene restraint, like unto that which the great old painters limned so beautifully upon the face of the martyr.

All dislike and disapproval seemed to have vanished from it; he saw her only as one sees a face in a daguerreotype of long ago, or looks at features limned by a soulless etcher.

It is generally supposed to contain much of the author's own experience, but still, with all its riant knowledge of bowers and boudoirs, it is deficient as a true limning of the world, by showing man as if he were always ruled by one predominant appetite.

As Bacon says, 'Who then to frail mortality shall trust, But limns the water, or but writes in dust[280].'

He owned he had spoken to me in passion; that he would not have done what he threatened; and that, if he had, he should have been ten times worse than I; that forming intimacies, would indeed be 'limning the water,' were they liable to such sudden dissolution; and he added, 'Let's think no more on't.'

The poem is also given in The Golden Treasury, p. 37; where, however, 'limns the water' is changed into 'limns on water.'

The poem is also given in The Golden Treasury, p. 37; where, however, 'limns the water' is changed into 'limns on water.'

As learned and skilful Greece had these excellently renowned for their limning; so England hath these: HILIARD, ISAAC OLIVER, and JOHN DE CREETES, very famous for their painting.

Oft have I season'd savoury periods With sugar'd words, to delude Gustus' taste, And oft embellish'd my entreative phrase With smelling flow'rs of vernant rhetoric, Limning and flashing it with various dyes, To draw proud Visus to me by the eyes; And oft perfum'd my petitory style With civet-speech, t'entrap Olfactus' nose; And clad myself in silken eloquence, To allure the nicer touch of Tactus' hand.

All these, and all that els the comick stage With seasoned wit and goodly pleasance graced, 200 By which mans life in his likest imรกge Was limned forth, are wholly now defaced; And those sweete wits which wont the like to frame Are now despizd, and made a laughing game.

His flash- light picked out these objects, limned them sharply against the blackness, then dropped them into obscurity again.

At this point in his thoughts there gradually limned itself in the brown man's mind the answer to that enigma which he almost had unraveled on the day he first saw Cissie Dildine pass his window.

They range from the lowest to the highest,from the wanton to the saint; they are drawn in firm lines, and limned in imperishable colors, ...

picture gallery, exhibit; studio, atelier; pinacotheca^. V. paint, design, limn draw, sketch, pencil, scratch, shade, stipple, hatch, dash off, chalk out, square up; color, dead color, wash, varnish; draw in pencil &c n.; paint in oils &c n.; stencil; depict &c (represent) 554.

Were I a herald fair and fit So featly for to limn As though I'd learnt the lore of it Among the seraphim, I'd leave the schools to clerkly people And walk, as dawn begins, From steeple unto distant steeple, And paint the signs of inns.

'That is my father, Sir Robert, in profile,' and a vulgar face in profile is always seen at its vulgarest; and the nex-retroussรฉ, the coarse mouth, the double chin, are most forcibly exhibited in this limning by Wright; who did not, like Reynolds, or like Lawrence, cast a nuance of gentility over every subject of his pencil.

After all, amusing as personalities must always be, neither the humours of Foote, the vigorous satire of Churchill, nor the careful limning of Cumberland, whilst they cannot be ranked among talents of the highest order, imply a sort of social treachery.

Besides, you bound us to your praise With many strong indentures By limning Mr. Briggs, his ways And countless misadventures.

Jack still stared at the earth, his profile limned in gold and the side of his face toward Prather in shadow.

In the off-season the thwarted passion of color possesses him; and upon the flagstones before Thornsen's ร‰lite Restaurant, which constitutes his canvas, he will limn you a full-rigged ship in two colors, a portrait of the heavyweight champion in three, or, if financially encouraged, the Statue of Liberty in four.

Even his shop girls, in the limning of whom he did his best work, are not really individuals; rather are they types, symbols.

In an ode printed in the second volume of the "Orpheus," in 1704, Purcell's personality is thus limned: "Nor were his Beauties to his Art confin'd So justly were his Soul and Body join'd You'd think his Form the Product of his Mind.

Limning, one would think, is no expensive Diversion, but as she manages the Matter, tis a very considerable Addition to her Disbursements; Which you will easily believe, when you know she paints Fans for all her Female Acquaintance, and draws all her Relations Pictures in Miniature; the first must be mounted by no body but Colmar, and the other set by no body but Charles Mather.

He hath a rare gift of limning; but in our likeness, which he hath painted for deare Erasmus, I think he has made us very ugly.

Hitherto, he regarded building as the background to sculpture, or the surface on which frescoes might be limned.

I behold Anti-christ in the midst of thronging multitudes, with an aspect such as only you could limn.

On his belly was limned a nude woman.

We have seen missals and other manuscripts that were truly illuminated, "laughing leaves That Franco of Bologna's pencil limned "; but the line of those artists ended with Frร  Angelico, whose works are only larger illuminations in fresco and on panel.

An oval mirror behind threw replicas of them into another mirror, receiving in exchange the reflected portrait of madame in her youth, and in the partial nudity in which innocence was limned in madame's youth.

The mixture of these qualities in a personality so natural and so clearly limned renders Cellini a most precious subject for the student of Renaissance life and character.

Rather call the dusky and dark-haired Twilight, whose pensive face is limned against the western hills, by the name of that fierce and fervid Noon that stands erect under the hot zenith, instinct with the red blood of a thousand summers, casting her glittering tresses abroad upon the south-wind, and holding in her hands the all-unfolded rose of life.

Still kept the Guardian Angel by thy side? Can thy Heart's guileless childhood yet rejoice In the sweet instinct with its warning voice? Does Truth yet limn upon untroubled eyes, Pure and serene, her world of Iris-dies?

distant far, When the rude hordes of trampling War Shall scare the silent vale The where Now the sweet heaven, when day doth leave The air, Limns its soft rose-hues on the veil of Eve Shall the fierce war-brand, tossing in the gale, From town and hamlet shake the horrent glare!

Today no one knows how Brunelleschi was able to construct his great dome without centering, nor how Michaelangelo could limn his terrible figures on the wet plaster of the Sistine vault with such extraordinary swiftness and skill; but we have their testimony that they invoked and received divine aid.

And the FORM, meanwhile, limned in the wonder of an undecipherable or at least untranslatable geometry, silently roaring, enthroned in the undiscoverable colors beyond the spectrum, swept towards them as he spoke.

Upon a mound of Hortensias rests the image of the Queen Hortense, and, in the far distance, like the limnings of a half-forgotten dream, are seen the towers and domes of Paris.

Limning, one would think, is no expensive Diversion, but as she manages the Matter, tis a very considerable Addition to her Disbursements; Which you will easily believe, when you know she paints Fans for all her Female Acquaintance, and draws all her Relations Pictures in Miniature; the first must be mounted by no body but Colmar, and the other set by no body but Charles Mather.

She darkens against the darkness; and her face Only by adding thought to thought I trace, Limned shadowily: O dream, return once more To gloomy Hades and the whispering shore!

Scattered through the libraries of Europe are the priceless manuscripts limned by Irish scribes.

As he slept he dreamed; a strange, vivid dream of the setting sun and a tiny horseman limned against the gold.

I realized that long before life had evolved upon the earth this bridge had spread its grand arch from wall to wall, black and mystic at night, transparent and rosy in the sunrise, at sunset a flaming curve limned against the heavens.

The afternoon sun fell aslant the black oak parquetry where sat her Grace of Ellswold, Lady Constance and Mistress Penwick, engaged with limning and embroidery.

Though her fingers were deft and skillful at the tapestry frame, and neat and clever at limning, they were slow and bungling when drawing together the laces of her girdle, indeed 'twas very insecurely done, and when she was dressed she had forgotten her stays, and but for the lateness of the hour would have disrobed and donned them.

I cannot gainsay thy assertion, but who but my King could touch to life the almost undefined limning of moral faculty that has been my poor possession heretofore" "And who but thy King would give to thy swart issue a, no doubt, condign interest; come, curtail loquacity!"

The castle was filled with guests, and the nurseries full of bright young children waiting impatiently to be taken to the great picture-gallery, where, under the limned faces of many generations, the christening was to take place.

The verse and a half in Italics are worthy of Chapman; but why did not Mr. Halliwell, who explains up-pont and I um, change "Joves acts were vively limbs" to "Jove's acts were lively limned," which was unquestionably what Marston wrote?

Painters once more limned the ambrosial joys of Olympus; sculptors carved, with the joy of yore, old heroes from the marble; poets again sang the house of Atreus and Laius; and so the age of new classic poetry began.